Pre-Employment Assessments

Based on the unique patient population and challenges in each job, you are required to pass a health assessment as a condition of employment. Your offer of employment is contingent upon successful completion of pre-employment screenings, including but not limited to background checks, education and employment verifications, licensure verification and health assessment.

Your Offer of Employment is contingent upon successful completion of the following:

  1. New Teammate Onboarding in CORE Connect – Access your new teammate onboarding checklist tasks.
  2. Health Assessment – Know what to expect at your new teammate health assessment, including the paperwork you may need to bring with you.
    • Note: You may be required to take your teammate badge photograph at that time. 
  3. Background Check

You will receive a communication upon successful completion of all pre-employment requirements to confirm your Orientation date.

Temporary Masking Policy in Effect, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023  

Due to the declaration of the Respiratory Viral Season, we have started our temporary masking policy in alignment with other health care systems to reduce risks of infections in our facilities. If you are currently looking for or being hired into a role that is required to be in a clinical setting, it is strongly encouraged and, in some cases, mandatory to wear a mask for protection of yourself and other patients and teammates. We will continue to monitor respiratory virus cases and will reevaluate these measures when the number of cases shows a sustained decrease.  

Before Your Appointments

  • Prior to your Health Assessment, complete the following tasks in CORE Connect:
    • Complete the online I-9 Form 
    • Complete your Health History form
  • The in-person Health Assessment may take up to 1.5 hours each to complete
  • Be on time to your appointments. Rescheduling of these appointments may delay your Orientation date
  • Do not bring children to your appointment. If a child is brought to an appointment, for his/her safety and well-being, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later time, which could delay your Orientation date
  • Take time to review the Orientation page, so you are prepared for your day of new teammate orientation.

1. New Teammate Onboarding in CORE Connect

CORE Connect is how new teammates access their pre-hire/onboarding checklist. As a new teammate, use this checklist to complete tasks necessary to begin employment. You will receive CORE Connect log in information via email from your Talent Acquisition partner. 

2. Health Assessment

What to Bring

  • Before your Health Assessment appointment, complete the Health History Form in CORE Connect             
  • Your complete immunization records and titers
    •    Vaccinations required: 
      • 2 MMR dates or a positive titer 
      • 2 Varicella dates or positive titer 
      • 3 Hepatitis B dates or positive titer 
      • Tdap date within 10 years or current Tetanus vaccination 
    • Possible Resources to get your vaccination or titer records: 
      • high school transcript 
      • county health department 
      • any hospital that you have previously worked at 
      • family physician or clinic you attended as a child
  • Proof of flu vaccine for this flu season, a documented medical exemption or a documented religious exemption. If flu documentation is not presented at the health assessment, a free flu vaccine will be offered. Applicants must be compliant with the Atrium Health flu vaccine policy to begin employment
  • COVID-19 Vaccination – Please note, the COVID vaccine is no longer a requirement for employment.  
  • Start dates may be delayed to comply with these requirements. This requirement helps to protect the health and safety of all who enter our doors.  
  • Records of any Tuberculosis / TB skin tests completed in the last year. If you have ever had a positive TB skin test, bring a record of that positive skin test and a recent chest x-ray
  • A statement from your medical doctor if you are under care for a chronic or serious medical problem or have any work restrictions. 
  • Bring all current medications with you 

Your new teammate health assessment will consist of the following:

  • Drug screen (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of immunization history
  • Review of Health History Form
  • Tuberculosis / TB Skin Test 
  • Medical statement review (if applicable)
  • Employment eligibility verification (review of I-9 form and supporting documents)
  • Please come prepared to take your Atrium Health ID Badge photo

If you need to reschedule your Health Assessment, contact your HR Associate directly.

3. Background Check

Within 24 hours of receiving your Atrium Health offer of employment, you will receive an email from Sterling from to begin the background check process.

Last Updated on 12/15/2023