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Take the Next Step in Your Education

Atrium Health Career Development programs offer an Inside Up approach to teammate development. Teammates are encouraged to use tuition and professional development reimbursement for continuous learning. When teammates develop and apply new skills, they support the vision of Atrium Health to become the first and best choice for care.

Review the updated Atrium Health Educational Assistance Policy.

What is Tuition and Professional Development Course Reimbursement

Provides teammates with financial reimbursement for approved academic courses and professional development course expenses. We are excited to announce a new partnership with Bright Horizons EdAssist.

Updated benefits include:

Access the EdAssist Portal

Log in to EdAssist

Use your Atrium Health username and password to log in.

EdAssist Support Is Available

By Phone: 833.211.2710 Monday through Friday,  8am-8pm
Live Chat on your Ed Assist Portal: Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm

  • Free, Expert Academic and Finance Guidance: Get a customized education plan, assistance with the admissions process, and tips on how to pay for your education
  • Exclusive Discounts: Save on tuition, application fees, and more at 220+ accredited schools 
  • NEW!  Click to find out if your school offers discounted rates:
  • An Automated System: Apply online and receive status alerts via email notifications


Take a few minutes to watch this video outlining the benefits of our new EdAssist Portal.

Who is Eligible to Apply

  • Full-time and part-time Teammates with 40 or more standard hours per pay period and who have also completed their 90-day orientation period.
  • Teammates are eligible for different amounts per year based on their length of service with Atrium Health and their hours worked.  See table below.
  • Critical Need Courses of Study
  • Some teammates are provided alternative education benefits and are not eligible for assistance (i.e. Medical Residents, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists).
Atrium Health
Length of Service

(72 – 80+ hours/pay period)

(60 – 71 hours/pay period)
(40 – 59 hours/pay period)

Less than 3 years $1,000
($2,000 critical need)
($1,600 critical need)
($1,200 critical need)
3 years or more $1,500
($3,000 critical need)
($2,400 critical need)
($1,800 critical need)
  • Teammates may enjoy, through this benefit, some paid expenses related to taking a course. This may include tuition, required textbooks, course registration, and lab fees.
  • Teammates will not be reimbursed for certain expenses. This may include any tools, supplies, equipment that may be kept after course completion (except textbooks), meals, lodging, transportation, courses involving sports, games, or hobbies (unless this education is part of a degree program), license renewal, testing fees, membership, and similar fees.

A detailed list can be found on the Tuition Reimbursement Non-Covered Fees 

Apply for Tuition Reimbursement

Apply for Tuition Reimbursement through a two-step process of 1) Preapproval and 2) Reimbursement:

1. How to Receive Preapproval

Submit a preapproval request as early as possible or at least 10 days before the educational course is scheduled to begin.

  • Collect needed information to complete the online form, such as:
    • Course Information/Program Name
    • Begin/End Dates
    • Course Number
    • Institution/Location
    • Organization and Location
    • Projected Costs
  • Review the Confirmation page and Submit the Application.
  • The Tuition Reimbursement Team reviews the application.
  • Teammates will receive next steps via email and see an update in their EdAssist Portal.

2. How to Receive Reimbursement

  • Once your course is successfully completed, and within 60 days of completing the course you will submit the following documents to your online EdAssist Portal
    • Itemized receipt with proof of payment (student payment, loans, etc.)
    • For college course completion, a copy of course transcripts:
      • For undergraduate courses, with grade of C or better
      • For graduate courses, with grade of A or B
    • For professional development course completion, certificate of completion/letter of attendance

Please allow a minimum of 30 business days from the submission date to receive your direct deposit reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition and Professional Development frequently asked questions can be found on the EdAssist Portal.