For Atrium Health Floyd Teammates

Atrium Health Floyd remains focused on offering benefits to support the health and well-being of all teammates and their families. For 2023, Atrium Health Floyd will offer two health plans, the Choice Plan and the Co-Pay Plan.

2024 Medical Plans At-a-Glance 

Choice Plan 

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Key features: 

  • Offers low premiums 
  • Pretax Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions that rollover and can be used for health expenses now and later 
  • No cost for preventive care 
  • HSA funds contributed by Atrium Health Floyd upon enrollment
  • Earned LiveWELL Incentives goes pretax into the Health Savings Account 

Co-Pay Plan

Key features: 

  • Offers predictability with higher premiums and lower out-of-pocket expense 
  • Co-pays for primary care, specialty care and medications 
  • No deductibles (with the exception of inpatient and outpatient services) 
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) provides pretax dollars for healthcare expenses 
  • No cost for preventive care

Find the Right Health Plan for You

The Health Plan Decision Support Tool is available to help teammates decide which health plan is best for them. The tool guides teammates through a series of questions. Based on their answers, teammates will see a side-by-side comparison of the expenses under both Atrium Health Floyd Health Plans.   

LiveWELL Incentives 

LiveWELL provides activities and education that promote healthy lifestyles for all Atrium Health teammates.   

LiveWELL Incentives are available to teammates on the Choice Plan with an active Health Savings Account and are paid in the year they are earned* with three payout opportunities. Incentive dollars are deposited pretax in your Health Savings Account. 

Atrium Health Floyd provides Choice Plan teammates with an active Health Savings Account (HSA) with an employer HSA contribution, called seed money. Teammates can also earn additional contributions to their HSA through engaging in healthy lifestyle activities and earning LiveWELL incentives.  

Teammates on the Choice Plan who did not elect an HSA, Co-Pay Plan and those who do not participate in an Atrium Health Floyd Health Plan are eligible to participate in LiveWELL prize drawings.

* Teammates are to be in an active employment status and enrolled in the Choice Plan with an active HSA at the time of payout in order to receive earned incentive(s).   

For detailed information on LiveWELL Incentive and prize drawing opportunities, visit the LiveWELL Incentives and Prizes page. 

Last Updated on 03/27/2024