Featured Cultural Observance: Diversity Leaders Speakers Series 

The Enterprise Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion continues to host a series of moderated discussions that provide an opportunity for leaders to share outcomes and lessons learned in creating and maintaining transformative equity and inclusive leadership principles and practices in their respective work areas. These one-hour conversations will be instructive and will uncover new perspectives and insights to help create equitable and inclusive work environments.  

Featured System Resource Group: Young Professionals  

The Young Professionals System Resource Group is an SRG that facilitates professional development opportunities and relationships among professionals of all ages by building programs to help them advance their personal and professional growth within Atrium Health.  

Our Mission: Design mentoring match programs, host leadership panels, plan volunteer outings, to help enhance the Young Professionals Career cycle at Atrium Health.  

Our Objectives:  

  • Foster relationships among professionals looking to network and grow together in their career 
  • Contribute to the community 
  • Support the professional development through mentoring  

Check out the Young Professionals SRG August newsletter here!

For more information and to become part of this System Resource Group, fill out the interest form, or join their Viva Engage group.  

Upcoming Events

Check back to see the enterprise events taking place in August!  

Featured Advocate Health Teammate Calendar:

Social Well-being/Connecting to Community

Research shows that being socially connected can lead to better health, a longer life and improved well-being. Take time to volunteer and serve to create a more harmonious and better community. Invite your family (across the generations) and get involved! Learn more on the Teammate Calendar.  







Important Dates  

August 4 – Former President Barack Obama’s Birthday: This day marks the birth of the United States’ first Black president   

August 9 – International Day of the World’s Indigenous People: This day was created by the UN to celebrate the culture of indigenous people on a global scale   

August 15 – Feast of the Assumption: This Roman Catholic feast day marks the entry of the mother Mary into Heaven (body and soul)  

August 18 – Lord Krishna’s Birthday: This day is the birthday of one of the most popular deities in the Hindu faith. Lord Krishna is also known as Janmashtami, and his birthday is celebrated with a festival   

August 23 – International Youth Day   

August 24 – Marlee Matlin’s Birthday: This day celebrates the birth of Marlee Matlin — the sole hearing-impaired actor to win best actor/actress   

August 26 – Women’s Equality Day: This day marks the anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in the year 1920   

August 31 – Ganesh Chaturthi: This Hindu festival celebrates Lord Ganesha’s birth  


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Last Updated on 05/20/2024