For Atrium Health Floyd Teammates

The CarolinaCARE mail-order pharmacy website has transitioned to the MyAtriumHealth patient portal. CarolinaCARE will continue to be listed as the preferred pharmacy for teammates and dependents who have selected it for their prescriptions. If teammates do not already have a MyAtriumHealth account, they will need to create one to be able to refill 90-day CarolinaCARE prescriptions within the MyAtriumHealth portal.

The MyAtriumHealth portal allows providers and teammates to manage medical records and prescriptions in one place. A few of the benefits include:

  • Teammates and providers have access to see when prescriptions have been filled and when it’s time for refills.
  • Providers can easily make changes to prescriptions.
  • Teammates can quickly access information 24/7 about their prescriptions with a new QR code label.
  • Enhanced security measures to protect teammates' information.
  • Efficiency in the refills request process by using the “Refill Request” button, which will only be available to patients using an Atrium Health Pharmacy, including CarolinaCARE.

One-on-One Rx is a service designed to provide free medication reviews for Atrium Health Floyd teammates and their dependents. One-on-One Rx is a team of Atrium Health pharmacy professionals who are experts in the prescription benefit plans managed by CarolinaCARE Pharmacy. Our pharmacists strive to maintain and enhance therapeutic outcomes while saving our teammates money on their prescriptions.

Our services include:

  • Individualized assessment of medication regimens.
  • Education and counseling on medications.
  • Collaboration with the patient and communication with the provider for recommendations on therapeutic and/or cost-effective alternatives.
  • Resource referral to financial assistance for medications, if applicable.

Read the One-on-One Rx FAQs to learn more.

How To Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule your One-on-One Rx appointment online.

Appointments are available by phone or Video Visit Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with select evening and weekend availability.

Schedule Your Appointment


Things To Know About Your One-on-One Rx Appointment

  • Appointments may be completed by either a phone call from the pharmacist or a Virtual Visit (i.e., an on-line chat using your smartphone, tablet, or computer). 
  • To qualify for a One-on-One Rx consultation, teammates must be on at least one chronic medication and have at least one chronic condition.
  • One-on-One Rx appointments are available year-round to provide consultation as therapies may change.
  • Dependents who are 18 years and older wishing to conduct a One-on-One Rx consultation must schedule their own appointment to meet HIPAA guidelines.
  • The CarolinaCARE Price Estimator Tool is available on to help calculate approximate medication costs before your session.
  • Some teammates may already be on the most optimal and cost-effective regimens; therefore the pharmacist may not have any further recommendations. 

One-on-One RX FAQs

The high deductible plan means that the cost of any medications not listed on the Preventive Drug List or the Affordable Care Act List will be paid completely out of pocket (full-price) until the deductible is met.
The Preventive Drug List includes medications and supplies available for a set copay amount or reduced cost regardless of your deductible status. The Affordable Care Act List includes medications and supplies available for $0 cost to you, as long as the federally mandated requirements are met.
The One-on-One Rx program provides pharmacists as a free resource for medication regimen review. With a comprehensive knowledge of the prescription health plans, our pharmacists can provide alternative recommendations that include medications from the Preventive Drug List and the Affordable Care Act List or may attempt to find another means of reducing drug costs for each individual.
All Atrium Health Floyd teammates, spouses, and dependents are eligible for a One-on-One Rx appointment.
CarolinaCARE is located in Charlotte, NC at the Airport Center. Our address is: 4400 Golf Acres Dr. Building J, Suite C Charlotte, NC 28208
Appointments may be completed by either a phone call from the pharmacist or a Virtual Visit (i.e., an online video chat using your smartphone, tablet, or computer).
Appointments are scheduled in 30-minute intervals and are an informal way to have a conversation with your pharmacist about your medications. The pharmacist will review your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for both therapeutic and cost effectiveness. If you have any concerns, the pharmacist will cover those topics in depth as well.
To maximize the time during your scheduled appointment, you may use the CarolinaCARE Price Estimator Tool to check costs and your medical plan transparency tool for any accumulation towards your deductible. Please have your list of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and herbal supplements prepared, in addition to any questions or concerns.
The legal guardian of any dependent under 18 years old is able to discuss the dependent’s medication(s) with the pharmacist during the guardian’s appointment. Dependents 18 years and over must schedule their own One-on-One Rx appointment to discuss their medications and comply with HIPAA guidelines.
No! Our pharmacists are available year-round to assist teammates. If you have new questions/concerns or new medications you would like to discuss, feel free to contact us.
If you would like to contact us, you may reach a One-on-One Rx pharmacist by phone at (704) 512-7500 or email us.
Last Updated on 06/08/2024