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About Us

Welcome to CarolinaCARE, the mail-order pharmacy for teammates in the Southeast who have selected the service for maintenance prescriptions. 

CarolinaCARE is a convenient home-delivery pharmacy service available to Atrium Health teammates and their dependents who are enrolled in an eligible Atrium Health medical plan. This prescription service is offered to individuals taking medications for chronic conditions (maintenance medications), such as diabetes or high blood pressure, as well as other routine medications, like birth control or inhalers for asthma. 

CarolinaCARE Prescription Mail Service

  • Saves you money: We offer medication prices that are often less expensive than retail pharmacies.
  • Home delivery: Medications are delivered right to your door.
  • Quick shipments: Our turnaround times are considerably shorter than traditional mail order prescription services.
  • Secure shipping methods: We use innovative shipping approaches to ensure your medicine arrives safely.
  • Prescription benefit experts: Our pharmacists are familiar with approved medication lists and can make recommendations that can lead to significant cost savings.
Access & Manage Your Prescriptions

Visit MyAtriumHealth

You can manage your CarolinaCARE prescriptions in MyAtriumHealth.

Monday through Friday,
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Airport Center: 4400 Golf Acres Dr., Bldg J, Suite C, Charlotte, NC

Specialty Medications

Teammates and their dependents ordering Specialty Pharmacy medications from CarolinaCARE need to manage their prescriptions over the phone, one of two ways:

  • Call the Specialty Pharmacy directly (704-512-6057) to speak with a representative and understand your options, or
  • Use the automated system by calling CarolinaCARE (704-512-6800) and select Option 1, then follow the prompts.

Additional Services: One-on-One Rx

If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and are interested in lowering your medication costs, One-on-One Rx may be right for you.

One-on-One Rx is an appointment-based medication therapy management service that lets members speak directly with a pharmacist, on the phone, or virtually (using a PC, tablet or mobile phone) to reduce medication costs.

By talking with you and working with your physician, our pharmacists can help find the best way to lower your medication costs. This is a FREE service offered by CarolinaCARE.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit your region’s One-on-One Rx page, or Schedule Your Appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started at CarolinaCARE?

It is a good idea to start by creating a MyAtriumHealth account if you don't already have one. When appropriate, ask your physician for two prescriptions: a 30-day supply to be filled at your retail pharmacy and a 90-day prescription to submit immediately to CarolinaCARE, your mail service facility. Prescriptions are mailed to your home or post office box and require payment in advance of shipping. Please make sure that you indicate a payment option each time an order is submitted to CarolinaCARE. All payment information is both secure and confidential.

Orders for mail service may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. on-line through the MyAtriumHealth portal
  2. by the toll-free, automated telephone system for CarolinaCARE  at 866-697-6800 or 704-512-6800 (refills only)
  3. by mail, using the handy mail order form that is available on the Atrium HealthTeammate site
  4. by e-prescribing or faxed authorization directly from the physician's office only (704-512-6801)

CarolinaCARE representatives are available 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, to answer any questions you may have about the mail program 866-697-6800.  

What is the Prescription Automatic Refill program?

The prescription automatic refill program is a service offered by CarolinaCARE. It is designed to help you save valuable time with minimal effort to get the prescriptions you need. Most maintenance medications taken on a regularly scheduled basis can be enrolled in the automatic refill program. By using the automatic refill tool, CarolinaCARE will

  1. Automatically refill and ship the eligible prescriptions that you have preselected from your prescription drug list whenever they are due
  2. Contact your doctor to renew an enrolled prescription after the last refill is used. You will select and manage which of your prescriptions you want to have filled and automatically shipped to you.

NOTE - The following are not eligible for enrollment in the automatic refill program: prescriptions designated as specialty medications, as controlled substances (Schedule II, III, IV, V), and medications that are covered by Medicaid.

What happens with my prescriptions when I enroll in the prescription automatic refill program?

For all prescriptions you've selected to enroll in the prescription automatic refill program, you will receive messages through the MyAtriumHealth portal.

  1. Shipment reminders about the prescheduled orders arrive approximately 7-10 days before the order is processed.
  2. Timely alerts about your prescription(s) status whenever an issue may arise
  3. Notification whenever the orders are shipped
  4. Access to the Rx tracking numbers via a web link to USPS and/or FedEx 

What is the cost to enroll in the prescription automatic refill program?

There is no cost to enroll your selected medications for automatic refill and shipping. This is a FREE service offered by CarolinaCARE exclusively for your convenience.

