Well-being Champions are an integral part of Atrium Health. Well-being Champions act as an extension of the LiveWELL and BestHealth For Us teams. The Well-being Champion network serves as the voice of their department to share the Well-being messages and provides feedback the LiveWELL and BestHealth For Us teams. 

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Well-being Champions use this survey to share how you are engaging with your team: Champion Spotlight

What is a Well-being Champion? 

Well-being Champions inspire health and Well-being in their department. Well-being Champions help promote LiveWELL and BestHealth For Us events to teammates, model their commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and serve as a resource to others.  

Why sign up to be a Well-being Champion? 

Well-being Champions have many reasons that they are champions: they are passionate about health and well-being, enjoy helping others and can earn incentive credit under the personal well-being pillar.  

How to sign up to be a Well-being Champion?

To become a Well-being Champion for your region, complete the Well-being Champion Form.

New champions will receive a welcome email and an invitation to join an orientation meeting. 

Ways to serve as a Well-being Champion

  • Model a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle 
  • Inform your department of LiveWELL/BestHealth for Us updates 
  • Promote and participate in LiveWELL/BestHealth for Us Challenges, creating a team when applicable 
  • Attend Well-being Champion meetings 
    • Meetings occur on the second Wednesday of each month from 2 –2:45 p.m. ET
  • Be active in the Well-being Champion social media communities to gather and share engagement ideas. 
  • Create and maintain current a Live WELL/BestHealth for Us bulletin board or other area designated to Well-being 
  • Encourage Healthy Catering Guidelines for meals in the department 

Well-being Champion Resources

These resources have been curated to help Well-being Champions provide teammates with the best experience.  

Last Updated on 01/26/2024