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The 2021 LiveWELL Incentives have three opportunities to earn focusing on physical, financial and personal well-being. The incentive activities within each well-being dimension are designed to help teammates and family focus on habits and behaviors that can improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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LiveWELL Health Plans members can earn the Incentives by participating in at least one program/activity from each group below.

Personal Health Survey

Members of one of the LiveWELL Health Plans can begin earning LiveWELL Health Plan Incentives after completing the Personal Health Survey.

  • Log in to the Total Health Portal to complete the Personal Health Survey.  
  • Start Here to Earn Your LiveWELL Incentives! Self-assessment is the first step to making meaningful change. Complete the Health Risk Assessment and receive a personalized report to guide your journey to improved Physical, Personal and Financial Well-being. It will be necessary to complete the HRA first, to earn your incentives.

Log in to the Total Health Portal  to complete the Personal Health Survey.

Physical Well-Being

Complete at least one of the following to earn $225 for Teammate-only coverage and $450 for Family coverage:

  • Complete your Annual Wellness Exam (includes appropriate labs, weight/height, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and age-appropriate screenings)
  • Work with a Health Coach on your Prevention Action Plan
  • Engage in a LiveWELL-recommended Care Management program
  • Engage in Medical Nutrition Therapy

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Financial Well-Being

Complete at least one of the following to earn $225 for Teammate-only coverage and $450 for Family coverage:

  • Attend an approved Financial Education Webinar (on-demand or virtual/live)
  • Work with a CarolinaCare One-on-One Rx Pharmacist for  Medication Management
  • Have an annual meeting with your personal financial advisor (virtual or in-person)
  • Complete the Advance Directives webinar

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Personal Well-Being

Complete at least one of the following to earn $225 for Teammate-only coverage and $450 for Family coverage:

  • Work with an Accountability Coach on your personal goals
  • Complete an on-demand personal well-being webinar offered by LiveWELL
  • Be an active LiveWELL Champion in your department
  • Be an active Compassion Champion providing Lavender events for your team
  • As a Compassion Catalyst, volunteer for at least one shift (eligibility requirements must be met to complete the Catalyst training)
  • Complete the Atrium Health Diversity Certificate Program (application and acceptance needed)
  • Complete and log 4 Volunteer Hours with Atrium Health Serves
  • Complete the Atrium Health Mental Health First Aid Certificate
  • Physicians and APPs: Complete the Mayo Clinical Well-Being Index online or download the Mayo Clinic Well-Being Index mobile app and use the invitation code ATRIUM.
  • Complete an accredited Weight Loss/Weight Management Program

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Payment of LiveWELL Incentives

LiveWELL Incentives are paid in the year they are earned* with three payout opportunities – April, July and November.

*Annual Wellness Exams and participation in Atrium Health Serves completed on or after October 1, 2020 will be accepted for 2021 incentive participation.

 2021 Incentives
   Physical Financial Personal  TOTAL 
Individual Health Plan $225 $225 $225 $675
Family Health Plan $450 $450 $450 $1,350
Deadlines Contributions (b-weekly payroll) Monthly Payroll
March 8 April16  April 30
June 14 July 23  July 30
October 18 November 12  December 1

Incentive dollars are deposited pretax in the following accounts:

Health Savings Plan --> Health Savings Account (HSA)
Co-Pay Plan --> LiveWELL Incentive Account

Teammates in positions with annual base salaries less than $30K will receive an additional $200 in the Health Savings Account (HSA) or LiveWELL Incentive Account depending on which plan you are enrolled.


Looking for Your Incentive Payout?

Watch this short webinar for details on How to Locate Your LiveWELL Incentive on Your Payslip.

For participants of the Health Savings Plan, LiveWELL Incentives will be deposited into teammates' Health Savings Account (HSA). 


Teammates who are enrolled in the LiveWELL Health Savings Plan, but waived their HSA, will receive incentive payout in their paycheck and taxed accordingly.

For participants of the Co-Pay Plan, LiveWELL Incentives will be deposited into teammates' LiveWELL Incentive Account.

Visit the Savings and Spending Accounts page to learn more.

Additional Programs

Atrium Health offers additional programs and activities that are not incentive-eligible but are available to assist in your overall personal well-being: