Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Practicing self-care can look different for everyone. Find activities that work for you such as journaling, breathing techniques, exercise or good sleep hygiene. Seek the right care by finding a safe place to talk – with family, friends, social support groups or a professional.  

To take care of yourself, try the following: 

Mental Health Events 

Registration for all mental health events takes place here.  

  • Daily Peaceful Pause  

    Take five minutes for this virtual session, which includes music researched and proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Create a daily reminder on your Outlook calendar and include this link to invite calm and feel refreshed.

  • Reflect, Reset and Renew  

    Pause, reflect and reset by entering a space dedicated to your well-being. Leave feeling renewed and strengthened in your life and in your work.

    Wednesday, May 1 | Noon – 12:30 p.m. ET  

  • Mindfulness and Meditation  

    Build your toolbox with meaningful, impactful tools to promote self-care during this interactive three-part series.

    Thursday May 2- May 19 | 11:30 a.m. – Noon ET  

  • Monthly Mid-Day Pause 

    Tap into your breath, find a moment of stillness during this live meditation.  

    Wednesday, May 8 | Noon -12:15 p.m. ET  

  • Move for your Mental Health  

     Learn how a regular exercise routine can lead to better mental health and well-being. 

    Monday, May 13 | Noon – 12:30 p.m. ET   

  • Compassionate Awareness: Mindfulness Session Rooted in Trauma-Informed Principles 

    Gain awareness of your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations as you are guided through mindfulness practices to promote well-being and self-reflection. Rooted in trauma-informed care, this session emphasizes safety, compassion for self and others, empowerment and non-judgment. 

    Monday May 13 | 1 – 1:30 p.m. ET 

  • Empowering Connections: The Impact of Peer Support at Advocate Health 

    Learn about the benefits, resources and impact of peer support at Advocate Health and how you can get involved.  

    Thursday, May 23 | Noon – 12:30 p.m. ET  

  • Transforming Relationships with Food: Navigating Emotions for Well-being Through Mindful Eating and Self-love 

    Get empowered to navigate emotional eating with mindfulness and self-compassion. Discover practical strategies to foster resilience and cultivate a better relationship with food and your emotions. 

    Wednesday, May 29 | Noon – 12:30 p.m. ET 

All Atrium Health Markets 

  • Your Mental Health Matters Challenge  

    Take time each day to relieve stress and track relaxation activities. During the challenge, you’ll track your relaxation activities for 21 of 28 days between Wednesday, May 15, and Tuesday, June 11. Complete relaxation activities for 14 days to earn rewards and enjoy better well-being!  
    Wednesday, May 1 | Registration opens  
    Wednesday, May 15 | Challenge starts  
    Wednesday, May 22 | Registration ends  
    Atrium Health Greater Charlotte, Navicent and Floyd teammates can register on the LiveWELL Well-Being Platform.  
    Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist teammates can register on the BestHealth For Us Well-Being Platform.  

New! Moodfit App 

Moodfit is a mobile app that provides interactive tools to help enhance your mood, reduce stress and build resilience. Teammates and their household members can receive a FREE one-year subscription. No personal data will be shared with Advocate Health.  

How Are You Feeling Screening?

Signs of depression may not always be obvious to a person. This short screening about your mood can be used as a first step in depression screening. Answer the questions to identify if you need additional evaluation for a depressive disorder.       

Behavioral Health Care Programs 

Behavioral health includes a person’s state of mind and their physical condition. Learn more about behavioral health programs across Advocate Health. 

Greater Charlotte | Wake Forest Baptist  | Floyd | Midwest

Living WELL Classes Playlist

Throughout the year LiveWELL offers live webinars to teammates. Recorded webinars can be found on the Living WELL playlist to watch anytime, anywhere. Try these videos to get you started:  

Meditation Playlist 

The LiveWELL Meditation Playlist on YouTube offers guided meditation recordings for focused relaxation to help improve your mental well-being.   

The WELL Podcast: Mental Health Episodes  

The WELL Podcast is for ALL teammates and covers a wide variety of topics including mental health. The following episodes are focused on mental health.  

Episode 58: Exercise and Mental Well-Being 

Episode 91: There’s No Health without Mental Health  

Episode 92: Budget for Self-Care  

Episode 93: Self-Care is not Selfish

Self-Care Plan 

Your mind, body and spirt are all connected to maintain overall well-being. Are you making self-care a priority? Download the Self-Care Plan worksheet to create a plan that works for you.  

Last Updated on 05/28/2024