When presented with life’s challenges, we need a combination of resilience role models, tools, strategies and protected time to help us bounce back.

Being compassionate to ourselves and others can provide a necessary boost we need to handle our roles at home, work and in life.

For information about mental health benefits and resources to support the mental health and well-being of teammates and their family members, visit the Mental Health Support page.

Practice Emotional and Personal Well-Being

 These activities can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, relationships and job performance.


Mid-Day Mindfulness Meditation

Join us for Mid-Day Mindfulness Meditation. These sessions are a live opportunity to virtually connect in a safe environment to pause, breathe and re-set. In this uncertain time of uncontrollable situations, collectively we can leverage the power of our breath to practice a moment of self-care. Two options available:

On-Demand Sessions

Watch a recorded Mindfulness Meditation webinar at your convenience, any time, from any device:

Note: Outside the Atrium Health Network? Follow these instructions to access Office 365 while working remotely.

Grace and Self-Compassion


Peace, Tranquility, Healing

Breathe Away Anxiety

Recognize Resilience


Join a Live Session

Click to join the Skype Broadcast five minutes before start of the presentation.

Mental Health Matters

Getting enough sleep and exercise helps Dr. Hossenlopp maintain her mental and physical Health.

Cassady Hossenlopp, MD
Pediatric Resident, CMC

Going Home Checklist

To help you decompress from your day, download and print this "Going Home Checklist."


Note: Outside the Atrium Health Network? Follow these instructions to access Office 365 while working remotely.


Wellness Webinars for Quarantined Times 

LiveWELL is pleased to offer free, on-demand wellness webinars for teammates and their family and friends to help cope during these turbulent times. Topics include:  

  • Couples in Quarantine: Staying Strong in the Midst of Crisis
  • Managing Stress Through Spirituality
  • Are Your Kids Worried? How to tell. What to do.
  • Sitting with Uncertainty: Using Mindfulness to Live in the Present
  • Psychiatric Meditations: Your Questions Answered
  • Protect Your Mind in Dangerous Times
  • Working from Home: 12 Ways to Enhance Focus & Concentration
  • Mindful Media: Facebook, Netflix, TV and the Brain
  • Pandemic Panic: Riding the Anxiety Wave
  • Brain Food: Eat Your Way to Resilience
  • The Antiviral Guide to Better Sleep
  • The Parents’ Guide to Kids in Quarantine 

Sessions feature expert therapists, including psychiatrist and author Chris Aiken, MD. These sessions are presented by Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance and the Mood Treatment Center.

Find the complete list of Wellness Webinars for Quarantined Times here.


Resilience Resources

Resilience & Stress Reduction On-Demand Webinar
The Resilience & Stress Reduction personal well-being webinar is designed to provide you with resources you need to build your own toolbox of stress reducing techniques to use in a variety of situations. The goal is to identify and manage levels of stress to avoid harmful effects on the body and mind.

Catch Some Better Zzz’s On-Demand Webinar
Are you ready to catch some better ZZZs? Topics covered in this LiveWELL Personal Well-being webinar include:

  • importance of sleep
  • evidence-based health benefits of sufficient sleep
  • how to create better sleeping habits
  • how to avoid sleep deprivation
  • how to create a personal goal for improving your sleep hygiene

Find additional resources on the LiveWELL Healthy Sleep Habits page. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Self-Care Webinar
Part of taking care of yourself, your mental health and managing your stress is learning how to participate in self-care. Self-care is any activity we deliberately do to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Coping with the New Normal: Anxiety in a World of Negative News
Are you feeling stressed living in a world of negative news? Atrium Health’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) presents Coping with the New Normal: Anxiety in a World of Negative News webinar. Use this webinar to:

  • Understand common responses to stress
  • Recognize the effects of distress on the mind and body
  • Learn strategies to cope with stress in the new media age
  • Discover ways to build resilience
  • Learn how to talk to children about traumatic events

Clinical Teammate Resources   


Additional Resources

Places to Recharge - Visit at Your Leisure

Atrium Health believes in integrating peaceful spaces throughout our System to promote healing and alleviate suffering. These spaces are meant to be nurturing and therapeutic, to reduce stress for our patients and teammates. Take time to visit these locations:

  1. CMC/LCH Rooftop Garden
  2. Atrium Health Cleveland Respite Room
  3. Atrium Health Kings Mountain Respite Room
  4. Atrium Health Mercy Healing Garden and Meditation Area
  5. Atrium Health Cabarrus Labyrinth and Teaching Garden
  6. Atrium Health University City Teaching Garden
  7. Chapels at any of the main hospitals 

Breathe or Meditate: Don't Stress About It

Self Guided Websites/Apps to Breathe or Meditate