All In To Win Prize Drawing

Win prizes for participating in activities that support physical, financial and personal health. ALL teammates regardless of benefits status are eligible to participate and win!

How It Works

Choose to participate in any of the options below. Entries are triggered when you participate. Multiple entries are encouraged, so get started today!

The Seasonal Drawings will have three winners each. Participation in the drawings will follow this schedule:

  • March drawing: three winners announced in April
  • June drawing: three winners announced in July
  • September drawing: three winners announced in October

Entries for each seasonal drawing will be entered in the Grand Prize Drawing.

  • 2018 Grand Prize Drawing: two winners will be announced in January 2019.

For questions email LiveWELL or call 704-355-8136.
Look for the All in to Win Icon

Look for this icon throughout the site indicating entries awarded for our various participation options.

Options to Participate

All in to Win Entries Earned
LiveWELL Challenges ONE entry per completed challenge
LiveWELL Walks, 1-Day Events or Educational Opportunities ONE entry per event
LiveWELL Race Series, Tennis, or Intramurals FOUR entries per program
LiveWELL Fitness Classes and YWCA Workout Wednesday ONE entry per class/visit
Atrium Health Volunteer Hours ONE entry for every volunteer hour
Log your hours on the Atrium Health Community Benefit Website 
Atrium Health Blood Donations  ONE entry for each blood donation


Prize Drawings

Seasonal Prize Drawings

Three winners will be drawn per drawing in each month: March, June and September. Winners will choose from a catalog of options. Prize examples include:

  • Mountain bike
  • Family Camping Tent
  • Fitbit Flex w/ CamelBak
Grand Prize Drawings

Two grand prize winners* will be chosen in December and announced in January 2019. Winners will choose from a catalog of options. Prize examples include:

  • Ski the East Vacation for two
  • Orlando Family Vacation for four
  • Nordstrom Shopping Spree