Each legacy organization was born during times of change and challenge, where our founders – a group of pioneering clinicians and citizens – created new ways to advance the frontiers of medicine through research and innovation.   

And since our ambitious beginnings, we have evolved into a nationally leading health system, exemplifying the best possible combination of cutting-edge science, education and clinical distinction. 
But what sets us apart – what makes us truly unique to others – is our hallmark of human touch.  

You see, we are an organization made up OF ALL and dedicated FOR ALL … where our people – teammates, patients and community members alike – come first. 

And because of this, we create a space where all belong …  

We work as one to make great things happen …   

We earn trust in all we do …   

We innovate to better the now and create the future …   

And, most importantly, we drive for excellence – always.   

What propels us forward is not just to be a national leader … but to champion compassion, embody empathy and harness hope.  

Our work is more than a job – it’s a calling – where humanity is at the center of everything we do.  

So, together, we devote ourselves to every hand we hold and every life we touch because we invest beyond our walls.   

Together, we chart new courses in educational, social and innovative health as a learning organization because we are not afraid to lead at the forefront.  

And, together, we we live our FOR ALL mission because it’s who we are; it’s written in our DNA.  

We are not just a health system. We are Atrium Health – a place filled with light and bound by an unconditional mission of health, hope and healing …  

Where each and every heartbeat begins,  

Where connections are made,  

And where life-changing, life-saving and life-giving care is promised – FOR ALL. 

Last Updated on 07/13/2021