System Resource Groups (SRGs) are teammates who join together in the workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. SRGs support workforce engagement, retention, professional development and actively represent Atrium Health in our communities. These groups leverage their cultural expertise to advance the mission and goals of Atrium Health. SRGs bring value to our workplace, support our commitment to diversity and inclusion and further our mission.

One of the most important benefits of joining an SRG is the opportunity to connect with a mentor. Whether you are a leader or a teammate -- the mentor or mentee -- your relationship will help you learn and develop essential skills for your career and beyond.

SRG Objectives

  • To support recruitment, workforce engagement and retention and professional development
  • To increase awareness of diversity and cultural competence
  • To strengthen relationships between teammates
  • To strengthen relationships between the System and the community

Atrium Health currently has 11 system resource groups:

The A² WeXcel (African American Women Exemplifying Commitment to Equity & Leadership) System Resource Group at Atrium Health provides African American women and their allies with the ability to develop, grow and expand their knowledge base and network within Atrium Health and the community.

Our Affinity: African American women and allies.

Our Vision: A² WeXcel will serve as a resource and advocate for African American women across the enterprise and be the sought-after strategic partner for Atrium Health leadership teams on issues important to women of color within the organization and in our communities.

Mission: The mission of A² WeXcel is to provide support by addressing the specific needs of African American women through access, education, strategic alliances and leadership development. 

Our Objectives

  • Assist in professional development and addressing the unique needs of African American Women while promoting equity and career leadership to contribute to their overall success.  
  • Provide opportunities for mentoring and sponsorship for African American women.
  • Create meaningful and authentic connections among African American women, opening doors toward leadership, professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Become a strategic partner in the community through outreach, education and support.
  • Provide educational development, training and seminars.

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group, join their Viva Engage group. Also, check out their SharePoint Site.

Providers of the Tree (POTT) offers teammates space to reflect on how beliefs can contribute to resilience and inspire us to provide our inner gifts to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing…for all. Under the branches of our Tree of Life there are three distinctive, yet overlapping and interconnected aspects of the POTT initiative: Compassion Champions, Wellbeing Groups and the System Resource Group.

Our Affinity: All features of POTT are available to all teammates.

Our Vision: To find ways to nurture and promote compassion for self and others, to enhance health and wellness and to allow teammates to share their creative gifts that spark healing, wholeness and lessening of stress.

Our Mission: To provide opportunities to share creative gifts, including: singing in a choir, writing Stories of the Tree, sharing visual arts and more.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide compassion to self and others
  • To enhance support, and share our creative gifts with one another
  • To lift spirits and enhance our capacity to care for patients, families, and teammates

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group.  Also, check out their SharePoint Site

The Young Professionals System Resource Group at Atrium Health is an SRG that facilitates professional development opportunities and relationships among professionals of all ages by building programs to help them advance their personal and professional growth within Atrium Health.

Our Affinity: Young in Age and Young in Career Growth and Development

Our Vision: Facilitate relationships among young professionals in the healthcare industry though mentorship, education, volunteering and social opportunities.

Our Mission: Design mentoring match programs, host leadership panels, plan volunteer outings, to help enhance the Young Professionals Career cycle at Atrium Health.

Our Objectives:

  • Foster relationships among professionals looking to network and grow together in their career
  • Contribute to the community
  • Support the professional development through mentoring

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group or fill out the interest form

UNIDOS is our Latino/Hispanic System Resource Group at Atrium Health, engaging Latino/Hispanic teammates and allies, with a connection, an affinity or an interest in making a positive difference in the work lives of Latino teammates and the community we serve.

Our Affinity: We welcome any teammates who have a connection, an affinity, or an interest in making a difference in the Latino/Hispanic community we serve.

Our Vision: To support an environment where Latino/Hispanic Teammates feel empowered to grow and help drive the goals of Atrium Health as an active link to the community.  

Our Mission: Enhance the level of awareness within Atrium Health concerning teammates and patients of Latino/Hispanic background. To provide development and networking opportunities for members of our resource group. Enhance the perception of the quality and quantity of services available to the community by sharing useful information regarding our services and exchanging ideas with the Latin Community.

Our Objectives:

  • Support recruitment and retention efforts of teammates and potential candidates with affinity and/or affiliation with the group
  • Provide input to the system as the voice of the Latino population in our community
  • Increase awareness of diversity and cultural competence
  • Support the professional development and networking opportunities of members of the group across the organization and the community we serve

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group or send an email.

