We created the New Teammate Orientation program to help make it as easy as possible for you to become a fully engaged member of our workforce and our culture of caring. 

On This Page

As teammates in healthcare, we all have a special role to play so that we can support our communities and patients. To help minimize the risks to our teammates and patients we serve, rather than gathering as a large group for Teammate Orientation, you will now be completing a Welcome to Atrium Health eLearning module within five (5) days after your New Teammate Orientation date. This eLearning will include access to the “System of Integrity” Code of Conduct Handbook and an Orientation Guide with important information and steps to take during your first week.  

Temporary Masking Policy in Effect, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023  

Due to the declaration of the Respiratory Viral Season, we have started our temporary masking policy in alignment with other health care systems to reduce risks of infections in our facilities. If you are currently looking for or being hired into a role that is required to be in a clinical setting, it is strongly encouraged and, in some cases, mandatory to wear a mask for protection of yourself and other patients and teammates. We will continue to monitor respiratory virus cases and will reevaluate these measures when the number of cases shows a sustained decrease.  

Your First Week

  • Before your start date, speak with your leader (via phone or email) to confirm you know important pre-orientation details such as where to report on your first and second day, appropriate dress codes, work-area specific information and more.
    • If you have not been contacted by your leader prior to your first day, please reach out to your Talent Acquisition Consultant directly.
  • Your first day of employment will be Monday of your first week. All teammates will need to receive their badges the first week: 
    • Location:
      Atrium Health Center for Learning and Development, 5039 Airport Center Pkwy, Building K, Charlotte, NC 28208
    • Arrival Times:
      Please refer to the following schedule to limit the risk of large groups of people visiting Building K at the same time: 
      • Nurse Teammates
        • Refer to your email from Talent Acquisition for your schedule.
        • 7:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.  
      • All Other Teammates
        • Please refer to your email from Talent Acquisition with your arrival time slot based on your last name
    • You will be greeted at the front entrance and directed to a conference room to obtain your photo ID badge.
    • Once you obtain your badge, you will be free to leave, and you will be paid a full day for Monday
  • All teammates will complete a Welcome to Atrium Health eLearning module within 5 days after your New Teammate Orientation date. Your leader will provide further instructions to complete this eLearning module.
  • Nurses and Patient Care Support roles have a full week of orientation. Refer to the next section of this page for more information.
  • Questions? Please speak to your Talent Acquisition partner if you have any questions. Their contact information is at the bottom of your offer letter.   

Nurses and Patient Care Support Roles Have a Full Week of Orientation

Please speak to your Talent Acquisition partner if you have any questions. Their contact information is at the bottom of your offer letter.

Teammate Badges

Your badge is a visible symbol that you are now a member of our family. While at work, always display your badge with the photo facing out on your collar, lapel or front pocket. 

Clinical Teammate Uniforms

As of May 4, 2021, Atrium Health is taking steps to enhance patient safety by standardizing the scrub colors worn by clinical teammates throughout the system. The consistent uniform colors will ensure patients and their family members know who is caring for them. You can determine the appropriate color for your position using the grid below. 

Teammates may begin wearing their new uniform color immediately, even if their current unit/location/role has a previously designated uniform color standard. If you are required to wear surgical scrubs for infection prevention purposes (OR areas, procedural areas, etc.), you will continue to follow the departmental policy for wearing surgical scrubs.

If you do not work in one of the areas shown in the table, contact your leader for uniform information. 

Clinical Roles Uniform Color
Nurses (ALL RNs) Navy Blue
LPN (except Medical Group) Ciel Blue
Healthcare Tech (HCT) Wine/Burgundy
Nursing Aide (NA) Wine/Burgundy
Psych Tech Wine/Burgundy
Ortho Tech Wine/Burgundy
Unit Secretary
Charcoal Grey/Pewter/Granite/Steel
Patient Safety Attendant/Screener Teal
Hospital and Clinical Based Paramedic Olive Green
Chaplain Services Lavender top/Pewter Bottoms
Social Work Black
Radiology Black
Nutrition Services Turquoise
Environmental Services
Caribbean Blue
Exercise Physiology/Inpatient Rehab
Light Gray
Royal Blue
Non-Invasive Cardiology
Galaxy Blue top/Black bottoms
Clinical Laboratory
Pharmacy  Hunter Green

For visual reference when purchasing uniforms, please see the Visual Color Guide.


Effective May 6, 2021 the uniform policy for our Medical Group practices will be as follows:

Clinical Roles Uniform Color
Nurses (ALL RNs) Navy Blue
Non-RN Clinical Medical Group Teammates (including LPNs, CMAs, MOAs, radiology, lab, etc.) Charcoal Grey/Pewter/Granite/Steel
Patient-facing clerical teammates in the Medical Group Teal
  • Levine Children’s teammates can wear a pediatric friendly scrub top with their designated scrub pants color
  • Non patient facing clerical teammates may choose to wear teal scrubs or business casual attire. If they will be filling a patient facing role on a temporary basis they should wear teal scrubs.
  • Deviations from the uniform standard determined from this survey can only occur on system designated days


Other Important Reminders

  • Stay home when you are feeling ill with fever/respiratory symptoms. Teammates with cold or flu-like symptoms should notify Teammate Health at 704-631-0200, so teammate illness can be monitored.
  • Hand Hygiene is essential, as is coughing/sneezing into your elbow. Continue to use proactive standard infection prevention techniques.
  • Take steps now to prepare for how you will handle possible disruptions in childcare and other personal responsibilities so that you are available to provide vital care for our communities.
Last Updated on 05/23/2024