At Atrium Health, we are committed to your health and well-being and encourage you to live your best life by getting involved in a journey of well-being. This platform offers tools to help support you every step of the way. To earn 2024 incentives, complete the health assessment and participate in physical, financial and personal healthy lifestyle activities and report completions in the platform. For teammates not enrolled in an Atrium Health Medical Plan, register and complete the health assessment and other activities to be entered into quarterly prize drawings. 

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Well-being Platform Features

  • Health Assessment: Receive a confidential personalized report on your health.
  • Well-being Coaching: Schedule a well-being coaching session to set personal goals.
  • Challenges: Participate in individual and team-based challenges.
  • Daily Habits: Set and track health goals to take control of your well-being. 
  • Coming Soon! Sidequest: Set Individual goals and participate in personal well-being challenges. 
  • LiveWELL Incentives: Check out your physical, financial, and personal well-being incentive opportunities.
  • Media Library: Watch easy-to-follow exercise videos, listen to engaging mental health podcasts and more.    


LiveWELL Well-being Platform Tutorial 

Learn how to navigate the LiveWELL Well-being Platform, including how to log incentives and much more.   

LiveWELL Well-being Platform Challenges

Throughout the year, participate in individual and team-based challenges through the LiveWELL Well-being platform. These challenges will help teammates inspire positive changes in their health and well-being. More information on each challenge will be provided around registration.  

Well-being Platforms

Atrium Health Greater Charlotte, Floyd and Navicent teammates:

LiveWell Well-Being Platform

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist teammates:

BestHealth For Us Well-being


For platform questions, call the WebMD Customer Line at

If you have any issues with your login, please contact:

Greater Charlotte teammates

704-631-1500, select option 1

Navicent teammates

800-964-4780, select option 2

Floyd teammates


Wake Forest Baptist teammates


  • July 2024 | Sustainability Challenge | Take action each day to reduce your environmental impact.  
  • November 2024 | Healthy Holiday Challenge | Have a healthy holiday season by focusing on your overall well-being.    

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I get started? 
IMORTANT: If you are not currently configured for Multifactor Authentication setup, please follow steps 1 through 5 outlined in the Multifactor Authentication guide. This is a one-time setup and you do not need to do it again unless you change your phone number. It is necessary to do this step if you want access to the platform on a personal device.   

You can access the WebMD Platform using the following steps: 

  • If you are accessing the platform from an Atrium Health device and are connected to the Atrium Health network:
  • If you are accessing the platform from a personal device or a device not connected to the Atrium network:
    • Atrium Health Greater Charlotte/Navicent/Floyd SSO go to the LiveWELL Well-Being Platform Login 
    • Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist SSO go to the BestHealth For Us Well-Being Platform Login 
    • Sign on using your Atrium Health or Wake Forest Baptist network credentials
    • The Multifactor Authentication process will begin. Please follow the authentication steps on your phone. For more information, please see the Multifactor Authentication Setup guide at the beginning of this section. 
    • If successful, you will be logged into the WebMD Platform

Note: If you are a new teammate, it may take up to two weeks after your start date to have access to the LiveWELL Platform.

Teammates should use the well-being platform associated with the region/market from which they receive their paycheck. 

Personal Health Manager Secure Message Center Alerts: Secure message center notifications from will be sent to you based on your messaging preferences. If you would like to make any changes to your Personal Health Manager Secure Message Center Alerts service, please sign in, click on ‘settings’ and adjust your messaging preferences.

2.  What can I expect? 
The platform includes a suite of tools to help you reach your well-being goals-all backed by WebMD, the most trusted online source of health information. On the platform you can take a health assessment, log incentive activity completion, check progress towards incentive completion, access challenges, virtual races, plus more tools and resources.  

3.  Will there be a cost to the teammate? 
The well-being platform is available at no cost to teammates, it's completely free. The programs and services available through the well-being platform are provided to you as a benefit from Atrium Health. 

4.  Why can’t I create an account/ I have an issue with my account?   
Check that you entered all your information correctly and try submitting again. Contact WebMD customer service at 888-264-5963 if the above solution does not resolve your issue.   

5.  What types of information does WebMD collect? 
WebMD collects different types of information to give you suggestions on how to enhance your experience and make progress toward your goals. Certain information, such as your name and your eligibility for the platform are provided by Atrium Health. For confidentiality all health data is provided to Atrium Health in aggregate and not on an individual basis. WebMD also collects information directly from you when you interact with their services. Finally, WebMD can also sync information such as health claims or biometric data from your health plan, insurance provider, or a third-party vendor-all things you'll have the option to opt in or out of. 

6.  What does WebMD do with my information? 
Once you create your account, you will be asked a handful of questions about your background and health, as well as your current priorities. This information will be used to create your well-being profile and personalize your experience. This helps point you in the right direction so you can get the most out of the platform.

7.  Does WebMD share my personal information with Atrium Health? 
WebMD will not share your personally identifiable health information with Atrium Health, such as the responses you provide to a health assessment, but WebMD does provide aggregate reporting to Atrium Health, which is health information about a group of people that does not identify any one person or allow any person to be identified. 

WebMD will also provide additional reporting to Atrium Health to help administer the platform. For example, WedMD may tell Atrium Health if you have registered with WebMD or participated in any WebMD programs offered by Atrium Health. Atrium Health may also direct WebMD to give your personal information to third-party vendors that provide other well-being services, such as disease management. Third-party vendors will provide WebMD about your participation in those programs to fulfill incentive requirements. The information WebMD shares with Atrium Health helps your Atrium Health manage incentives and analyze usage of the WebMD services. 

8.  Will WebMD ever sell my information? 
WebMD will never sell your information to third parties. WebMD and Atrium Health take privacy very seriously–health is personal, and WebMD wants to keep it that way. You can read more about it in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at the bottom of every page on the platform. 

9.  Will I earn LiveWELL incentives for participating in activities on the well-being platform?
Yes. In 2024, teammates can earn incentives for participating in activities and logging completion on the well-being platform.

Please review the 2024 LiveWELL Incentives page for more details on incentive activities, payout dates, and amounts. 

10.  Will I be able to earn prizes for participating in activities on the well-being platform? 
Prize drawings will be for non-Atrium Health Medical Plan enrolled teammates. Take your health assessment then earn up to three prize drawing entries for completing at least one activity under each physical, financial, and personal well-being pillar.  

All teammates completing well-being platform challenges will be entered into prize drawings.  

Last Updated on 07/01/2024