Featured Cultural Observance: International Human Rights Day  

Human Rights Day, also known as International Human Rights Day, is a day that is observed all over the world on December 10th. The purpose of this day is to promote and celebrate the basic human rights that all of us are endowed with at birth and should rightfully enjoy. It’s an observance day that celebrates the common standards of freedoms and basic rights that every human being on the planet has a right to enjoy. These standards should be observed by everyone without distinctions made for where the person lives, their gender, ethnic, or national origin, or their language, nationality, or religion. This holiday was first observed not long after World War II when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although this document isn’t a binding document in any sense of the word, it has inspired dozens of human rights instruments all over the world that together form an international standard for human rights.  

Featured System Resource Group: Providers of the Tree 

Providers of the Tree (POTT) offers teammates space to reflect on how beliefs can contribute to resilience and inspire us to provide our inner gifts to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing…for all. Under the branches of our Tree of Life there are three distinctive, yet overlapping and interconnected aspects of the POTT initiative: Compassion Champions, Wellbeing Groups and the System Resource Group. 

Our Mission: To provide opportunities to share creative gifts, including: singing in a choir, writing Stories of the Tree, sharing visual arts and more. 

Our Objectives: 

  • Provide compassion to self and others 
  • To enhance support, and share our creative gifts with one another 
  • To lift spirits and enhance our capacity to care for patients, families, and teammates  

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group join their Yammer group or send an email.  

Upcoming Events

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Featured Advocate Health Teammate Calendar:

Accessibility for ALL  

Accessibility helps all teammates bring their whole selves to work. Speak up, ask questions and seek support, if needed, because it could benefit you and others. Over 1 billion people in the world live with a disability – 22% of those are over the age of 60. Assistive technology, tools and resources are available across the span of ages, that may help with functional capabilities. Learn more on the Teammate Calendar.







Important Dates  

December 1 – World AIDS Day: This day highlights the importance of HIV/AIDs awareness and raises money for its cure.    December 3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities: This United Nations holiday raises awareness for the rights of individuals with disabilities.   

December 10 – International Humans Rights Day: A holiday adopted by the UN in 1948 following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.     

December 16 to December 24 – Las Posadas: A religious festival celebrated in Mexico and parts of the U.S. during the Christmas season.  

December 22 – Winter Solstice/Yule: A festival celebrated by Pagan and Wiccan faiths.   

December 25 – Christmas: A Christian holiday marking the birth of their lord and savior, Jesus Christ.   

December 25 to January 3 – Hanukkah: A Jewish holiday celebrating Jew rising up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in the Maccabean Revolt. 

December 26 – Kwanzaa: An 8-day holiday often celebrated by Black Americans that was inspired by African harvest celebrations.  

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Last Updated on 05/20/2024