For Teammates 

CORE Connect is now available for your personal information updates: 

For Leaders 

In CORE Connect, start on the My Team tab to access information and initiate actions for teammates and non-workers (travelers, vendor employees and so on) reporting to you.

Position Management job aids are available on PeopleConnect in the CORE Connect Hub. Select the resource page for your location to find specific job aids for your organization.

CORE Connect

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Greater Charlotte teammates

704-631-1500, choose Option 1

Floyd teammates

HR Service Center Online


Navicent teammates

800-964-4780, select option 2

Manage Your Personal Information

Manage your personal information in CORE Connect. Within the Personal Information section, you can manage the following details: 

  • Personal Details – your name, date of birth, marital status and demographic information 
  • Document Records – birth and marriage certificates, awards and recognition 
  • Identification Information – passport, driver license, visa and citizenship info 
  • Contact Information – ways you can be reached such as phone, email and address 
  • Family and Emergency Contacts – family and friends to contact in case of an emergency
  • Employment Info – legal employer, business unit, department, job details, location and employment history 
  • Compensation – your current salary, additional compensation and personal contributions 

In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen and select the Personal Information option. 

Note: Any changes you make to your personal details will undergo an approval process. You may be asked for documents to support the change(s) you submit. 

After the personal information change request has been approved, you will get a notification in your CORE Connect profile.   

Update Outlook

Complete the Outlook Personal Information form to ensure your Atrium Health contact information is up-to-date.

Teammate Employment Verification

If you are a biweekly paid teammate, please direct all commercial verifiers (mortgage lenders, pre-employment, property leasing, credit cards, etc.) to The Work Number by Equifax to obtain both employment and wage verification information. A copy of the instructions for using The Work Number can be found here.  

If you are a monthly paid teammate, please also direct commercial verifiers to The Work Number by Equifax for employment information. For wage verifications, please direct verifiers to contact the Monthly Payroll department directly by sending an email to

For additional assistance, or to request a Verification of Employment letter, please contact the HR Service Center Online or call 704-631-1500.

Update Your State and Federal Tax Withholdings

Update your state and federal tax income tax withholding in CORE Connect. In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen and select the Pay module. From the Payroll screen, select Tax Withholding to update your federal and state income tax withholding.  

Job Aid – Set Up or Change Your Form W-4 
Use this job aid to learn how to set up your Form W-4 for both Federal and State tax withholdings. This document also outlines how to make changes to your Form W-4.

Tip: Review your tax withholding information any time your personal or financial situation changes. 

Update Dependent Information

Update your dependent information before submitting a Life Event change or enrolling in new benefits. 

In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen then click the Benefits app. Once in the Benefits section, click Before You Enroll tile to add, edit or remove your dependents. 

You can remove dependents from the People to Cover section only if the contact has never been designated as a benefit dependent or beneficiary. To delete a benefit dependent or beneficiary from the People to Cover section, contact your Atrium Health Benefits Service Center.  

The People to Cover page contains a single list of all contacts for a teammate, including dependents, beneficiaries, and emergency contacts. Please ensure a contact is listed only once.

The relationship chosen for your contact will determine how and where they can be covered on a benefits plan.

  • A dependent can be a covered person on a benefits plan, a beneficiary, and an emergency contact. 
  • A parent or friend cannot be a dependent, but can be a beneficiary or an emergency contact. 
  • To add or update contact information for a dependent, beneficiary or emergency contact: 
  • Use the Add or Update Contact Info for a Dependent or Beneficiary job aid

To add coverage for a dependent, including cases of marriage, birth/adoption, or loss of coverage elsewhere, or to remove coverage including cases of divorce/separation, death, or gain in coverage elsewhere, you must report a qualifying life event: 

To designate a beneficiary: 

Letters of Credible Coverage

Current Teammates

In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen and select the Benefits option.  

  • Click the Your Benefits tile.
    • Before you print your summary, check the dates on the See Benefits as of Date of Event drop down.  
    • To change the date, choose Specific Date. Be sure to choose the date before your last day of coverage.
  • At the top right of the page, click the View Benefits Summary button.   

Former Teammates

Contact your Atrium Health Benefits Service Center.

Medicare/Social Security Forms

You can upload Medicare/Social Security forms in CORE Connect.

In CORE Connect, start on the Me screen and select the Benefits option.  

  1. Click on the “Benefits” tile  
  2. Click on “Document Records” 
  3. Click on “Add” in the upper right-hand corner 
  4. From the “Document Type” drop-down menu, select “Other Benefits” 
  5. Upload the document under “Attachments” 
  6. Click on “Submit” 

Once uploaded, a member of the Benefits Team will complete the form and return to you within 10 business days.  

Last Updated on 03/27/2024