Promote diversity, engage teammates and help them grow, together.



System Resource Groups

At Atrium Health, SRGs support workforce engagement, retention and professional development, and actively represent Atrium Health in our communities. These groups leverage their cultural expertise to advance the mission and goals of Atrium Health. SRGs bring value to our workplace, support our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and further our mission.

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Diversity Education

To meet teammates where they are, improve quality of interactions, and help grow their career and well-being, we offer many diversity-related education resources.

  • Language Services
  • Spiritual Care and Education

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Learn More About the 2022 LGBTQ+ Pride Celebration

Diversity Awards

Awards abound at Atrium Health. Over the past several years, we have been recognized with high praise for many aspects of our Human Resources work, including the areas of diversity and inclusion, military and veterans’ services, talent development, civic engagement and many, many more.

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Diversity Policies

Last Updated on 03/20/2024