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Call 911 if in immediate danger.
Call or Text 988 anytime, anywhere.
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Atrium Health offers many resources to support the mental health of teammates and their family members. Based on your current mental health needs view the entire inventory of mental health resources for your market below.

May was Mental Health Awareness Month. Find more information about the Atrium Health Mental Health Awareness Campaign.


Mental Health Crisis: Get Immediate Help

If you or someone you know are in immediate danger call 911 immediately.

Mental Health Crisis Lifeline Number

  • Call or text 988 if you need mental health-related crisis support or are worried about someone else.

9-8-8, is the number for people across the US to use when they or someone around them is experiencing a mental health crisis. Call, text, or chat 988 to immediately be put in touch with a trained counselor to help de-escalate the situation over the phone or assign a mobile crisis team to respond. 

Atrium Health Behavioral Health Help Line

If you or someone you know needs mental health care, you can call Atrium Health’s Behavioral Health Help Line. The Physician and APP Well Being Help Line is 704-444-5877. Both resources are staffed 24/7 with licensed professionals.


Mental Health Services

Atrium Health offers benefits and resources to support the mental health and well-being of teammates and their family members. Please take advantage of the mental health resources available to you. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP program is designed to help you and your family emotionally cope with all types of issues – marital conflicts, financial problems, job stress, legal issues and more.

The Atrium Health EAP offers free counseling for teammates and family members. 

All teammates, regardless of benefit eligibility, and their family members can participate in short-term solution-focused individual, couples or family counseling sessions. If a long-term referral is needed, EAP will help to facilitate the transition to a long-term counselor, making sure to consider referrals that are in-network with the client’s insurance. In order to improve access for teammates and their eligible family members, EAP will be offering up to 6 counseling sessions per concern per year with no limit on the number of concerns. EAP offers virtual, in-person (at one of our 4 locations) and telephonic sessions determined by client choice. 

How to Contact EAP

Expanded Services

In addition to our standard multidimensional delivery of support, we are expanding service delivery to meet and anticipate the growing needs of our employees during this crisis. 

  • Virtual visits through Caregility, our encrypted telehealth platform (or by phone session) 
  • Unlimited on-site or virtual Crisis Response 
  • Unlimited Management/Leadership consultation and support 
  • Presentations designed specifically for your department  
  • Engagement strategies and activities 

Additional Resources

MyStress Tools is an online suite of stress management products such as stress tests, journaling exercises, guided meditations, videos and relaxation music, and are available at no cost to teammates. 

Atrium Health Floyd HR Portal Employee Assistance Program

Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers free, confidential counseling any time, day or night, to help with personal problems and work-life balance issues. EAP counselors can confidentially discuss your situation and help you find resources and information on issues such as mental health, personal and professional relationships, substance abuse, family life, and daily stress.

You can schedule up to 5 visits for yourself and each family member in your household with a Cigna EAP provider listed in the provider directory on the EAP website

How to Contact EAP

  • Contact 888-371-1125 anytime to talk with an EAP representative

When you face difficulties, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is always ready to help. EAP is provided as a benefit to Medical Center staff/faculty and their immediate family members. It is a confidential service where trained counselors offer assessment, referral and short-term problem-solving to address a range of personal/emotional concerns. Services are available at no cost.

How to Contact EAP

  • Call 336-716-5493

After hours contacts:

  • Psychiatry Attending on call: 336-716-4551
  • Pastoral Care Chaplain on call: 336-713-7243; pager ID #9754

All calls are confidential. See below. 


Appointments and services with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are strictly confidential. Except in cases of legal responsibility, no information can be released without written consent. All discussions in the EAP office remain absolutely confidential. Information maintained by EAP staff is neither part of nor accessible by any medical or personnel record system.

All records pertaining to the counseling services are treated in a highly confidential manner.


Personal Services

EAP provides professional assessment, referral and follow-up services for a range of individual and family difficulties such as:

  • Marital problems
  • Family difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Stress at home or work
  • Alcohol and drug abuse 

PATH Program – North Carolina Resident Teammates Only  

PATH (Physician, APP, Teammate Health) Program provides a collaborative mental health resource for teammates of Atrium Health. PATH is a short-term focused, mental health treatment program. Treatment includes initial assessments, psychotherapy and medication management.  

