Diversity and inclusion are key to achieving the mission of Atrium Health. Our network of care locations weave inclusion into the fabric of our business operations based on the following beliefs:

  • A diversity of teammates will transform healthcare delivery.
  • Dramatic racial and ethnic differences exist in terms of health risks and prevalence of various clinical conditions.
  • Populations of color are more than 10 years younger than the Caucasian population and make up more of the healthy segment of our communities.
  • To stay competitive, healthcare systems must review their marketing, service and product delivery, and human resource strategies.
  • Diversity management will prepare us to respond to future governmental healthcare reform.

The Diversity & Inclusion team works with the broader diversity community to develop and implement system-wide, strategic diversity initiatives. The core structure has six task groups.

  1. The Atrium Health, Diversity & Inclusion Council helps achieve diversity across the system and serves as the diversity policy advisor to the executive leadership.
  2. Organized in 1998, the Physician Diversity Advisory Committee is a strategic partnership between physician leadership and the Diversity & Inclusion team.
  3. The Clinical Cultural Competence Council is the catalyst for developing new knowledge and strategy to integrate cultural competence into care delivery at Atrium Health.
  4. The HR Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group supports and advocates for the diversity agenda of the Atrium Health Human Resources Department.
  5. The Atrium Health Medical Group Diversity Steering Committee works to create a more inclusive environment for the organization’s diverse physician workforce.
  6. System Resource Groups help recruit, retain, engage and develop minority teammates at Atrium Health.
Last Updated on 09/28/2018