What are the benefits of having my prescriptions enrolled in the prescription automatic refill program?

Enrollment in this program provides:

  1. Convenience
  2. Hassle free mail delivery of qualified medications that you select
  3. More free time more "reminders to self" to reorder prescriptions before you run out.
  4. CarolinaCARE handles the advanced planning of automatic shipments for your selected maintenance medications.

How do I enroll in the prescription automatic refill program? 

To enroll in the automatic refill program:

  1. Go to the MyAtriumHealth portal
  2. Select Auto Refill
  3. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
  4. Choose the medications you want to enroll in the Automatic Refill program from the list shown.
  5. Click SUBMIT

Your request will be sent to the CarolinaCARE team.  The process may take up to 72 hours to complete your enrollment.  NOTE:  Not all prescriptions are eligible for this program. Be sure to set up your payment method in the Manage Payments section.

Are all of my prescriptions eligible for this program?

No, there are a few exceptions regarding which medications can be selected for automatic shipping. Specialty medications, controlled substances (Schedule II, III, IV, and V) and any medications covered by Medicare and Medicaid are NOT eligible for the automatic refill program.    

How will you contact me about my automatic refills?

Approximately 7-10 days before your prescriptions are scheduled for shipping, you will receive a reminder message through the MyAtriumHealth portal about each authorized medication.  

What if I need to make a change to an order that's already in process?

Any change to a prescheduled order (example, a change in shipping address, payment method, quantity shipped, request for cancellation,etc) will need to be communicated to a CarolinaCARE representative before the order is in process for shipping. You can check the order status at any time, 24/7, by checking your prescription list on the MyAtriumHealth portal.

How do I remove a prescription if I no longer want it refilled automatically? 

Prescriptions can be removed from the automatic refill program before the next fill is due.

  1. Go to the MyAtriumHealth portal
  2. Select automatic refill
  3. Read and accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Choose the drugs to unenroll from the automatic refill program from the list shown
  5. Click SUBMIT. 

Your request will be sent to the CarolinaCARE team.  The process to remove the selected drug(s) from automatic refills may take up to 72 hours to complete.

What should I do if my prescription doesn't arrive as scheduled? 

You may contact CarolinaCARE by sending a message through the MyAtriumHealth portal. Or, you can call CarolinaCARE by telephone, Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM at 1-866-697-6800.  

Can I return a prescription that was automatically refilled for a refund if I no longer need it?

No. For your safety and the safety of others, regulatory guidelines prohibit the return of medications to the Pharmacy once they leave the facility.  

I have prescriptions covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Can I enroll these medications in the prescription automatic refill program? 

Enrollment in an automatic refill program depends on your plan type. The guidelines issued through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid  (CMS) are:

  • Medicaid- Automatic refill programs are not allowed
  • Medicare D - Automatic refill programs are allowed
  • Medicare B - Automatic refill program enrollment depends on your specific plan type

If you or your dependent(s) have prescription coverage through CMS, please consult with a CarolinaCARE team member to determine eligiblity for enrollment in the Automatic Refill Program, Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM at 1-866-697-6800. 

How will I know if my prescription is covered on the Atrium Health drug formulary, or if I will need to switch to a similar drug that is covered by the Plan?

Before you fill any prescription, now or in the future, be sure to search the Atrium Health Prescription Formulary for your medication to confirm that it is covered by the Health Plan.  

What if I need to fill a prescription before I have completed the benefits enrollment process?

If you need to fill a prescription during the first 31 days of employment, before your coverage is active, it's important to remember the following:

  1. You must use a community retail pharmacy during the benefit election period to fill prescriptions.
  2. Prescriptions for both maintenance medications and for acute care medications can be filled at any community retail pharmacy, up to and including 30-day quantities.
  3. Newly hired teammates will have up to 31 days to elect medical benefit coverage, which includes prescription coverage (HSA or FSA plans).
  4. During the 31-day pre-coverage period and before coverage is active, teammates can fill one 30-day supply of medication, per prescription order for each covered teammate and eligible dependent(s). First, be sure to search the Atrium Health Prescription Formulary for your medication to be sure it is covered by the Health Plan.
  5. Teammates and eligible dependents will pay the full retail price of medications until enrollment in the medical/prescription plan is complete and a medical ID number is assigned Save all receipts with the complete prescription information listed (i.e., retail pharmacy information, patient information, prescription number, medication information, prescriber information, and payment information).  

Can I save my prescription receipts and turn them in, all at once, sometime later in the year?  

