Educational Assistance

Notice: Educational Assistance Portal Unavailable Monday, June 22 through Monday, July 13, 2020

A new Educational Assistance Portal is coming Tuesday, July 14. In order to make the switch, there will be a blackout period for all activity in the EdAssist/Tuition Manager Portal.

The blackout period is Monday, June 22 through Monday, July 13, 2020. During the blackout period, preapprovals, applications and reimbursements will not be processed.

All existing accounts will be switched to the new portal and accessible on Tuesday, July 14. Teammates are encouraged to submit requests before June 22 on the current portal or after July 14 to the new portal.

Read the EdAssist Portal Blackout Period FAQs for additional information.

Tuition Reimbursement

What is Educational Assistance and Tuition Manager (EdAssist)?
Educational Assistance includes Tuition Reimbursement and Loan Forgiveness programs. These are benefits available to full-time and part-time teammates to further their education or professional growth. Tuition Manager is the portal teammates use in order to receive pre-approval and reimbursement for the cost of college tuition or professional development courses (see dollar amounts below).

Who is eligible?
Teammates with 40 or more standard hours per pay period and who have also completed their 90-day orientation period.

I am a PRN teammate, but I work more than 40 hours per pay period. Am I eligible to receive reimbursement?
No, PRN teammates are not eligible to receive Educational Assistance benefits.

I am still in my 90-day orientation period, but I am taking a class that ends after I am done with my orientation period. Can I get reimbursement for that class?
No. You must complete the 90-day orientation period before you are eligible for this benefit.

What is the process to submit a Tuition Reimbursement application?
Apply through a two-step process 1) Preapproval prior to the course and  2)Reimbursement after completion of the course:

1) How to Receive Preapproval

  • Submit a preapproval request as early as possible or at least 10 days before the educational course is scheduled to begin at the Tuition Manager Portal
  • Collect needed information to complete the online form, such as:
    • Course Information/Program Name
    • Begin/End Dates
    • Course Number
    • Organization & Location
    • Projected Costs
  • Complete and submit an online Tuition Manager application in the Tuition Manager Portal
  • Once the Tuition Reimbursement team reviews the application, teammates will receive next steps via email and see an update in their Tuition Manager portal.
  • On the Confirmation screen, review the information and select Submit Application.

2) How to Receive Reimbursement

  • Once your course is successfully completed and within 60 days of completing the course you will submit the following documents to your online Tuition Manager Portal:
    • Itemized receipt with proof of payment (student payment, loans, etc)
  • For college course completion, a copy of course transcripts:
    • With grade of C or better for undergraduate courses; or an A or B for graduate courses
  • For professional development course completion:
    • Certificate of completion/letter of attendance

Please allow a minimum of 30 business days from the submission date to receive your direct deposit reimbursement.

How do I know if my Tuition Reimbursement Application was received?
Once you submit your online application through Tuition Manager, the Tuition Reimbursement team will review your application. Teammates will receive next steps by email and see an update in the Tuition Manager Portal.

It has been longer than 10 days since I submitted my Tuition Reimbursement application, and I have not received a decision. What should I do?
If you have not received a decision on your application after 10 days, please contact your manager.

My pre-filled application contains incorrect information. How can I correct it?
You can change most of your personal information by going to YourHRLink. If you need additional assistance, please contact HR Data Management at (704) 631-0300.

What happens if my employment status changes? Will it affect my maximum annual benefit?
Yes. A change in employment status will affect your maximum annual benefit.

Example: A full-time teammate of two years decides to work part-time. This decision to work part-time will change the maximum annual benefit from $1,000 to $600.

My department will pay for the seminar through Atrium Health Travel. May I still receive Tuition Reimbursement and in turn, reimburse my department?
No. Tuition Reimbursement benefits are designed to assist teammates with the costs of specific education. For this reason, reimbursements are made to the teammate for money paid by the teammate. Business-related expenses are covered by a separate Atrium Health policy and all travel-related expenses must be reimbursed according to that policy.

Do I need to submit a completed application each time I decide to apply for Tuition Reimbursement?
Yes. Each application is submitted specifically for the courses listed on the application.

What if the course I have applied for is closed or canceled? Or, what if I decide to substitute the course for another?
If the course is closed/canceled or substituted at registration, please go to the My Applications tab in your Tuition Manager Portal and edit your application to reflect your course changes. 

How much money am I eligible for per year?
Teammates are eligible for different amounts per year based on their length of service with Atrium Health and their hours worked.

Atrium Health
Length of Service

(72 – 80+ hours/pay period)

(60 – 71 hours/pay period)
(40 – 59 hours/pay period)

Less than 3 years $1,000
($2,000 critical need)
($1,600 critical need)
($1,200 critical need)
3 years or more $1,500
($3,000 critical need)
($2,200 critical need)
($1,800 critical need)

I did not use all of my Tuition Reimbursement money last year, can I use the rest of it this year?
No. Teammates are offered a set amount of money per year (January 1-December 31). If all of the money is not used, it does not roll over to the next year.

