Physical Well-Being

Greater Charlotte Region Teammates

Why does a focus on physical well-being matter?

Preventive exams, such as annual wellness exams, screening tests, dental and vision exams help you and your provider prevent illnesses before they cause you symptoms or problems. The frequency for each exam varies by age and gender. These preventive exams are an important opportunity to discuss current health concerns, health history and any questions you may have. This is a time to assess your current health and make lifestyle choices about drinking, smoking, nutrition or physical activity. See the LiveWELL Health Plan Preventive Care Guide for more information.

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Achieve Your Physical Well-Being Incentive

Complete at least one of the following to earn $225 for Teammate-only coverage and $450 for Family coverage:


Annual Wellness Exam

Your Annual Wellness Exam includes age-appropriate labs, weight/height, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and age-appropriate screenings.

Do you need a physician? Visit the Find a Doctor page for Atrium Health physicians. Make an appointment at On-Site Care: call 855-438-0011.

The LiveWELL Health Plans cover annual wellness exams at 100%. For teammates not on the LiveWELL Health Plans, contact your insurer for coverage.

Did you know that you can get your annual wellness exam at one of the 7 On-Site Care locations? Find an On-Site Care location near you.

If your physician does not recommend an Annual Wellness Exam this year, complete one of the following options:

  • Work with a Coach on your Prevention Action Plan
  • Engage in a LiveWELL-recommended Care Management Program
  • Engage in a LiveWELL-recommended Medical Nutrition Therapy Program

There are additional programs and activities that are not incentive-based but are available to assist in your overall physical well-being. Learn more


Prevention Action Plan

Together, with your health coach, develop a personalized Prevention Action Plan based on your age, gender and family history. Then, brainstorm and set a 2021 preventive health goal.


  • Teammates will have at least two telephonic calls with a health coach, approximately 20–25 minutes each, at least 4 weeks apart
  • Teammates will schedule their first session through the LiveWELL Total Health Portal; the second session will be scheduled at the end of the first session
  • For relationship building and care continuity, the goal is for both sessions to be facilitated by the same health coach
  • Teammates will develop a goal during the first call. Teammates will demonstrate forward progress made related to the goal during their second call in order to earn the Physical Well-Being Incentive
  • The health coach will complete documentation after the call and will share electronically with the teammate, pertinent health education resources

Go to the LiveWELL Total Health Portal to schedule your first session with a health coach.


Care Management Program

LiveWELL-recommended Care Management programs offer uniquely proactive health care education and mentoring for those with specific health conditions and to prevent serious health issues.

Personal Care Management (PCM) and Diabetes Care Management are unique proactive health care programs that help educate and mentor individuals who may show early signs of, or be at risk for, developing serious health issues, such as diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure, uncontrolled asthma, COPD, or multiple co-morbidities. This program is administered by MedCost Benefit Services and is a free benefit available to teammates and their dependents covered under one of the LiveWELL Health Plans.

More than 80 percent of participants in the PCM program experience positive health changes that result in fewer days missed from work and fewer health complications. If you are identified through MedCost as someone who will benefit from one-on-one interaction with a MedCost PCM nurse health coach, you will receive:

  • Personal nurse health coaching and mentoring via scheduled phone calls
  • Customized strategies to improve overall health and well being
  • Care plans designed to meet your individual needs
  • Educational materials and informative tools tailored to your specific needs
  • Ongoing education

Diabetes Care Management (DCM) is a health care program for teammates who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The program provides nurse coaches for medically necessary diabetes outpatient self-management training and educational services.

Omada Health Program – an online group led by a health coach for teammates at risk for diabetes or heart disease. The program is designed to reduce the risk of chronic health conditions while improving overall well-being. Teammates apply to participate in the program; limited number of spots available.   

Omada’s personalized program inspires lasting healthy habits through: 

  • A professional health coach for support and guidance 
  • A wireless smart scale to monitor your progress
  • Weekly online lessons to educate and empower you
  • A small online community for real-time motivation

Enrolled teammates receive incentive credit after completing at least 9 weeks at high engagement. High engagement status is defined as participating in weigh-in, lesson completion and meal-tracking in a single week.   

To confirm status and progress towards 9 weeks at high engagement, teammates can contact Omada Health Member Support by clicking the Help and Support Feedback button on the Omada web site, or by sending an email to, or by phone at 1-888-409-8687.

MedCost SmartStarts – SmartStarts will help you get ready to welcome your baby by providing you with resources and information about each stage of your pregnancy. A supplement to your doctor’s care, get support from the MedCost SmartStart nurses who are happy to provide support, resources and answer questions. Enroll in this free program by calling 1-800-722-2157.  

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Atrium Health has Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists (RDN) available for outpatient visits to help you reduce your health risks. Find an Atrium Health Diabetes & Outpatient Nutrition Center near you.

Download the Medical Nutrition Therapy Flyer

Health professionals agree that nutrition education is one of the first treatments that individuals should receive to prevent or improve conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Teammates and family members who are enrolled in one of the LiveWELL Health Plans may receive free visits with an Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Appointments are available to participants who have an appropriate physician’s referral for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). MNT is only available at select locations.

Up to six visits may be covered (no charge) in a benefit year to provide appropriate guidance and education for diet-related conditions or risk factors, including but not limited to:

  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Renal or Kidney

Medical Nutrition Therapy provided by an RDN includes:

  • Review of what you eat, your eating habits and diet-related conditions
  • Thorough review of your nutritional health
  • Personalized nutrition treatment plan
  • Review of risk factors listed above

The first visit with the RDN typically lasts one hour. After the first session, the RDN will schedule follow-up appointments to check on your progress and see if changes are needed in your nutrition goals and treatment plan.

How to Get a Referral

  • Contact the Dietitians’ office of your choice for guidance in securing the referral; or
  • Talk to your physician about a referral

Note that not all Nutrition and Diabetes services are covered at 100%. Please confirm coverage with your caregiver and MedCost prior to service.

Find an Atrium Health Diabetes & Outpatient Nutrition Center near you.


Improving Your Physical Well-Being

There are additional programs and activities that are not incentive-based but are available to assist in your overall physical well-being: