Leave of Absence Benefits and Resources

Atrium Health offers various leave programs for teammates who need to take time away from work for medical, family, military, and/or personal reasons.

Eligibility: Determined based on the type of leave a teammate is requesting
  • Benefit Details: 
    • Medical Leave: Approved time off from work for a teammate due to a serious health condition that prevents a teammate from performing their job duties. All teammates (weekender, part-time and full-time teammates) who have completed at least 90 days of continuous services and are not eligible for FMLA may be eligible for the Atrium Health Medical Leave benefit
    • Parental Leave: An absence for birth and non-birth parents to care for a child newly added to their home through birth, adoption or legal placement
    • Family Care Leave: An absence to care for a qualifying family member 
    • Military Leave: An absence needed by a teammate who is inducted or enlists into the US Armed Forces, National Guard or a reserve unit 
    • Personal Leave: An absence for extraordinary personal reasons that PTO or other leaves will not allow 
    • Educational Leave: Job-related course leading to a degree in an area of specialty that will prove beneficial to Atrium Health

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Access the LeavePro Portal

Access the LeavePro Portal

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Email the HR Service Center

HR Service Center: 704-631-1500


Steps Required for Leave of Absence

  • Sign in to LeavePro to submit a request. Requests should be submitted at least 30 days before the leave is to begin when the leave is foreseeable or as soon as practicable if you learn of your need for time off less than 30 days ahead of time. Follow all instructions to complete your leave as outlined in LeavePro.

  • While a decision is being made on your leave request, continue to follow the call-out procedure for your department.
  • It is the responsibility of the teammate to enter a leave request and intermittent time in the LeavePro Self-service Portal.
  • All updates to your status should be completed by your healthcare provider and uploaded in LeavePro or your healthcare provider can fax to HR Leave Administration via the fax number on the form.

  • If your leave extends beyond your job protection end date, please contact HR Leave Administration prior to that date to discuss your employment status.

  • All teammates returning from work after a medical leave will need to provide medical clearance from their provider. This document is required prior to being allowed to return to work and should be uploaded in LeavePro or your healthcare provider can fax to HR Leave Administration via the fax number on the form.

  • If you are returning from a Family Care Leave, complete the Return from Family Care Leave form and upload in LeavePro. This document is required prior to being allowed to return to work.

  • Upon leave approval, teammates are responsible for communicating the amount of PTO requested per pay period with their leadership.

  • Teammates receiving Short-Term Disability payments from MetLife should not be receiving PTO or have any worked hours coded while receiving Short-Term Disability payments. Teammates and leaders are responsible for discussing if and when a teammate will begin receiving Short-Term Disability payments.

  • YourHRLink portal will remain available during your leave of absence to access your pay stubs and make changes to your benefits if applicable. Access to YourHRLink is not intended for work-related reasons. Teammates are prohibited from performing any work-related duties during a leave of absence. 

  • Leaders are responsible for signing into LeavePro to complete a Request for Leave on behalf of a teammate on the fourth day of an unexpected absence. 

  • Leaders will ensure teammates enter intermittent time used into the LeavePro Self-service Portal.

  • Enter the teammate’s PTO and/or Absent Hours as requested by the teammate and the appropriate pay code into the time keeping system.

  • For teammates on a parental leave (including maternity), please do not code PTO until parental and STD benefits have ended.

  • Teammate’s have the option to use PTO (code 041). If the teammate chooses not to use PTO, Absent Hours should be used. (code 391).

  • Leaders are responsible for coding FMLA Hours (395) or Non-FMLA hours (295), PTO and Absent Hours (as applicable) in the time keeping system during the teammate’s approved leave of absence.

  • All used FMLA or Non-FMLA hours should be recorded in one-hour increments.

  • Teammates receiving Short-Term Disability Payments from MetLife should not be receiving PTO, or have any worked hours coded while receiving Short-Term Disability payments. Teammates and leaders are responsible for discussing if and when a teammate will begin receiving Short-Term Disability payments.

  • Catastrophic Bank hours may not be used for intermittent leave.

  • A teammate cannot work additional hours to replenish or avoid use of their bank of available FMLA hours.