The MultiCultural Physicians System Resource Group at Atrium Health promotes and enhances the recruitment, hiring, professional development and promotion of diverse physicians.

Our Affinity: Multicultural Physicians

Our Vision: This group will be a strategic partner to Atrium Health Physicians Diversity Advisory Committee and leadership in helping to maintain a high level of engagement with our physicians as teammates.

Our Mission: Atrium Health has developed a network of diverse resources to expand our collective diversity knowledge and cultural awareness. Our System Resource Groups comprise a talent pool of teammates who bring their cultural expertise to engage aspects of business and advance the mission and goals of Atrium Health. Our Multicultural Physicians System Resource Group is recognized as a critical part of the organizations diversity infrastructure and cultural expertise.

Our Objectives:

  • Promote and enhance the professional development and networking opportunities for multicultural physicians
  • Partner to provide expert, culturally specific feedback to physicians and administrative leadership on health issues directly effecting the community
  • Advocate for programs that increase the recruitment, hiring, development and promotion of diverse physicians
  • Support pipeline programs to sponsor mentorship programs for diverse physicians and youth interested in medicine 

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group or send an email. 

The EQualityOne System Resource Group at Atrium Health is an SRG that uplifts, supports and engages LGBTQ+ teammates and allies.

Our Affinity: LGBTQ+ teammates and our allies.

Our Vision: This group will be partner to Atrium Health, working together to ensure equality and healthcare for LGBTQ+ teammates, providers, patients and our allies and their families.

Our Mission:

  • To enhance LGBTQ+ consumer, patient and teammate engagement.
  • To attract and Retain Top talent.
  •  To provide education regarding the LGBTQ+ community.
  • To provide a safe place for Atrium Health LGBTQ+ teammates, allies and providers to be themselves and network with each other.
  • To encourage membership.

Our Objectives:

  • Assist with recruitment and retention of LGBTQ+ teammates across all functions of the Atrium Health
  • Increase awareness of diversity and cultural competence as they relate to LGBTQ+ teammates, patients and providers
  • Promote the personal and professional development of LGBTQ+ members and providers through mentoring, regularly scheduled SRG meetings and networking events
  • Become an active participant in the LGBTQ+ community while promoting Atrium Health’s commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion
  • To offer membership and be inclusive to all LGBTQ+ teammates, allies and providers throughout Atrium Health, our affiliates and community partners. 

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group or send an email

The Executive Women’s Leadership System Resource Group at Atrium Health connects women executives with emerging leaders across the System.

Our Affinity: Assistant Vice President and above

Our Vision: The Executive Women’s Leadership Group will serve as a resource for women leaders to connect, coach and inform decisions around career management, work/life balance or other shared interests. This SRG will actively contribute to the growth and development of the communities we serve.

Our Mission: The mission of the Executive Women’s Leadership Group is to provide structured systems and processes for women leaders within the System to meet for networking, education, mentoring and support.

Our Objectives:

  • Support the professional advancement of women leaders within the organization
  • Provide formal and informal mentoring and sponsorship of women leaders across the organization
  • Influence, advocate and serve as a change agents to assure that inclusive principles and practices are effectively embedded in the organization
  • Strengthen cultural competence as a skill-set for women leaders and create increased awareness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The Veteran & Military System Resource Group at Atrium Health is an SRG of veteran and active-duty military teammates, their families & allies.

Our Affinity: Veterans, active Military, families and allies

Our Vision: The group will support making Atrium Health a workplace of choice by supporting the recruitment of talented veterans/military as well as empowering, supporting and engaging current veteran and military teammates.

Our Mission: The Atrium Health Veterans/Military Resource Group will support, develop and promote the unique characteristics of veterans/military teammates throughout Atrium Health business units and care locations; fostering a culture inside Atrium Health that recruits, transitions, develops and retains veterans/military as valued teammates and a valued talent pipeline for Atrium Health.

Our Objectives:

  • Strengthen relationships between Atrium Health & members of the Military/Veteran Community at large
  • Strengthen relationships with teammates who are Military Veterans & Supporters
  • Provide mentoring & professional development opportunities to members
  • Promote the understanding of the military/service culture within the organization
  • Promote the understanding of how military service occupations can translate into careers at Atrium Health.