No. Reimbursement of pre-coverage prescription expenses through Optum Rx is time-sensitive! After election of coverage and BEFORE THE NEXT FILL OF THE SAME PRESCRIPTION is due, complete and submit the Optum Rx Prescription Reimbursement Form directly to Optum Rx. The form is available on the Atrium Health Teammate site. The form can be submitted to Optum Rx in two ways:

  1. Electronically - usually a faster turn-around time is experienced by using the electronic form. You must upload all receipts and documentation into the Optum Rx portal via the MyAtriumHealth portal
  2. US mail delivery - using the address printed on the paper version of the Optum Rx Prescription Reimbursement Form. The manual form may require additional time for postal service delivery to the Optum Rx corporate office.

I use a drug that is listed on the formulary as a specialty medication, requiring special handling and packaging. How will I get my medication during the pre-coverage period?

Specialty medications follow a different process for both filling the specialty drug and for reimbursement of the prescription expense.    If you or your dependent use a specialty medication, contact a representative of Atrium Health Specialty Pharmacy Service before you run out of medication at 1-888-835-0063.  



Are compounds covered under my prescription benefit?  

Yes, prescriptions that require compounding by a pharmacy are covered under the prescription benefit when each of the following conditions are met:

  1. Each ingredient in the compound is covered under the prescription plan
  2. The product to be compounded is not available for purchase as a commercially distributed product
  3. The compound is prescribed for an FDA-approved indication

Can I fill my compounded medication through CarolinaCARE?

CarolinaCARE, your prescription mail service pharmacy, does not process compounded prescriptions. However, many of the commonly prescribed "simple" compounds can be mixed and dispensed at most local retail pharmacies.  

My local retail pharmacy cannot process my compound. How can I find a compounding pharmacy?  

OptumRx, the pharmacy benefits partner of CarolinaCARE, has created a user guide to assist you with the selection of a pharmacy which has been credentialed through the OptumRx Network Compound Credentialing Program (NCCP). This means the pharmacy has taken additional steps to complete a rigorous set of requirements that ensures a safe environment to produce a high-quality product. In general, there are seven(7) categories of compounds that may require use of a credentialed compounding pharmacy.    The chart on each page of the OptumRx user guide will let you know which pharmacy may be able to compound the medication you need. For example, if the prescription appears to be for topical use, look for the TOP symbol listed next to the pharmacy authorized to ship to your state. 

  • TOP: denotes topical products (e.g. pain ointments/gels and topical hormone creams)
  • HRT: denotes hormone replacement therapy and fertility medications (e.g. estriol)
  • PED: denotes pediatric (children) custom products (e.g. liquid g-tube preparations)
  • NAS: denotes nasal or oral inhaled therapies (e.g. antibiotic or steroid nasal compounds)
  • STR: denotes sterile Preparations (e.g. IV, IM, SC and Epidural injections, Ophthalmic preparations and fortified antibiotic or antifungal drops)
  • SUP: denotes Supplements (e.g. Enzymes, EFAs, Vitamin A,C,D and Calcium)
  • PTD: denotes Medicare Part D (e.g. a compound claim for a Medicare Part D beneficiary


What is a controlled substance?  

Generally, a controlled substance refers to a medication where the manufacture, possession, and use are restricted by law. As defined by the National Cancer Institute, these drugs are '... tightly controlled because they may be abused or cause addiction.' The control applies to the way a substance is made, used, handled, stored, and distributed. Controlled substances include opioids, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and anabolic steroids. Controlled substances which have no known medical use are illegal in the United States.  The Controlled Substance Act places these drugs into one of five schedules, depending on the product's medical use, potential for abuse (high, medium or low), and safety or dependence liability. Scheduled placement may vary by state. Examples include:

  • Schedule 1: Heroin, LSD, Ecstasy
  • Schedule 2: Cocaine, Morphine, Oxycodone, Adderall, Ritalin
  • Schedule 3: Acetaminophen with Codeine, anabolic steroids, testosterone
  • Schedule 4: Tramadol, Xanax, Carisoprodol, Valium, Ambien
  • Schedule 5: Lyrica and cough suppressants  

What is an opioid?  

Opioids, as defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH), are a class of drugs that include heroin (an illegal drug),  the synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and pain relievers such as oxycodone (Oxycontin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine, and morphine which are available legally by prescription, and many others.  

Do laws exist about how the controlled substances are dispensed and shipped?  

Yes. Controlled substances can only be mailed (ex, USPS) or shipped (ex, FedEx) by individuals with the proper medical licensing and who are registered with the DEA , like pharmacists and medical providers. To meet federal and state pharmacy regulatory guidelines, a signature by an individual who is age 18 years or older is required at the time of delivery of controlled substances that are shipped to you and at the time of pick-up from a retail pharmacy. There may also be limits placed on the amount of the controlled substance that can be prescribed and shipped. Your pharmacist is aware of these limitations by law and will contact your provider whenever the quantity prescribed is different from the amount allowed by federal and state laws. 

How will I know when my controlled medication will be delivered to my home?

ACT NOW. To track delivery of your packages shipped by CarolinaCARE, sign-up for the FREE tracking service at and

  • USP: Visit to register for delivery notification through USPS. Request for re-delivery service is also available.
  • FedEx: Visit to register for delivery notification through FedEx Delivery Manager. Request for re-delivery is also available. FedEx has introduced scanning technology that electronically captures the recipient's first initial, last name, and automatically verifies that age requirements are met for shipments requiring an adult signature at delivery. The vendor states the software does not record or store any other personal data (e.g., driver's license number, birthdate, home address, etc.) For additional details please visit

What are the states where CarolinaCARE will ship controlled substances?

CarolinaCARE will only ship controlled substances to North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

What about medications prescribed to treat my child's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I need to send medication to school and keep some at home for the weekend doses.

Ask your pharmacist to provide two (2) labeled prescription vials or bottles with your order. You can then divide the medication in the right amount to send to school, daycare, etc, and to keep a supply at home if needed.  

Additional Information: All controlled substances can be filled monthly at your participating community retail pharmacy in a 30-day supply only. A signature is required at the time of pick-up from your local retail pharmacy. Copays and co-insurance may be higher for retail pick-up.

What is Coordination of Benefits (COB) and how does it apply to my Health Plan?

You and other members of your household may be covered by more than one health insurance plan. Coordination of benefits (COB) is a process where insurance companies work together to manage all your benefits when you have dual coverage. COB now includes both medical and prescription claims processed through CarolinaCARE and retail pharmacies. The insurance coverage identified as primary will apply its payment first, based on the benefit plan design. Then, the second insurance plan will apply its payment. If there is an outstanding balance after both insurance plans have paid their portion of the bill, you may be responsible for the remaining balance.

For additional information about coordination of benefits, contact the medical plan provider for your Atrium Health plan, MedCost Benefit Services, at 1-800-795-1023 or Cigna at 1- 800-244-6224.  



Who is CarolinaCARE?  

CarolinaCARE is the prescription home delivery pharmacy owned and operated by Atrium Health. You will save both time and money by using CarolinaCARE as soon as possible for new prescriptions and refills of maintenance medications (i.e., those medications taken for on-going, chronic medical conditions).  

Does Atrium Health also have retail pharmacies?

Yes. There is a network of retail pharmacies owned and operated by Atrium Health. Locations are in the Charlotte-metro area:

  • Atrium Health Pharmacy Kenilworth
  • Atrium Health Pharmacy Medical Center Plaza
  • Atrium Health Pharmacy Pavilion
  •  Atrium Health Pharmacy SouthPark
  • Atrium Health Pharmacy Albemarle
  •  Atrium Health Pharmacy Norwood
  •  Atrium Health Medical Center Oakboro    

Who is Optum Rx ?  

CarolinaCARE partners with Optum Rx, a nationwide Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), to administer your prescription benefit in the most cost-effective manner. Together, CarolinaCARE and Optum Rx work with pharmacists to handle all the details of  your prescription claims and to manage the drug formulary for the Atrium Health pharmacy benefit plans.  

How do I get started at CarolinaCARE Mail Service Pharmacy?

It is a good idea to start by creating a MyAtriumHealth account if you don't already have one. When appropriate, ask your physician for two prescriptions - a 30-day supply to be filled at your retail pharmacy and a 90-day prescription to submit immediately to CarolinaCARE, your mail service facility. Prescriptions are mailed to your home or post office box and require payment in advance of shipping. Please make sure that you indicate a payment option each time an order is submitted to CarolinaCARE. All payment information is both secure and confidential.

Orders for mail service may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. on-line through the MyAtriumHealth portal
  2. by the toll-free, automated telephone system for CarolinaCARE  at 1-866-697-6800 or 704-512-6800 (refills only)
  3. by mail, using the handy mail order form that is available on the Atrium HealthTeammate site 
  4. by e-prescribing or faxed authorization directly from the physician's office only (704-512-6801)

CarolinaCARE representatives are available 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, to answer any questions you may have about the mail program 1-866-697-6800.

What is the mailing address for CarolinaCARE?

All correspondence for CarolinaCARE should be addressed to: CarolinaCARE, P.O. Box 31691, Charlotte, NC 28231-1691.

Will I get a new ID card at the beginning of each new year?  

Not necessarily. Prescription ID cards are sent after your initial enrollment into the medical plan, and to new teammates as they choose to participate in the medical plan benefit.  You may request a replacement ID card at any time by contacting:

  • MedCost  Benefits Solution  at 1-800-795-1023
  • Cigna (AH Floyd) at 1-800-244-6224

Why should I use the Atrium Health-owned CarolinaCARE home delivery pharmacy and/or Atrium Health retail pharmacies?  

There are a number of advantages for using CarolinaCARE and/or Atrium Health retail pharmacies as your pharmacy of choice:

Both CarolinaCARE and Atrium Health retail pharmacies have a preferred copay structure for medications and supplies on the Atrium Health Preventive Drug List. For these select medications and supplies, you may pay a reduced copay/coinsurance for a 30 day supply at CarolinaCARE and Atrium Health retail pharmacies.
  • After one (1) fill at an Atrium Health retail pharmacy locations or a local community retail pharmacy, all prescriptions for products on the Atrium Health Preventive Drug List and the Afforable Care Act list (ACA) must be processed through CarolinaCARE.
  • Both CarolinaCARE and Atrium Health retail pharmacies offer lower copays compared to other community retail pharmacies once you have met your deductible for the Health Savings Account Plan (HSA). The following links provide you with a comparison of copay levels - (insert AH Teammate site url). Click on the link to the health plan where you are enrolled to access both the Plan documents and the price estimator tool. 
  • CarolinaCARE allows up to a 90 day supply with lower copays for products on the Atrium Health'Preventive Drug List and for the general prescription formulary.
  • For the Health Savings Account Plans (HSA), to take advantage of the tremendous cost savings after the deductible is met and to have the copays and co-insurance apply to your out-of-pocket maximum expense, all prescriptions for maintenance medications and supplies must be filled through CarolinaCARE. The following link provides you with a comparison of copay and co-insurance levels. Be sure to click on the link for your Health Plan.

Is there an advantage to filling a 90 day supply at CarolinaCARE for maintenance medications?  

Yes, there is an advantage to use CarolinaCARE for a 90 day supply for maintenance medications. You will have a lower copay for products on the Atrium Health Preventive Drug List at all times, as well as all other maintenance medications once you have met your deductible. The following link provides you with a comparison of copay and co-insurance levels both before and after the deductible. Click on the appropriate link to the Atrium Health Plan documents for your work location.  

What should I do if I have misplaced my medical/prescription'ID card and need a prescription filled immediately?  

To print a temporary prescription card, log on to the member portal for the medical plan provider of your insurance (i.e., MedCost or Cigna).  

What should I do if I didn't receive my medical/prescription ID card or I need extra cards?  

To resolve any issues regarding ID cards or the need for replacement cards, contact your medical plan provider - MedCost Benefit Services at 1-800-795-1023 or Cigna at 1-800-244-6224.



How are medications selected for my plan?  

The clinical teams for CarolinaCARE and Optum Rx work closely with your HR-Benefits Team to design a comprehensive formulary of medications. The Teams meet regularly to review both new drugs and existing drugs. Medications are selected based on effectiveness, safety, tolerability, and cost.

Why do some medicines require a prior authorization by my Plan?  

Many medications are approved to treat specific conditions only. The prior authorization is used as a safety measure. It is a process to verify with your doctor that you have been diagnosed with the condition that the drug is intended to treat. Our benefits partner, Optum Rx, will work with you and your doctor to obtain the preauthorization as quickly as possible following the clinical guidelines.  

Why do some drugs on my Plan have limits on the amount of dosage units that I can get?

This is a safety measure. Many drugs are approved for only a limited duration of therapy. There may be maximum doses per day or week that should not be exceeded; or, the medication may require a dose adjustment based on specific criteria. The guidelines are established for drugs with these warnings. The limited supply is to protect you.




How do I send new prescriptions to CarolinaCARE?

E-prescribing (electronic submission) by yourmedical provider is the easiest, most efficient way to send prescriptions directly to CarolinaCARE. The NCPDP number is 3400152, and will help your doctor quickly locate our pharmacy in the e-prescribing database. Secondly, you can complete a prescription order form and mail the prescription paper copy along with payment and the completed form to CarolinaCARE. Please allow extra time for mail delivery of your prescriptions to reach CarolinaCARE.  

