Pay and Time

Submit Holiday PTO in CORE Connect

Good Friday, April 2, 2021 is a holiday recognized by Atrium Health.

Teammates taking PTO Friday, April 2 will need to submit their PTO request in CORE Connect by Friday, April 9. 

  1. In the Time and Absences section, select Add Absence
  2. From the Type drop down, select Paid Time Off
  3. In the When section, click Edit Entries button
    • Click the Add button
    • Choose the Date for your absence request
    • Enter the Absence Duration
    • To record your time, click the OK button
  4. When finished, scroll to the top of the page, click the Submit button

Leaders will need to approve PTO by midnight, Sunday, April 11. Leaders cannot enter PTO in Kronos on behalf of a teammate

Find information related to your pay and paycheck, including forms, instructions, and schedules related to payroll and your yearly W-2 form.

On this page:

CORE Connect 

Access CORE Connect to manage your Payroll and Paid Time Off. 

Outside the Atrium Health Network?

Your secure network login is required to access the sites mentioned on this page. If you are outside the Atrium Health network, you need to log in with Go Remote, available on the Atrium Health Connect page, to access these links.

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In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen and select the Payroll tile to get started. In the Payroll module you have access to: 

  • Payslips - View, print, download and search current and past payslips, which contain gross pay, net pay, taxes and other information 
  • Document Delivery Preferences – Set up preferences for delivering documents 
  • Payment Methods – Define and prioritize salary payments details, such as payment type, payment amount and bank account details 
  • Year-end Documents – View, print, download and search year-end documents for current or prior tax years 
  • Tax Withholding – Update your federal and state income tax withholding. Check this information when your personal or financial situation changes 

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Paid Time Off | Absence Management  

In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen and select the Time and Absences tile to get started. In the Time and Absences module you have access to: 

  • Add Absence – Request an absence or submit an absence for approval 
  • Absence Balance – Review current paid time off (PTO) balances and absences taken or requested 
  • Existing Absences – View, change or withdraw existing PTO absence requests
  • Cash Disbursements – Sell a portion of your PTO balance
  • Calendar – View your shifts, PTO/absences and public holidays

Learn how to Request and Record Paid Time Off in CORE Connect

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Additional Time Away from Work Resources


Human Resources Policies and Forms

Human Resources Policies and Human Resources Forms are available on PeopleConnect.

Outside the Atrium Health network? Login to Go Remote to access PeopleConnect.


Former Teammates - Access Your Atrium Health W2 Form


  • If you have previously registered with ADP, log in using your personal email address and password previously created
  • If you have not previously registered with ADP:
  • Click Create Account to get started
  • On the next screen, click I have a registration code
  • Enter Registration Code CHZ1-AH
  • Follow the instructions to complete your registration

Access Your W2

  1. Log in to
  2. Once logged in to ADP, on the Tax Statement screen, under the W-2 heading, click Download Statement
  3. Save or print the W-2 for your records
  4. Remember to log out of the ADP website in the upper right corner
  5. Save or print the W-2 for your records
  6. Remember to log out of the ADP website in the upper right corner

Your tax statement will be available to you on this web site for three years. If you wish to retain your tax statement for a longer period, you may print or save the electronic copy.

If you receive an electronic W-2, your tax preparation service or software may allow you to directly transfer your W-2 data from ADP into your tax return. (You should consult your tax preparer or software vendor to see if any fees apply.)