At a Glance

You are about to embark on an incredible professional development journey, with an organization that is simply like no other. Atrium Health flourishes and succeeds because we have worked hard to develop a culture built on trust, integrity, respect, camaraderie, fairness and excellent service.

Helping you succeed right along with us is what we're all about. We are here to make sure you find the quickest, most rewarding path to becoming a fully engaged member of our first class team.

Let's get started!


Your First 90 Days

Congratulations on having received and accepted an offer to join us!

If you have received a letter, either via standard mail or e-mail, you will want to keep this for your records. This letter also provides additional information about some of the important Pre-Employment Assessment tasks you must complete prior to your first day with us.

What can you do and expect next?

  • You will be contacted (by phone or e-mail) to set up an appointment for your required pre-employment health assessment
  • You will receive your official New Teammate Welcome Pack at your health assessment
  • Your ID Badge photo may be taken during your health assessment visit OR at your New Teammate Orientation


We created the New Teammate Orientation program to help make it as easy as possible for you to become a fully-engaged member of our workforce and our culture of caring. Topics we will cover during this informative day include, however, are not limited to:

  • Atrium Health Mission, Vision, Core Values
  • Your Health and Retirement at Atrium Health (Your Health and Wellness; Compensation and Benefits; Careers and Professional Development; Your Work, Your Life)
  • Community Benefit
  • Culture of Safety and Accountability (Compliance, Safety, Infection Prevention and more)
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Pre-Orientation work and ID Badge Photos
  • Patient Experience

Please arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 am. Start time is 9:00 am.

Learn More About Orientation.


Following your New Teammate Orientation, and any additional job-specific education, we hope you will feel more up-to-speed and ready to get your journey with Atrium Health underway. The first few days in your work area will also be critical and full of useful information.

At Orientation, you should have received a New Teammate Orientation Form, which outlines several tasks to complete during your first week and months. These tasks will help you become even more familiar with your facility, our culture and other details you need to succeed with us.

What can you do and expect next?

  • You should have an opportunity to meet with your leader and/or team
  • Your leader may assign another team member to help assist you during this time
  • Your Team Orientation will begin
  • Check with your leader on the status of your username and password to access PeopleConnect and other corporate systems
  • You should familiarize yourself with our annual compliance education required learning sessions:
    • Corporate Compliance and Privacy to be completed prior to accessing patient information or within 30 days if you do not access patient information
    • ALL modules to be completed within your first 90 days
  • Be sure to always display your badge with the photo facing out on your collar, lapel, or front pocket
  • Also, have your ribbon visible so we may more easily assist you during your first few weeks and months

As you begin your second week in your work area, your levels of familiarity, comfort and confidence should be growing.

During your journey with Atrium Health, a crucial destination on your path to fully-engaged success with us is the YourHRLink section of our PeopleConnect site. Here, you will find more details on the Atrium Health Total Rewards programs and other Human Resources programs and contacts available to our teammates.

What can you do and expect next?

  • Ensure that your leader has provided you a username and password to access YourHRLink*
  • Once you have your user information, visit our PeopleConnect site and familiarize yourself with the YourHRLink section of our Atrium Health intranet
  • You may also navigate to this site by visiting and then selecting For Employees
  • Remember to display your badge with the photo facing out on your collar, lapel, or front pocket with your ribbon visible
  • If you have an Apple or Android device, download Atrium Teammates – our teammate app – from your App Store or Google Play. Search for Atrium Teammates, download the app, and use your Atrium Health username, password and a PIN number you create to log in.*

*You should receive a working username and password from your leader within the first 10 days of employment with Atrium Health. If you have not received these, please contact your leader immediately.

We are sure that your first month at Atrium Health has been an exciting and enjoyable time. You have probably learned quite a lot, and as your journey continues, so do your opportunities to grow and become more engaged in our workforce and culture.

By the end of your first 30 days with us, you should:

  • Become fully familiar with the YourHRLink section of our Atrium Health intranet
  • Ensure your benefits have been selected and your benefits enrollment has been confirmed
  • Explore and use the many advantages of our LiveWELL program
  • Start organizing and optimizing your career path with our I Link program.
  • Connect with your leader to gain feedback on your first 30 days, ask questions, and continue planning to move forward

Two months into your professional development journey with us, you are probably feeling more confident, informed and enthusiastic about the many opportunities that lie ahead. We want you to keep that momentum going!

By the end of your first 60 days with us, you should:

  • Expand your knowledge of our Total Rewards program, focusing on Performance Plus
  • Consider ways to maximize your benefits under Performance Plus, our merit-based program for rewarding success in Quality/Safety, Patient Satisfaction, Financial Outcomes and Teammate Engagement
  • Review the New Teammate Orientation Form, you received at your orientation. Have you completed all of these tasks? Are there any with which you need assistance? If so, contact your leader
  • Continue conversations with your leader around your overall progress, achievements to date and areas for improvement

Congratulations! You have completed your introductory 90-day period of employment with Atrium Health. By now, you have a strong understanding of our best place to work culture and what it means to be a fully-engaged member of our workforce.

We look forward to helping you progress on your journey and to making your career with us as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

By the end of your first 90 days with us, you should:

  • Continue conversations with your leader around your overall progress, achievements to date and areas for improvement
  • Continue to find new ways to learn and grow
  • Continue to look for opportunities to show and share Your Atrium Health Proud!