Personal Well-Being

Why does a focus on personal well-being matter?

One of the most important steps to our overall health is to take charge of our personal well-being. Participating in activities and utilizing resources that allow us to focus on our personal health can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, relationships and job performance.

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Achieve Your Personal Well-Being Incentive

Complete at least one of the following to earn $250 for Teammate-only coverage and $500 for Family coverage:


Partner with an Accountability Coach

Customized health coaching is an excellent way to stay accountable to someone with your health goals. Partner with an accountability coach to start on the journey to becoming your best self. Teammates will set a 2020 health improvement goal.


  • Teammates will have at least two telephonic calls with a health coach, approximately 20–25 minutes each, at least 4 weeks apart
  • Teammates will schedule their first session through the LiveWELL Total Health Portal; the second session will be scheduled at the end of the first session
  • For relationship building and care continuity, the goal is for both sessions to be facilitated by the same health coach
  • Teammates will develop a goal during the first call. Teammates will demonstrate forward progress made related to the goal during their second call in order to earn the Physical Well-Being Incentive
  • The health coach will complete documentation after the call and will share electronically with the teammate, pertinent health education resources

Go to the LiveWELL Total Health Portal to schedule your first session with a health coach. Both calls must be completed by October 12th (with a 4-week break between calls requirement; first call must be completed by September 14th).


Personal Well-Being Educational Webinars

Get the Most Out of Your Workout
This webinar is designed to educate you on the basic components of a comprehensive exercise program. Learn how to incorporate cardiovascular, strength and stretching into your routine with the goal of designing the best workout for YOU!able Column
Available Dates:        
  • Monday, February 3 | 2 pm
  • Tuesday, March 3 | 2 pm

Register Here  to reserve your online spot for a Get the Most Out of Your Workout Personal Well-Being Webinar.

Learn About Your Labs
This is a 30-minute Live Webinar session.  The goal of the webinar is to help you identify next steps to address health risks after you have learned your values for blood cholesterol panel, blood pressure and blood glucose or A1C. If you participated in this webinar in 2019, please do one of the other options for 2020
Available Dates:          
  • Thursday, March 5 | 11 am

Register Here  to reserve your online spot for a Learn about Your Labs Personal Well-Being Webinar.

Meal Prepping 101
This a webinar to help you understand the fundamentals in meal prepping to save time, money and meet your nutritional goals

Available Dates:

  • Wednesday, February 26 | 12:30 pm
  • Friday, March 13 | 12 pm

Register Here  to reserve your online spot for a Meal Prepping 101 Personal Well-Being Webinar.

Plant Powered Nutrition
Learn about all the benefits of plant-based eating and how you can reduce health risks with this evidence-based eating strategy

Available Dates:

  • Tuesday, February 18 | 11:30 am

Register Here   to reserve your online spot for a Plant-Powered Nutrition Personal Well-Being Webinar.

Resilience & Stress Reduction
This webinar is designed to provide you with resources you need to build your own toolbox of stress reducing techniques to use in a variety of situations.  The goal is to identify and manage levels of stress to avoid harmful effects on the body and mind.

No Registration required.  Click the date below to join the Skype Broadcast Meeting five minutes before the session.

Available Dates:

Weight Loss Basics
This is a new 30-minute Live Webinar session.  The goal of the webinar is to help you identify next steps if you are ready to get started with weight loss.

Available Dates:

  • Tuesday, February 11 | 12 pm
  • Wednesday, March 11 | 1 pm

Register Here   to reserve your online spot for a Weight Loss Basics Personal Well-Being Webinar.



Be a LiveWELL Champion

Be an active LiveWELL Champion in your department and inspire health and well-being in your department. A LiveWELL Champion will:

  • Model a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle
  • Inform their department of LiveWELL updates
  • Create a LiveWELL event for their team (walking challenge, fruit/vegetable challenge, healthy potluck, etc.)
  • Attend monthly LiveWELL Champion webinars
  • Encourage healthy catering guidelines for meals in the department
  • Be active in the Yammer LiveWELL Champion site – gather and share engagement ideas, join “Team Green”, etc.
  • Create and keep current a LiveWELL bulletin board or other area designated to well-being

Complete the 2020 LiveWELL Department Champion Verification form and submit to your manager for approval.


Complete the Atrium Health Diversity Certificate Program

The Diversity Certificate Program is an award-winning program that includes coursework in cultural competence, stereotypes, generational diversity, inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and more. This six-week program incorporates instructor-led and experiential learning – and is open to both teammates and leaders. Applications are accepted three times annually. Visit the Diversity Education page for more information.

Once you have received your Diversity Certificate, you must log into the Total Health Portal. Go to the Personal Well-Being page, select “Completed Diversity Certificate” and then answer the questions. After 24 hours of submitting this form, return to the Total Health Portal to verify your reward is shown in the portal.

Volunteer in the Community Through Atrium Health Serves

The Community Benefit is programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs, including community building activities that impact social determinants of health. Atrium Health Serves is an integrated tool that makes it easier than ever for teammates to access and participate in Atrium Health’s community service program.

Why do we provide Community Benefit?

  • Atrium Health Mission: To improve Health, elevate Hope, and advance Healing – for all.
  • One of the System goals
  • Supports teammate engagement & pride in the organization
  • Connects teammates to community needs and supports Atrium
  • Health priorities

Complete and log four volunteer hours with Atrium Health Serves.

Once you have completed and logged your volunteer hours on the Atrium Health Serves website, you must log into the Total Health Portal. Go to the Personal Well-Being page, select “Completed Volunteer Hours” and then answer the questions. After 24 hours of submitting this form, return to the Total Health Portal to verify your reward is shown in the portal.

Additional Programs

Atrium Health offers additional programs and activities that are not incentive-eligible but are available to assist in your overall personal well-being: