One of the best ways you can care for your family’s financial well-being is to establish beneficiary designations on your life insurance, retirement accounts and Health Savings Account (HSA). Ensuring your beneficiaries are assigned and up-to-date gives you control of where your assets go and provides your family with peace of mind.

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CORE Connect


Call the Benefits Service Center 704-631-1500, Option 1

CORE Connect Basic Life Insurance and Supplemental Life Insurance

CORE Connect allows teammates to make changes to their beneficiaries. Choose a job aid to get started: 


  • Follow the steps outlined in the job aid above to add any new beneficiary information on the People to Cover screen. 
  • Beneficiaries in CORE Connect cannot be deleted as they are part of a historical record. If a beneficiary is no longer needed, delete the current contribution percentage leaving the space next to that beneficiary’s name blank, then distribute the remaining 100% amongst your desired beneficiaries.  


  • Primary beneficiary: Person first in line to receive benefits in a will, trust, retirement account, life insurance policy, or annuity upon the account or trust holder’s death. An individual can name multiple primary beneficiaries and stipulate how distributions should be allocated. 
  • Contingent beneficiary: Person named to receive benefits if primary beneficiary is not alive upon account or trust holder’s death, or if primary beneficiary does not collect all benefits before his or her own death.  

For assistance, please contact the Benefits Service Center at 704-631-1500, Option 1.  

Bank of America: Health Savings Account

Empower Retirement: Atrium Health Retirement Accounts

  • Log in to your account at
  • Designate a beneficiary for each account you have with Empower Retirement (please note that a designee on one account does not apply to all accounts)
  • Under Account Information click on Beneficiaries 
Last Updated on 02/08/2024