My physician always sends my prescriptions electronically to CarolinaCARE. When can I expect to receive them through the mail?  

E-prescribed orders (electronically submitted from the physician's office) will be filled, charged and shipped as soon as they are received by CarolinaCARE. Please make sure your address and method of payment are up-to-date in the MyAtriumHealth portal.  CarolinaCARE will ship your order within 3-5 business days after it is received. For patient safety and in accordance with guidelines provided by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy, medications will not be accepted for return once they have shipped from the CarolinaCARE facility.  

I filled my maintenance medication at a local retail pharmacy.' Since it has refills remaining, can you transfer my prescription from retail and fill it?  

No. However, if your provider is an Atrium Health provider, CarolinaCARE can request a  new prescription on your behalf.  For providers outside of Atrium Health, please contact them directly and ask them to send a NEW prescription order directly to CarolinaCARE.  

Can I use my flexible spending account card (FSA) or Health Care Savings card (HSA) to pay for prescription orders through CarolinaCARE?  

Yes. Before you can charge prescriptions to your FSA or HSA card, you must activate the card and add the card information in the Manage Payment section of the MyAtriumHealth portal.



How do I know if the medicine I take is covered by the Plan? 

Most medications are covered by your prescription benefit at varying cost share and copay levels. The specific listof drugs and supplies, known as the  prescription formulary, is updated monthly and appears on the Atrium Health Teammate site. For a price estimate, go to the prescription price estimator tool. The link takes you to the Optum Rx website where you can get an estimated price for medications and supplies, both before and after the deductible for the HSA plan. 

What is changing at CarolinaCARE?

Beginning November 1, 2023, children ages 13-17 will need to create a new account on the CarolinaCARE website in order to see or order their prescription medications. Parents will no longer be able to view or manage their child's prescriptions. If you have a child who will turn 13 after this date, this change will automatically take place on their 13th birthday.  

What happens to my access to my child's account when they turn 13?

Up to age 13, parents/legal guardians can fully access all of their child's prescription information. On the child's 13th birthday, parental access is automatically blocked and parents will no longer see their child's prescriptions.   

Why does my teen need their own CarolinaCARE account? 

Under North Carolina law, health systems and other providers must keep certain types of health information and services given to minors private. This information can only be shared with the minor patient’s permission. If you are the parent/legal guardian with CarolinaCARE insurance, and your child is between 13 and 17 years old and you want to see all their prescribed and dispensed medicines via MyAtriumHealth, you and your teenage patient must fill out and sign a Consent for Full Access Form. Each parent or guardian needs their own consent form. Your child can change their mind and stop you from having full access to their complete medicine record via MyAtriumHealth at any time.

How does my teen request their own CarolinaCARE account? 

At age 13, teens can get their own account with verbal consent from a parent/legal guardian at their next in-person visit with their provider. Parental access to the teen's MyAtriumHealth account automatically becomes limited. To get ready for this transition, you or your child can ask your teen's provider at their next office visit about setting up a MyAtriumHealth account. This needs to be done in person. Your child will need verbal permission from a parent or legal guardian and an order from their provider to get their own account. Your child will receive a text or an email to activate their account once the request is submitted by their provider. Your child must have their own email address or phone number to complete this step.   

Can I view any of my child's prescription information after they turn 13 years old?

No. In order to protect your child's privacy and follow state laws, you will not be able to view, access or manage your child's prescriptions after they turn 13 years old without a signed Consent for Full Access Form. As always, a parent or guardian may call the doctor's office to discuss any concerns about their child's health.

What if my child needs help to fill or refill a prescription?

There are several ways parents can help a child ages 13-17 to refill a prescription medication. If you have access to your child's prescription medication label, contact CarolinaCARE at 866-697-6800 or 704-512-6800 to refill a prescription over the phone. If your child receives a new prescription medication from an Atrium Health provider, they will be asked which pharmacy to send it to. They should choose CarolinaCARE.  Contact CarolinaCARE at 866-697-6800 or 704-512-6800 with any questions you or your child have about this transition or creating a new account. 

When I log in, why can't I see all of my covered dependents who are age 0-12?

After logging in to your MyAtrium Health account, request Family Access from the menu and follow the prompts. It may take up to 3 business days to finalize your access.

NOTE:  HIPAA regulations require dependents 18 years of age and older (including a spouse) to create and manage their own MyAtriumHealth account.


Last Updated on 06/18/2024