My course begins this calendar year but ends next calendar year. Which year will my tuition funds be deducted from my Tuition Reimbursement balance?
Tuition Reimbursement funds will be deducted from the calendar year your course is completed.

I would like to attend an out of town conference in order to stay up-to-date in my field. Will Tuition Reimbursement pay for this?
Yes, you can be reimbursed for the registration fee for the conference, but we cannot reimburse for any travel or lodging expenses. Remember to get preapproval of a conference or registration fee to ensure it will be reimbursed.

I am preparing to take a certification exam, can I be reimbursed for study materials? What about the cost of the exam?
Tuition Reimbursement can reimburse for the cost of a formal review course. Educational Assistance cannot reimburse for the cost of the certification exam.

I need to get recertified to keep my certification, is this reimbursable?
Certifications are only reimbursable if an education course is offered with the certification.

It has been longer than 30 business days since I’ve submitted my paperwork, and I still have not received my disbursement. What should I do?
Please contact the Educational Assistance Team for assistance at

I received an e-mail saying my payment has processed but I have not received my funds.
After your payment has processed it is then forwarded to Accounts Payable. Please contact them at 704-512-7345 for payment details.

When I applied, I submitted documents and there is no current activity on my application. What is my status?

Per the Educational Assistance policy teammates must upload documents after the approval. This prompts the Tuition Reimbursement team to follow up with documentation. Even if it is the same document, it will still need to be uploaded again to trigger the system.

Loan Forgiveness

  • Carolinas College of Health Sciences and Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
  • RN to BSN Loan Forgiveness

Carolinas College of Health Sciences and Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

Can I use the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program at any college or university?
No, the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program for select programs can only be used at Atrium Health’s Cabarrus College of Health Sciences or Carolinas College of Health Sciences.

What happens to my loan if I can’t start to work within six (6) months of graduation (i.e. I do not get licensed as anticipated)? 

  • If six (6) months after graduation you have not started to work in a full-time position at a participating Atrium Health facility (in the field for which you used the loan forgiveness funds), your loan will be due in full and turned over to Atrium Health’s billing agency. Payments are divided over 36 months and interest is added. This one action does not go against your credit rating.
  • If within twelve (12) months after graduation you begin work in a full-time position at a participating Atrium Health facility (in the field for which you used the loan forgiveness funds), Atrium Health will recall the loan amount due from the billing agency and forgiveness will begin. These situations must be reviewed and approved by the Atrium Health Human Resources staff.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Atrium Health Benefits Coordinator of employment.

If I start to work for Atrium Health within six (6) months of graduation, but then go out on a leave of absence, what happens to my loan?

  • As long as you remain an Atrium Health employee, the loan forgiveness will continue for up to a twelve (12)-week leave of absence.
  • At the end of the twelve (12) weeks, the forgiveness stops, and the loan becomes due. The loan will be turned over to Atrium Health’s billing agency for payments to be set up until which time you return to work from the leave of absence (must be continuous employment).
  • At the time of your return from the leave of absence, the loan will be recalled, and the forgiveness will restart.

If I start to work for Atrium Health within six (6) months of graduation, but family matters require me to leave town and terminate my employment, what happens to my loan?

  • The student loan agreement explains that the borrower must maintain full-time employment status in the type of position for which they were educated in order to receive loan forgiveness, at an Atrium Health participating facility.
  • If employment status changes for any reason, the remaining balance is due effective the date the employment status changes. The loan will be turned over to Atrium Health’s billing agency (UAS) for payment. This one action does not go against your credit rating. Payment is divided over thirty-six (36) months.

If I decide that I want to change to a weekender status. Can loan forgiveness continue?
No, you must be in a regular full-time (at least 32 scheduled hours per week) position classification at a participating Atrium Health facility in the field for which you used loan forgiveness funds.

How is forgiveness calculated?

  • For Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Agreements signed before the Fall (August) 2019 term, the length of service required for forgiveness is calculated by taking the number of semesters that you received the loan and multiply it by four (4) months (i.e., four (4) semesters X four (4) months equals a total of sixteen (16) months of full-time work to “forgive the loan”).
  • Effective with Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Agreements signed for the Fall (August) 2019 term and beyond, the length of service required for forgiveness is one (1) year/twelve (12) months for every $5,000 increment of the loan. Calculations for determination of length of service required for partial increments of less than $5,000.00 will be pro-rated.
  • The total amount borrowed will be divided by the total number of repayment months to determine the amount per month that is forgiven.
  • There are twenty-six (26) paychecks per year. Therefore, the forgiveness amount is divided equally between the paychecks and this counts as “income” and you are taxed on it. The actual amount of forgiveness is not “taken out of your check” – only the amount that you are taxed on that income.

