Need Help NOW?  

Atrium Health Greater Charlotte teammates

Atrium Health is helping teammates get access to crucial life support services. Today you can get connected with a Community Health Worker dedicated to supporting the needs of teammates.

To participate in the programs below, you will need your 6-digit Atrium Health Teammate ID and other personal details.

Help NOW services will be expanded to other regions/markets by the end of 2022.

Help NOW supports teammates’ basic needs. Learn more

Help NOW Services

Learn more about some of the great services Help NOW offers to teammates below.  
For teammates in need of assistance: 

Step 1: Select Get Started from the program(s) below  

Step 2: Click the Apply button at the top of the next page 

Step 3: Get a call or email back from a Community Health Worker who will help you connect to resources you need 

Food Now

Teammates in need of immediate food supplies, can pick up a food kit. Food kits are enough food to feed a family of four for 2 to 3 days.

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Basic Needs Now

If you are a teammate struggling to make rent, utility or other basic financial commitments, we can connect you to crisis organizations for help.

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Housing Now

If you are interested in purchasing a home in the future or finding access to lower-cost rental housing, we can help provide you an education course. This course provides assistance on building a budget, improving credit scores and help in applying for a mortgage. Those who complete the course can also get access to down-payment assistance programs. 

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Internet Now

We can help get you connected with programs to help pay your internet bill, low-cost or free home computers as well as computer and internet training.

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Other areas

Need help with transportation? Child or dependent care? Other challenges and just not sure where to turn? We can help with many more needs, too. Reach out today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible? 
    All teammates are eligible including contract, PRN and part-time. Atrium Health wants any teammate who needs support to be able to find that help. Please note that some partner agencies may have financial limits for who can access services. 

  2. Can I participate in more than one program (Food NOW, Housing NOW, Basic Needs NOW, Internet NOW)? 
    Yes, we encourage you to participate in every program that you find helpful! You can choose to enroll in one program or all four. Each program has a different enrollment process, so follow the links in each description to start the process.  

  3. Where do I enroll? 
    Follow the enrollment links for each region/market. Greater Charlotte link is above. Other regions/markets (ie. Navicent, Floyd and Wake Forest) coming soon!

  4. Do I have to make an appointment to get a food kit? 
    No appointments are needed. Just speak with the front desk staff. They will help you from there. Our community health worker will then follow-up with teammates to discuss referral to a local food pantry for a longer-term food supply. 

  5. When will this program be available for teammates who work outside of the Greater Charlotte region?  
    We are working hard with teams at Atrium Heath Floyd, Atrium Health Navicent and Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist to have Help NOW running by the end of 2022. 

  6. Why are you asking for Teammate ID? 
    To enroll for each program, you will be asked for your teammate ID. By collecting teammate IDs, we can show the success of the program. Any services teammates access with partner agencies will not be shared with Atrium Health, ONLY the IDs of those who reach out for help. The teammate IDs will only be used to count the number of participants.  
    This is a voluntary option. If you would prefer to not give your teammate ID, you can still access all resources available.