Return to Work

Atrium Health values the health and well-being of all teammates. Sometimes teammates need time away from work to rest and recover from illness or injury. To help make the process easier, we’ve added the Sick Teammate Evaluation (STE) form to the Teammate Health Portal.

The STE form is a way for teammates to report symptoms of illness to their supervisor and to Teammate Health. When the symptoms have been reported, the form will also give the teammate a timeframe to stay home and when they should come back to work.

When you submit an STE form, both Teammate Health and your leader will be notified via email. Teammates must still contact their leaders to discuss their return. The leader email does not include return to work information as Teammate Health is no longer providing notifications or clearances to leaders (except in the case of communicable disease).

Teammates who do return to work and still have minor symptoms are encouraged to wear a mask to protect our patients and our fellow teammates.

If you are sick, you must use PTO for the duration of the time you are away from work. If you do not have enough PTO, please reach out to the HR Service Center for assistance.

COVID-19 Return to Work

Teammates can now access and upload their own immunization records with an option to share their data between the Teammate Health portal and their other health care providers.

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Based on the current evidence and CDC guidance, teammates who have no symptoms or symptoms are improving on day 5 after initial symptoms of COVID-19 began can safely return to work. (The day your symptoms began is considered day zero.) Teammates returning to work in non-patient care areas need to wear a mask for an additional five days.

Atrium Health Navicent teammates should also refer to their Return to Work Policy page on PeopleConnect for more information.

Last Updated on 10/12/2023