How does loan forgiveness show up on my check?
Your pay stub will reflect “loan forgiveness” and the amount you are forgiven for the period will show up in the “paid section” but then it is backed out. The amount that is actually deducted from your check is the tax and will be noted in the taxable area of our pay stub.

Can the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program be used to pay for books and other expenses?
No, it is applied only to actual tuition, and cannot result in any loan proceeds going directly to the student. See the Promissory Note and Atrium Health Loan Program Agreement for full details.

Am I guaranteed a position with Atrium Health?
No, participation in the loan forgiveness program does not guarantee an eligible position within Atrium Health.

I just graduated from CCHS or Cabarrus and want to know when my loan forgiveness will be set up?
The loan forgiveness process is set up once it is confirmed you are a teammate or your new hire paperwork has been fully processed with Atrium Health.

I am planning on leaving Atrium Health, how much longer do I have to pay on my loan?
This depends on your separation date. Calculations with the interest percent can be done.


Who is eligible for the Atrium Health RN-BSN Loan Forgiveness Program?
Only Atrium Health nursing teammates or nursing alumni of Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, Carolinas Colleges of Health Sciences or Mercy School of Nursing.

What is the amount available through the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program for the RN-BSN?
Up to $10,000.00

I started the RN-BSN program prior to its inclusion in the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program. Am I eligible?
Yes, it can be used to cover the tuition for the courses remaining in your program of study.

I used the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program for my nursing associate’s degree. Am I eligible to participate for my RN-BSN?

I am an Atrium Health teammate. I used the Loan Forgiveness Program for my nursing associate’s degree and still have time remaining in my work commitment for that program. Am I eligible to participate for my RN-BSN?
Yes, your work commitment for the RN-BSN loan forgiveness will begin after you graduate with your BSN and will be added to any remaining work commitment from the nursing associate’s degree loan forgiveness program.

I am a Cabarrus College, Carolinas College or Mercy School of Nursing alumnus, but I am not an Atrium Health teammate. Am I eligible for the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program?
Yes, but you will have to repay the loan with monthly payments. There is a six (6) month grace period. The repayment term is thirty-six (36) months at 5% interest. If you secure employment with Atrium Health within six (6) months of your BSN graduation, you can convert your repayment to the work commitment terms.

Will participation in the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness Program affect my salary when I am fulfilling the work commitment?
No, you will receive your full salary. Your work commitment is what repays the loan, so there is no payroll deduction. However, the Atrium Health Loan is a taxable benefit at the time you go into repayment.

Can my associate’s degree work commitment repayment be deferred while enrolled in the RN-BSN program?

RN Educational Assistance 

When will the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) to Registered Nurse (RN) Scholarship Application be offered again?

The CNA to RN Scholarship is renamed the RN Educational Assistance Program.

Applications will be available June 2021.

Who can apply?
See eligibility criteria within the “Who is Eligible to Apply” section

For more information, visit the RN Educational Assistance page.

Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching?
Career coaching prepares teammates for professional growth and success at Atrium Health. Information is available to teammates who are new to the system, teammates seeking internal transfers or teammates who are looking for upward mobility throughout Atrium Health.

Individual career coaching begins by completing the online, self-guided, Teammate Professional Online Development Program found in PeopleLink, Learning as "LOD-TPD".

At this time, group career coaching is available only to participants in select Career Development programs (see next question).

More individual and group coaching resources will be available in Q1 2020.

Who is eligible for Career Coaching?
Currently, career coaching is available to support select, program participants in the CNA to RN Scholarship, Rise to Success and Education that Works programs.

Rise To Success

Are you accepting Rise to Success high school graduates from non-CMS school districts?
At this time, we are accepting high school graduates from CMS schools only.

What type of positions are available to Rise to Success participants?
Participants will be eligible for positions in Outreach Services, Physician Connection Line, if certified - CNA positions; and other entry level positions.

When will applications be accepted for Rise to Success?
Applications will be accepted March 1 - 31, 2020. Selected participants will be expected to begin work with Atrium Health by the Summer of 2020.

Education That Works

Who is eligible to apply for the Education That Works Program?

  • Do not currently hold an associate or bachelor’s college degree
  • Employed with Atrium Health for at least one year prior to completion of the ETW application
  • An overall score of meets or exceeds on the most recent annual Performance Review (visit PeopleLink, Performance to view most recent performance review score)
  • Annual income of $45,000 or less
  • Enroll in at least nine credit hours each semester, until completion of degree (some exceptions will be considered)

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee. Ten teammates will be selected.

GED/ESL Classes

Who is eligible to participate in GED Classes?
Atrium Health teammates.

Who is eligible to participate in the English as a Second Language Classes?
Atrium Health teammates and contract staff.