  • All teammates returning to work must submit the appropriate forms in LeavePro prior to returning to work. All teammates must have return to work clearance from HR Leave Administration prior to working. 


What is LeavePro?

LeavePro is a highly secure, enterprise-wide application that easily tracks, manages and automates leaves of absence. All Atrium Health leaves will be managed in LeavePro. Through this application, teammates can:

  • Submit a new leave request
  • Submit intermittent time
  • View claim status
  • View and complete tasks
  • Access notifications
  • Confirm the receipt of documentation

Leaders have access to view the status of leave requests for their direct reports and generate reports.

Teammates and leaders will need to register on the LeavePro website before using the system for the first time. 

Go to LeavePro

Need help with LeavePro?

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Actions to Take to Transition to LeavePro

What should you start doing on Monday, April 27?

  • Register for a LeavePro account if you need to request a leave and select your communication preferences while registering (personal email recommended)
  • Use LeavePro to initiate a new leave request (FMLA/Non-FMLA, Work Place Accommodation Personal/Education, Military)
  • Use LeavePro to submit intermittent time (if approved for intermittent FMLA)
  • Complete and submit required forms that are due in the LeavePro system
  • Leaders can run reports for your direct reports to view leave usage
  • Leaders will use LeavePro when initiating a leave request or entering intermittent time on teammate’s behalf

What should you stop doing on Monday, April 27?

  • Stop using paper request forms to request a leave or an ADA accommodation
  • Leaders should stop entering time on FMLA tracking sheet for any new leaves approved in LeavePro
  • Leaders should stop using the Team Member Notification Form to record intermittent FMLA absences

What should you continue doing on Monday, April 27?

  • While a determination is being made regarding your leave request, continue to follow the call-out procedure for your department
  • If you have already submitted a request for leave prior to April 27, no additional action is required; refer to the information provided from HR Leave Administration regarding the status of your leave
  • If you are currently out on a continuous leave (as of April 27) and will be returning to work, fax in your return to work clearance forms to 704-446-6624
  • Leaders will enter the appropriate absence codes and pay codes in Kronos (i.e. 395- FMLA, 295- Non-FMLA, PTO, absent hours)    


Benefits and Pay While on Leave

If you need to make changes to your benefits or have questions regarding benefits billing, please contact the Benefits Service Center at 704-631-1500 or

  • For more information about Parental Leave Benefits (including Maternity), please review our Parental Benefits web page.
  • While on a leave of absence you will continue to be paid by the same method you were paid prior to your leave (i.e. direct deposit). Short-Term Disability payments are not automatically direct deposited; you will need to contact MetLife to apply for this benefit, if eligible.
  • Eligible teammates (30+ standard hours per week) on an approved medical leave may apply for Short-Term Disability payments through MetLife. To file for a claim, please call MetLife at 800-421-7014.


Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Effective September 16, the Department of Labor redefined the definition of “health care provider” as it applies to eligibility for benefits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. With the new definition, some Atrium Health teammates may now be eligible for the paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave under these new laws. Only those who are not designated healthcare providers or emergency responders are eligible for the FFCRA. The DOL’s FFCRA FAQs No. 56 and 57 provides the details on the current definitions. Teammates who are able to work remotely will not be eligible for these benefits.

Examples of teammates who are health care providers:

  • Any licensed doctor of medicine, nurse practitioner, or other health care provider permitted to issue a certification for purposes of the FMLA.
  • Any other teammate who in their role provides diagnostic services, preventive services, treatment services, or other services that are integrated with and necessary to the provision of patient care and, if not provided, would adversely impact patient care. This group includes teammates who provide direct diagnostic, preventive, treatment, or other patient care services, such as nurses, nurse assistants, and medical technicians. It also includes teammates who directly assist or are supervised by a direct provider of diagnostic, preventive, treatment, or other patient care services.
  • Any other teammate who does not provide direct health care services to a patient but is otherwise integrated into and necessary to the provision those services—for example, a laboratory technician who processes medical test results to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a health condition—are health care providers.

View the FFCRA Policy.

View the Request for FFCRA Leave Form.


Leave of Absence Forms and Policies