Employee Health Care is now LiveWELL Care

Your lowest cost care option and same day visits!

All Atrium Health Navicent teammates, regardless of health insurance, have access to high-quality primary care, preventive care, and occupational medicine services at our Macon and Baldwin locations. In addition, adult family members covered by a LiveWELL health plan also have access to LiveWELL Care services.

Learn more with the LiveWELL at Atrium Health Navicent video.


Common Symptoms and Services Treated 

  • Allergies 
  • Rashes and other minor skin problems
  • Annual wellness exams with or without pap
  • Sinus infections
  • Backpain
  • Urinary tract infections (UTI) 
  • Care management for chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, thyroid disease and high blood pressure 
  • Vaccinations 


  • Cold, cough, sore throat and fever 
  • Women’s health


  • Injections (allergy, testosterone and B-12) 
  • Workers' compensation with complete ROI 


  • Minor cuts, burns, sprains, and other injuries 


Schedule an Appointment

Make an appointment at a LiveWELL Care location near you.

LiveWELL Care Macon
Located at 781 Spring Street,
Macon, GA 31201

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LiveWELL Care Baldwin
Located at 821 N Cobb Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061

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Visit Cost

  • HSA Plan: $40 before deductible, $15 after deductible
  • Co-pay Plan: $15 per visit
  • Teammates not enrolled in LiveWELL health plans: $40

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  1. What is changing? 
    As we announced in September, our two Employee Health Clinic locations in Macon and Baldwin will transition to Atrium Health Navicent LiveWELL Care in January 2023. This comes after many years of partnering with Macon Occupational Medicine. Beginning Monday, Dec 19, teammate health-related visits and new hire checkups will be handled by LiveWELL Care. Our teammates will benefit from our own providers’ medical expertise, and most importantly, this change will ensure the best possible care and service for our valued teammates.  

    LiveWELL Care Macon and LiveWELL Care Baldwin will be in full operations on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023.  

  2. What is LiveWELL Care?
    Our LiveWELL Care clinics provide many health and wellness services under one roof, including teammate health, occupational medicine, primary care and more. Services are available to all teammates regardless of their health insurance plan. Adult family members on a LiveWELL health plan also have access to LiveWELL Care services. 

  3. What are some of the benefits of LiveWELL Care? 
    Teammates will have increased access to care, value and service. Some benefits include: 

         a.  Teammates’ spouses and dependents (at least 18 years old), who are members of a LiveWELL health plan can use these services, too 
         b.  Walk-ins welcomed 
         c.  Preventive care 
         d.  Sick care 
         e.  Vaccinations 
         f.   Integration with our electronic medical record and MyAtriumHealth 
         g.  Obtaining teammate records 
         h.  Online Appointment scheduling

  4. What if I have a scheduled appointment with Macon Occupational Medicine? 
    Appointments made with Macon Occupational Medicine that are scheduled on or after Sunday, Dec. 18, may be moved to January if needed. Teammates with appointments during this period may receive a phone call about rescheduling.  

  5. Can I still go to LiveWELL Care if I’m feeling sick? 
    Yes, sick visits will continue at LiveWELL Care, formerly Employee Health Clinic, with virtual support being provided to patients.  

  6. How can I contact LiveWELL Care? 
    LiveWELL Care Macon can be reached at (478) 633-1547 and LiveWELL Care Baldwin can be reached at (478) 776-4039.


  1. Where do teammates go after hours if hurt on the job? (needle-sticks, falls, etc.) 
    Teammates will report to their manager, fill out a CEOR (Confidential Employee Occurrence Report) and then go to the nearest Atrium Health Navicent emergency department.  

  2. Is the process for after-hours work-related drug screens changing? 
    Beginning March 1, 2023, teammates will report to their manager and fill out a CEOR (Confidential Employee Occurrence Report). The manager should then call the On-Call After Hours Drug Screen phone at 478-365-0918 and have the teammate meet the On-Call Clinician in the nearest Atrium Health Navicent Emergency Department.   

  3. Is LiveWELL Care just for teammates who work at that location?  
    LiveWELL Care is available for use by all teammates, whether you work at the site, live near the clinic or simply need to receive care. LiveWELL Care is also available for spouses and dependents (at least 18 years old) who are covered by one of the LiveWELL health plans.  

  4. What type of provider will be available at LiveWELL Care?  
    A certified family nurse practitioner or physician assistant, also known as an advanced practice provider (APP), will provide care at these locations. APPs are supervised by a licensed physician in the state of Georgia. An APP can diagnose and treat injuries and   illnesses and write prescriptions if needed.  

  5. Can I use LiveWELL Care if I get sick at home?  
    Yes. Any LiveWELL Care location is available to you. Simply make an appointment by scheduling online or calling the clinic directly.  Schedule in MaconSchedule in Baldwin

  6. Can I get my routine labs at LiveWELL Care?  
    Yes. Laboratory tests related to your illness or injury may be performed as appropriate. PCP ordered labs will need to be done at a reference lab.  

  7. Can I get my annual physical at LiveWELL Care?  
    Yes. All teammates as well as adult spouses and dependents on a LiveWELL health plan may receive annual physicals at LiveWELL Care. During an annual wellness exam at LiveWELL Care, the provider will review your past medical history, interim medical history since your last physical exam, health habits and health maintenance needs. This annual wellness exam is designed to educate you on changes you can make to live a healthier life and to identify any potential health problems early. If lab work is needed, a blood draw may be completed.  

  8. Can I use other insurance through a different employer?  
    No. LiveWELL Care does not accept outside insurance. Visit cost for teammates not enrolled in one of the LiveWELL health plans or teammates enrolled in the LiveWELL HSA Plan - $40 for in person. Members who are part of the Co-Pay Plan - $15 for in person.

Annual Wellness Exam

  1. What is a LiveWELL Care annual wellness exam?  
    LiveWELL Care offers teammates the opportunity to obtain a co-pay free annual wellness exam (and Pap smear if applicable).  A LiveWELL Care annual wellness exam is not a substitute visit for the comprehensive care your primary care provider (PCP) provides for your complex, chronic medical conditions.  

  2. What happens during a LiveWELL Care annual wellness exam?  
    The LiveWELL Care provider will review your past medical history, interim medical history since your last physical exam, health habits, health maintenance needs such as mammogram, colon cancer screening immunization, and Pap for women as recommended, unless otherwise noted in your medical record, to test for cervical cancer. This wellness exam is designed to educate you on changes you can make to live a healthier life and to identify any potential health problems early. If lab work is indicated, a blood draw may be completed. If any problems are identified, a referral to a primary care provider (PCP) may be made.  

  3. Can I also be treated for an illness during my annual wellness exam appointment?  
    Time permitting, you can be scheduled for an additional appointment immediately following your wellness exam and be evaluated and treated for the illness. However, you would be charged accordingly for this separate visit.  

  4. What happens after the exam?  
    All your lab results are communicated to you through your MyAtriumHealth account. Your PCP (primary care provider) also receives a copy of the visit note and lab results.  
Last Updated on 11/30/2023