PATH services are billed through insurance and accept most insurance plans, including MedCost. All patients must be a teammate of Atrium Health. Patients are encouraged to have at least their first visit in person, but teammates living in the state of North Carolina may also choose to receive services virtually. Teammates living outside of North Carolina may only be seen in person (in North Carolina) at this time. Virtual options are not currently available. 

PATH Program team includes Psychiatrist Dr. Jay Yeomans and licensed therapist Amy Fox Bacigalupi, LCHMC. Appointments can be made by calling the Interventional and Neurocognitive Psychiatry (INP) Clinic at 704-512-7578. 

Atrium Health Medical Plan Coverage

When you need additional support, services are available through the Atrium Health Medical Plans. You can also select a provider within your network and close to you or virtual options. View the Get Care Now Document to help you find appropriate care.  

  • Inpatient and Outpatient facilities services covered under Health Saving Plan and Co-Pay Plan: Atrium Health Value Network 85% after deductible, Preferred Network 75% after deductible, Other In-Network & CBHA Non-Network Inpatient 70% after deductible and Out-of-Network 50% after deductible.
  • Outpatient Physician services covered under the Health Savings Plan: Value Network 85% after deductible, Preferred Network 75% after deductible, Other In-Network & CBHA Non-Network 70% after deductible, and Out-of-Network 50% after deductible.
  • Outpatient Physician services covered under the Co-Pay Plan: Atrium Health Value Network $20 co-pay; Preferred Network $25 co-pay, In-Network $30 co-pay, and Out-of-Network 50% after deductible.

Psychiatrists (MD), psychologists (PhD) or Masters of Social Work (MSW) may bill the plan directly. Other licensed mental health practitioners may be asked to file claims under the direction of these professionals, depending on credentialing guidelines.

Family Therapy / Counseling Family Therapy/Counseling is considered an eligible expense when provided by a licensed mental health practitioner.

For specific details about coverage under the LiveWELL Health Plan, review the LiveWELL Health Plans Summary Plan Document.

For help finding a provider near you, visit this site.

For more information on Behavioral Health benefits visit Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA)  

For help finding personalized information on cost effective care, visit the Castlight Cost Estimator Tool


Co-Pay Plan

HSA Plan


For help finding a provider near you, visit this site.

For help finding a provider near you, visit this site.

Behavioral health virtual provider options are also available.

HSA Plan

Co-Pay Plan

For help finding a provider near you, visit this site.

For more information on Behavioral Health benefits visit Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA). 

Code Lavender

The goals of Code Lavender are to respond immediately to teammate crises, establish a culture of compassion to promote teammate resilience, positively impact patient satisfaction, teammate engagement and retention of teammates. If you are in crisis or need someone to talk to, please ask for help.


Self-Care Resources

Recharge Refresh Renew

Part of taking care of yourself, your mental health and managing your stress is learning how to participate in self-care. Self-care is any activity we deliberately do to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Special Teammate Offerings

Atrium Health is proud to give teammates the opportunity to take advantage of many resources available internally and externally to help build and grow their own resiliency.

Musicians On Call

Experience the healing power of music with Musicians On Call, a free service for all staff, patients and families. 

Caregiver Well-Being 
At Atrium Health we recognize that all our teammates are caregivers and as caregivers to others, we often neglect to care for ourselves. Mental well-being is a top priority for our teammates. Watch the Caregiver Well-Being Webinar to develop useful tools and resources that will help your self-care at home and at work.  

Join a Live or Recorded Mindfulness Meditation

These sessions are a live opportunity to virtually connect in a safe environment to pause, breathe and re-set. In this uncertain time of uncontrollable situations, collectively we can leverage the power of our breath to practice a moment of self-care.

Watch a recorded webinar at your convenience, any time, from any device.

Daily Peaceful Pause

Peaceful Pause is a five-minute virtual session that plays music researched and proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Create a daily reminder on your outlook calendar and include this link to invite calm and feel refreshed.   

Monthly Mid-Day Pause

Join us each month for a live meditation—take a few minutes of your day to tap into your breath and find a moment of stillness.

  • Live Meditations | Second Wednesday of every month | 12:00 -12:15 p.m. | Register here

Mindfulness and Meditation

This interactive three-part series will help you build your toolbox with meaningful, impactful tools to promote self-care.

Registration for each session is available here.

