Mental Health Awareness Campaign 

Raise awareness about mental health by talking about it. The more you talk about it, the more normalized it will become. Mental health challenges are common, and help is available for all. View resources offered by Advocate Health by visiting the Mental Health Support page.   

To help break the silence, try the following:  

Chris' Story

“It’s never too late to reach out and it’s never too late to make those conscious decisions to take care of yourself for your mental health and well-being” 
Christopher Wojnar, BSN, RN 

Registered Nurse, Neurological Intensive Care Unit 
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center 

Watch Chris’ story

Take the Be Kind to Your Mind Pledge 

Take the Be Kind to Your Mind pledge to show your support for mental health awareness and your commitment to be kind to your mind.    

Download the Microsoft Teams Background

Show your support for Atrium Health’s Mental Health Awareness Day by downloading the custom Microsoft Teams background. Right click on the image and save the image (click save image as) to download to your computer. Follow these steps to change your background in Teams.  

Change your background before a meeting starts:  

  1. While you're setting up your video and audio before joining a meeting, select Video Effects. It's just below the video image. Click More Video Effects for your background options to display on the right. 
  2. To add the Mental Health Awareness background, select Add new and then select the image to upload from your computer.  

Change your background during a meeting:  

  1. Go to your meeting controls and select More (…) >Video effects.  
  2. To add the Mental Health Awareness background, select Add new and then select the image to upload from your computer.  


Words Matter: Say This and Not That 

Remember that your words matter. Be mindful of your word choices with the help of this table. Visit the National Alliance for Mental Illness for more tips on speaking about mental health. For more information on how you can make a difference in supporting a friend or family member with mental health problems, visit  

Speak Up For Your Mental Health   

Speak Up For Your Mental Health is a patient safety campaign from The Joint Commission designed to educate patients on how to advocate for themselves and their mental health. View the English or Spanish infographics for more information.   

Breaking the Stigma: How To Talk about Mental Health at Work  

Explore how leaders and teammates can navigate mental health discussions at work through the Center for Physician Leadership & Development’s Breaking the Stigma: How to Talk about Mental Health at Work video.   

Use these questions to start the conversation:  

  • It seems like you’re going through a difficult time. What do you want me to know about how you are feeling?  
  • I've been worried about you. Can we talk about what you are experiencing? If not, who are you comfortable talking to? 
  • I’m concerned about you, but I’m not sure what to do, let’s talk to someone about this.  
  • If the friend doesn’t want to talk, remind them you are there for them when and if they need support.  
Last Updated on 04/17/2024