Photo ID/Access Control Badges

Please use the Frequently Asked Questions below for information on your Atrium Health Photo ID/Badges. A printable version of this information is also available.


Department of Access Control Locations

For Most Teammates, After Health Assessment

Western New Teammate Badging Office
4435 Golf Acres, Building P, Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 20217
Phone: 704-631-0350
Hours: T-F 8am-5pm
CMC Main Badging Office
1000 Blyth Blvd., Annex Building, Charlotte, NC 29203
(Drive by the Emergency Dept. drop off)
Phone: 704-355-6266
Hours: Tuesday 11am-4pm; W-F 7am-12pm, 2pm-4pm
NorthEast Badging Office
675 Memorial Drive, Suite 103, Concord, NC 28025 Parking Lot N
Phone: 704-403-0620
Hours: M-F 7:30am-12pm; 12:30pm-3pm

For Union and Cleveland Teammates (Badges can only be picked up AFTER orientation)

CHS Union
600 Hospital Drive, Monroe, NC 28115
Security Office inside ED waiting room
Phone: 980-993-3195
Hours: Call for availability
CHS Cleveland (and Cleveland Pines)
*Cleveland Healthy@ Home Employees must come to one of the other badging sites
201 E Grover Street Shelby, NC 28150
HR (Second Floor, Grover Building)

For Existing Teammates to Re-Print Badge or Pick-up a Topper

For CMC Main, CHS North East, CHS Union, or CHS Cleveland Offices: See above.

CHS Stanly
301 Yadkin Street
Albemarle, NC 28001
CHS Lincoln MOB 1
447 McAlister Road, Lincolnton, NC 28092
HR Office
Phone: 980-212-6000


Frequently Asked Questions about Photo ID/Badges

What is a badge?
A badge is a plastic card with your name and photo on it, inside it has a tiny radio frequency identifier which our system uses to validate access to your reserved parking and designated work area, and selected general access doors. You must exercise care to prevent damage to the badge itself. NEVER punch holes in your badge to display your pins. If you lose or damage your badge, contact the support center at 704-466-6161 and open an "Incident" with Security-Access Control. Arrangements will then be made to have your badge replaced at a cost of $10.

What is the badge access system?
The system is programmed to provide a secure environment for all team members, because it will only allow entry into specified areas for authorized personnel. This will prevent others from parking in your assigned area, and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your work area.

How do I use my badge?

Simple hold the badge 1-3 inches away from the badge reader you wish to use. The reader will constantly display an orange or red LED, and when a badge is presented the LED will flash green and beep. If you have access to the area the reader will turn green for 4-10 seconds, during this time you will be able to open the door. Your badge will only work in your assigned areas. It will not open any parking gates or doors for which it is not programmed to operate.

What if my badge doesn't work on certain doors or parking gates? (No green light after the beep)
First make certain that you are at the correct area and you're using the badge correctly, see above. Your leader should instruct you on where to park and what entrances to use prior to your first day. The badges will not work at any reader for which they are not programmed. If you and your leader are in agreement that you should have access to a space, your leader should submit an Online Service Request (OSR) to Security-Access Control.

If within the first 30 days of work, your badge is not working on doors that your peers have access to, and doors that your leader requested previously for you to have access to, call the New-Hire Badging Office.

What if my badge doesn't work? (No beep on any/only one reader)
Make certain you are using your badge correctly, see above, and that there are no other badges (to other facilities, such as your apartment) interfering with your CHS Badge. If the issue is with all readers, your badge is damaged and must be replaces. If you do not hear a beep on only one reader
but other readers are working for you, the reader is damaged. Contact the support center at 704-466-6161.

What if I change departments or jobs?
Your leader should request a "topper" (plastic only overlay card to lay atop your real badge, you will not discard your real badge) in the OSR that references your transfer. Your access changes will be handled in this OSR as well. If either is omitted, a separate OSR should be submitted for the topper and/or access changes.

What if I do not like the picture on my Photo ID badge?
This is a personal and sensitive issue for the teammate, however this a difficult challenge for the Access Control staff, for reasons of practicality. Given the staff's constant volume of work, we cannot add retakes to the budget or schedule. Photographs will be retaken if the original photograph cannot be seen, or if there are additional problems with it.

What if my name has changed and I need a new Photo ID badge with my new name on it?

All paperwork to record your new name must be submitted through Human Resources. Once the name change has been approved, updated into PeopleSoft and recorded in the database, an OSR can be created to issue you a topper with the new name, it will then be sent out to you.

What are licensures and credentials?

Examples of these are MD, RN, RMA, etc. The badging associate who makes your badge will print only one of the licensures and credentials you listed on the registration form. It must be one that is approved by Human Resources. If your credentials have changed, all paperwork to record your new credentials must be submitted through Human Resources. Once Human Resources has documented your new credential and the change has been recorded into PeopleSoft and the Access Control database, you may submit an OSR to have a new topper sent out to you.