Are You Ready to Quit?

Atrium Health cares about the health and well-being of ALL teammates and has committed to a tobacco free environment at all locations. If you are ready to quit tobacco, please utilize these cessation resources. 

Tobacco Cessation Programs and Opportunities

Greater Charlotte Teammates – Be Tobacco Free

Atrium Health offers Greater Charlotte teammates group classes for those who want to quit tobacco and stay tobacco free.

Classes will cover:

  • Preparing to quit
  • Re-learn life without tobacco
  • Coping with tobacco use urges
  • Staying tobacco-free once you have reached your goal

Our Be Tobacco Free classes

  • Are free to attend
  • Include three to four 60-minute sessions, virtual or in person
  • Are led by a tobacco treatment specialist who helps with developing individual plans 
    • Mondays | September 11, 18, & 25 at 1:30 p.m.  Stanly County
    • Tuesdays | September 5, 19, & 26 at noon CCC

To register or learn more, email or call 844-375-9355.

Atrium Health Floyd Teammates – Quit Today

Cigna’s Quit Today Tobacco Cessation program helps you get and stay tobacco free.  

  • Develop a personal “quit plan” that’s right for you
  • Virtual and telephonic options available

Additional Resources

Last Updated on 09/01/2023