August 13 through 27 | Tuesdays | 11:30 a.m. to noon
December 5 through 19 | Thursdays | 11:30 a.m. to noon 

Define Your Self-Care Plan

Your mind, body and spirt are all connected to maintain overall well-being. Are you making self-care a priority? Download the Self-Care Plan worksheet to create a plan that works for you.

Going Home Checklist

To help you decompress from your day, download and print this Going Home Checklist.


Atrium Health Mental Health First Aid Certificate Program

Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches participants how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide the initial help and support to someone who may be developing a mental health challenge.

Virtual and in-person courses are available to fit your needs.

To register, follow the steps below in CORE Connect:

  • Log in to CORE Connect
  • From your CORE Connect main page, click the Me tab, then click on Learning
  • Search for Mental Health First Aid
  • Select the “Mental Health First Aid” course. Do not select the course that awards contact hours.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register

For additional information or to schedule for other locations please visit the Atrium Health Mental Health First Aid website or email us at


Places to Recharge - Visit at Your Leisure

Atrium Health believes in integrating peaceful spaces throughout our System to promote healing and alleviate suffering. These spaces are meant to be nurturing and therapeutic, to reduce stress for our patients and teammates.

Take time to visit these locations:

  1. CMC/LCH Rooftop Garden
  2. Atrium Health Cleveland Respite Room
  3. Atrium Health Kings Mountain Respite Room
  4. Atrium Health Mercy Healing Garden and Meditation Area
  5. Atrium Health Cabarrus Labyrinth and Teaching Garden
  6. Atrium Health University City Teaching Garden
  7. Atrium Health Pineville Healing Garden
  8. Chapels at any of the main hospitals

Take time to visit these locations:

  1. Two chapels at Atrium Health Navicent
  2. Chapel at Peach County Hospital
  3. Chapel at Carlyle Place
  4. Library and quiet room at the Rehab Hospital
  5. Chapel at Baldwin

Take time to visit these locations:

Recharge stations-- Each campus has a chapel. There are also several Serenity Rooms with full-body massage chairs, quiet music, low lighting, chocolate and aroma therapy.

  1. Floyd Behavioral Health in the group room of the west wing
  2. Main campus
    • 4S
    • 6th floor across from the elevator (obtain key from unit secretary)
  3. Corporate Support Center, 420 E 2nd Ave.
    • Suite 102, back hallway
    • Suite 101, front office
  4. Cherokee Medical Center located near Emergency Care Center (ECC) in the back hallway
  5. Medical Arts Building located in Outpatient Rehabilitation behind the administration offices.  
  6. Polk Medical Center in the back hallway behind the ECC 

Take time to visit these locations:

  1. Sticht Center patio
  2. Cancer Center patio
  3. Ardmore patio
  4. Hanes quad on E floor
  5. Davis Chapel & Patio
  6. Memorial at the top of the hill near the flagpole
  7. Lockland Park- located near the Teammate parking deck
  8. Innovation Quarters Bailey Park
  9. Davie Walking Trail
  10. High Point Oasis Room- located on the 2nd floor near the Gift Shop

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is an approach to patient care and teammate well-being that looks at how past and current adversity (mental health/chronic conditions, death, divorce, burnout, economic hardship, racism, etc.) and trauma (such as abuse, neglect, violence, bullying and more) affects both patient outcomes and how we work together. 

Trauma-Informed Care is a system that:  

  • Is grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma. 
  • Emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors.  
  • Creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.   

Program Overview

By adopting trauma-informed care, Atrium Health can recognize, prevent, change and treat the epidemic of adversity. This may improve patient care, outcomes and teammate work satisfaction. 

Atrium Health’s goal is to train every teammate in trauma-informed care to improve the health of the whole person and the health of communities we serve. 

To become a fully integrated trauma-informed care workplace, the following is needed: 

  • Train all teammates and make trauma-informed care a consistent part of everyday work 
  • Understand that trauma is widespread and provide safe recovery paths 
  • Recognize short and long-term signs and symptoms of trauma in others and build trust through transparency (openness). 
  • Change policies, procedures, and practices so information about adversity and trauma is part of planning and processes. 
  • Empower patients and teammates to have a voice and choice to avoid re-traumatizing them. 

Training Opportunities 

Training opportunities will be available soon.   

Last Updated on 07/10/2024