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group or send an email

The Men’s Diversity Leadership Network System Resource Group at Atrium Health is an SRG of diverse men focused on professional development, service and supporting the mission of Atrium Health.

Our Affinity:  Men of color who are either in leadership position or aspiring to leadership roles at Atrium Health.

Our Vision: This group will be a strategic partner to Atrium Health's executive leadership in helping develop the leaders of the future and developing transformational care to its patients.

Our Mission: The Mission of the Men’s Diversity and Leadership Networking Group is to assist in the recruitment, retention and development of minority male employees while advancing the interest of group members and to contribute to their overall success and the success of Atrium Health.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote mentoring for career advancement and personal career management
  • To conduct networking events, professional skills development training and seminars
  • To assist and enhance our surrounding communities through, outreach and support
  • To promote wellness within the group, Atrium Health and the communities we serve.

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Viva Engage group or connect with them on LinkedIn

Accessibility FOR ALL (A4A) is centered around advancing the inclusion of teammates with disabilities of all kinds and is open to all Atrium Health teammates. We encourage you to become an active participant in this new and thriving community of teammates.;

Our Affinity: Teammates who have, or support people with, disabilities and allies.  

Our Vision: Accessibility FOR ALL (A4A) will serve as a resource and advocate for teammates across the enterprise who have, or support people with, disabilities and be a strategic partner for Atrium Health leadership teams on issues important to teammates and allies.   

Mission: The mission of Accessibility FOR ALL (A4A) is to provide support by addressing the specific needs of teammates who have disabilities and strengthen the partnership between allies.  

Our Objectives:  
  • Creating space where teammates can openly discuss issues they are facing  
  • Promoting cultural competence  
  • Providing professional development and networking opportunities  
  • Advocating for the physical and digital needs of teammates  
  • Raising awareness of workplace issues and reducing unconscious bias toward working with individuals with disabilities  
  • Aiding in improving inclusive recruitment and hiring efforts  
  • Identifying innovative ways to decrease stigma and/or negative perceptions so that teammates are comfortable openly self-identifying their disability status.   

The SRG welcomes everyone, allies, and teammates with disabilities alike. Join A4A to stay informed about what this SRG is doing and learn ways you can engage! To join, simply click the "join" button at the top of the Viva Engage page: Accessibility FOR ALL (A4A) System Resource Group (SRG).  

If you do not have access to Viva Engage, feel free to reach out to the diversity, equity and inclusion office at for more information.   

Asian Heritage and Allies (AHA) is a system resource group that works to elevate the Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and community and strengthen the bond with allies.   

Our Affinity: Asian and Pacific Islanders and allies.  

Our Vision: To bring a voice to the Asian Heritage and Allies community within Atrium Health.  

Mission: To inspire, educate, and promote Asian Heritage and Allies Culture for building a stronger community. 

Our Objectives:  
  • Developing internal connections and networking opportunities between Atrium Health teammates of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage and allies across the enterprise 
  • Educating teammates and the broader community about Asian culture and issues  
  • Developing long-lasting partnerships within the Asian community and engaging in outreach opportunities that impact our surrounding communities  
  • Serve as a resource for recruitment, retention, and developmental opportunities to engage students, teammates or potential teammates of diverse backgrounds.  

To join, email or you can get connected on Viva Engage by clicking “join” on the Asian Heritage and Allies page.  

Congrats to AHA for being named the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’s SRG of the Year!

Our Affinity: White teammates and allies.   

Mission/Vision: Atrium Health White Alliance for Racial Equity (AHWARE) SRG will provide a forum for white teammates and allies to collaborate, learn, engage in personal reflection, and identify strategies for raising consciousness about and interrupting systemic advantage, to enhance and drive equitable practices in the workplace and in the community with a focus on racial justice. This forum will also offer the opportunity for continued examination of cultural and racial assumptions and norms and to deepen partnerships to create a more inclusive and responsive organization. 

Our Objectives: 
  • To commit to, and actively engage in, our own personal growth and development around the role of white people in racial equity issues and the intersectionality of race in other equity issues. 
  • In collaboration with other affinity groups, to educate Atrium Health and other stakeholders around where and why racial inequalities exist within systems and advocate for systemic change. 
  • To engage white people and other stakeholders in implementing and sustaining these strategies to improve racial equity. 

To join, get connected on Viva Engage by clicking “join” on the AHWARE page.  

Last Updated on 02/19/2024