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Benefits and Compensation

Will there be changes to my salary/commission/bonus opportunities and benefits?
We do not anticipate immediate adjustments to compensation or benefit programs for teammates at Atrium Health or Navicent Health due to the strategic combination.

During the integration planning process, we will work toward a goal of consistent compensation and benefit programs across the combined organization and this may require adjustments. We will work to ensure that the combined organization compensation and benefit programs will be attractive and competitive in the markets in which we compete.

Both organizations regularly review market conditions and incentive practices to maintain market competitiveness. This practice will continue under the combined organization, so adjustments might occur in the normal course of business for teammates of both organizations.

When will we know about possible changes to our benefits plans, including insurance, 401(k), vacation and everything else potentially affected by the strategic combination?
Our organizations have very similar benefits programs, and we do not anticipate any changes in the immediate future. However, we will be analyzing the benefit plans of both organizations and will make decisions that are best for teammates while keeping cost reasonable.

How will this affect my leave of absence (current or already applied for) and my short-term disability benefit?

At this time, teammates with both organizations should continue their current process for leave of absence and short-term disability.

Can I transfer to Atrium Health or to Navicent Health and keep my years of service?
That is one of the many details still being discussed. More details will be available when the combined organization goes into place in 2019.

What will happen to my years of service with Atrium Health/Navicent Health?
There are no immediate changes to years of service. At this time, current years of service remain the same for teammates with both organizations.


Who should I list as my employer on a loan application?
At this time, there are no changes to the information you provide on a loan application. Please use your current information.

Where do I direct a company that needs to verify my employment?
At this time, there are no changes to the process for verifying employment. Please use your current process.

Policies and Procedures

Will teammates be required to relocate?
If we have two locations close to one another, we may bring our teammates together into shared locations in order to operate seamlessly as one organization. In some cases, roles may be relocated and, as a result, some teammates may be provided with an opportunity to relocate. We expect these opportunities will be available for consideration to all teammates in the newly combined organization. 

Will I still wear the same uniform colors/dress code?
There are no immediate changes planned for your uniforms or dress code. Please continue to follow your current dress code and wear your current uniform.

Will I need a new ID badge?
There are no immediate changes planned for teammate ID badges. Please continue to use your current badge until otherwise notified by Human Resources. We will consider changes to the ID badges once we finalize all details of our combination.

Will Navicent Health keep its own policies and procedures or use Atrium Health policies and procedures?
At this time, each organization will continue to use their current policies and procedures.

Other Questions

How will the strategic combination benefit teammates of both organizations?
The combination of the two organizations presents teammates with the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to work for a leading healthcare organization with common values and guiding principles
  • Enhanced opportunities throughout the organization, enabling teammates to further their careers by expanding roles, skill development and increased leadership opportunities
  • An opportunity to gain new expertise or maximize current abilities with recognized industry-leading technologies and best practices
  • Increased opportunities to work side by side with teammates who are experts and thought leaders in healthcare, to focus on innovation and utilize creativity

Will my email change?
There are no immediate changes planned for your email address. Please continue with your current email address.

What if a member of the media contacts me?
If a member of the press contacts you, please direct them to one of the following:


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