The Atrium Health Career Development (CD) Center is the central location for teammates and leaders to learn about professional development programs. The CD Center gives teammates access to educational resources, including information for candidates who desire to join, intern or observe the great work happening at Atrium Health.

Workforce Development: Outside In, Inside Up Approach

The Atrium Health Career Development Center Outside In, Inside Up approach will support the best in all teammates and also target individuals in opportunity areas with professional development resources. This dual approach will allow Atrium Health to support current teammates and individuals who seek a career at Atrium Health.

As the largest employer in Charlotte, Atrium Health is committed to creating an inclusive workforce made up of teammates from all backgrounds and experiences. This includes providing employment and career advancement opportunities for individuals who have been impacted by the inheritance of intergenerational poverty and less exposure to valuable social networks.

Career Development Resources

Current Teammates:
Search Current Jobs in CORE Connect.

Join the Career Development Success Yammer Group.

External candidates:
Find employment at Atrium Health.


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"My dreams came true."

-Jamila, RN tells us how the CNA to RN Scholarship Program turned her dream into a reality.


Educational Assistance

Atrium Health recognizes that teammates are our most valuable asset in order to achieve the Atrium Health vision to be the first and best choice for care.

Teammates are encouraged to continuously pursue personal development within our system by using their Educational Assistance benefits. A few of these benefits include EdAssist, Education that Works, the CNA to RN Scholarship and much more.

Explore all Educational Assistance Opportunities.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching empowers teammates to explore their strengths and offer suggestions for career pathways and upward mobility within Atrium Health. Self-directed resources and online education are currently available within the Career Coaching page. Group and individual career coaching will be available in January 2020 (details coming soon).

Learn more about Career Coaching.


Gerard Camacho, MPA, JCDC, AVP of Learning and Career Development

Gerard is responsible for the creation and implementation of the workforce development strategy for the system, impacting more than 60,000 teammates and leaders. During his career, Gerard has led workforce development initiatives across multiple sectors to include; finance, government, and healthcare. Most recently, Gerard was responsible for the creation of structures and programs impacting income mobility and pipeline strategies for the healthcare industry across multiple regions of the United States. Gerard started working at Atrium Health in 2019.

Cynthia Bailey, JCDC (Certified Job and Career Development Coach) Sr. HR Consultant

Cynthia serves as team lead and oversees the RN Scholarship, Education that Works and other workforce development programs. Cynthia is responsible for implementing Outside In, Inside Up initiatives to reduce poverty, a social determinant of health, through job training and educational assistance programs. Cynthia has a BS in Business Administration and Juris Doctor degree. She has been with Atrium Health since 2013.

Jon Beni, JCDC (Certified Job and Career Development Coach) HR Consultant II

Jon coordinates student activity placement programs for clinical rotations, student internships, international clinical rotations and leads the GED/ESL program. Jon manages our hospital tours and teammate roundtable sessions. He has BS in Liberal Studies and has been with Atrium Health since 2007.

Chelsea Rigler, JCDC (Certified Job and Career Development Coach) HR Consultant II

Chelsea manages systemwide Educational Assistance program including the Tuition Reimbursement and Loan Forgiveness programs. These programs provide teammates with financial assistance for academic courses and professional development course expenses. Chelsea has a BA in Sociology and is currently pursuing her MBA. Chelsea has been with Atrium Health since 2016

Donna Rubin, JCDC (Certified Job and Career Development Coach) HR Consultant II

Donna works with Medical Education, Nursing Education, Allied Health and Volunteer Services to establish system policies and centralize Student Placement Programs. Student Placement Programs include clinical rotations, internships, shadowing and observations. Donna graduated from Radford University with a BS in Organizational Communications. Donna has been with Atrium Health since 2012.

Lori Shafey, JCDC (Certified Job and Career Development Coach) HR Consultant II

Lori leads Rise to Success and training for the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP) summer interns, youth initiatives that provide education and career opportunities for high school students. She also coordinates onboarding activities for nursing students. Lori has a BA in English from UNC Greensboro and has been with Atrium since October 2019.