Health Coaching

Health Coaching is an excellent way to stay accountable to someone with your health goals. You can even link a Fitbit device to your Total Health Portal and set achievable goals with your coach!

Coaches can:

  • Recommend preventive care
  • Establish goals for improved health
  • Ensure you are earning all your LiveWELL Incentives
  • Connect you to appropriate resources within your community

See how to earn your reward below, plus:

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For help with Your Total Health Portal, call the AHA at 855-581-9910.


How to Earn the $100 Health Coaching Incentive

Traditional Health Coaching involves speaking on the telephone with a health coach.

Earning your Health Coaching Incentive is a two-step process:

  1. Complete the Health Survey in the Total Health Portal.
    New in 2019: You must complete the Health Survey to earn the Health Coaching Incentive or any Health Coaching Alternative Incentive

  2. Contact a Health Coach:
    1. On the web: From the Total Health Portal dashboard, find the Health Coaching tile. Click to schedule an appointment.
    2. OR, By phone: Call 855.438.0013 to schedule an appointment with a health coach


Approved, Health Coaching Alternatives

Alternatives are approved to be used instead of speaking on the phone with a LiveWELL Health Coach. Below are some of the approved Health Coaching Alternatives.

  • To receive the Health Coaching Incentive, you must complete a health coaching option in 2019.
  • Once you have completed a Health Coaching Alternative from the list below, complete the Health Coaching Alternative Form, only if necessary.

Alternatives: No Form Required

A participation file is sent directly to LiveWELL on behalf of the teammate – allow two weeks from date of completion for participation to show as Achieved.

  • MedCost Smart Starts, Maternity Education program. Pregnant teammates can participate in this as alternative to health coaching. Teammates must begin no later than 20 weeks gestation. No form is necessary. Call 800.722.2157 to participate.
  • MedCost Diabetes Care or Personal Care Management Program. Teammates who have been diagnosed with diabetes or facing a serious or chronic health condition may be eligible to participate. No form is necessary. Call 800.722.2157 to find out if you are eligible.
  • CarolinaCARE One-on-One Rx. If you are taking medication(s), you can speak with a CarolinaCARE pharmacist. The pharmacist can partner with you to manage your prescription needs, assist you with planning for pharmacy benefits, make recommendations for cost effective alternatives and provide a comprehensive medication review, and more! No form is necessary. Schedule CarolinaCARE One-on-One Rx appointment.
  • Know Your Numbers Follow-up/Review visit with On-Site Care. Teammate schedules and completes a visit with care provider to review results of 2019 Know Your numbers lab results. No form required for reward. Allow 3 weeks for reward to show Achieved in your portal.

Alternatives: Online Form Required

New in 2019! If you participate in one of the following Health Coaching Alternatives, log in to the Total Health Portal. On the Health Coaching page, find the Health Coaching Alternatives section. Complete the electronic Health Coaching Alternative Form and click Submit.

Important: Declaration of a completed Health Coaching Alternative may be verified on a random basis. If found to be untrue, there will be consequences including immediate cancellation of your LiveWELL Incentive rewards.

LiveWELL Webinars | Printable Version

  • Plant Powered Nutrition
  • Know Your Numbers? Now what?
    • This is a 30-minute Live Webinar session that will fulfill the LiveWELL Health Coaching reward. The goal of the webinar is to help you identify next steps to address health risks after you have learned your values for blood cholesterol panel, blood pressure and blood glucose or A1C. If you participated in this webinar in 2018, please do one of the other options for 2019.
    • See Available Dates/Register Now
  • Getting Started with Weight Loss
    • This is a new 30-minute Live Webinar session that will fulfill the LiveWELL Health Coaching reward. The goal of the webinar is to help you identify next steps if you are ready to get started with weight loss.
    • See Available Dates/Register Now
  • Advance Directives
    • The goal of this webinar is to help you understand the importance of Advance Directives (a legal form, which can include a healthcare power of attorney and living will), to find resources needed and identify next steps to establishing your own Advance Directive.
    • See Available Dates/Register Now

Additional Options

  • Weight management program, current and active participation including Weight Watchers, medical/surgical weight management program, or other weight loss program
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy or Registered dietitian consultation or Certified Diabetes Educator consultation
  • One-on-one counseling or coaching to improve mental or physical health by a certified professional such as a psychotherapist, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselor, personal trainer or accredited health/wellness coach. This does not include mentoring or counseling for professional development or gym
  • Mental Health First Aid Class provided by Atrium Health
  • Quit Smart or other tobacco cessation program

Once you complete the Health Coaching Alternative Form, the Health Coaching Incentive will show as green and Achieved on your Rewards page.



Deadlines and Payout Dates

Core Four Incentives | Deposited in 2020

Reward Deadline Payout
Health Survey Complete the Health Survey on your Total Health Portal. Required to earn Health Coaching reward $100 November 5 January 2020
Health Coaching
After your complete the Health Survey, schedule your appointment in the Total Health Portal $100 November 5  January 2020
Financial Health Complete Financial Health Education $100 November 5 January 2020
Know Your Numbers
Transfer normal labs completed in 2017 or 2018 for the 2019 reward $100 October 4** January 2020
Complete the Core Four and Receive an Additional $50 Bonus

**Labs need to be drawn by October 4, then take action with one of the Know Your Numbers options so this Incentive is shown as achieved in Total Health Portal by November 5, 2019.

If you plan to mail your Know Your Numbers form, please ensure it is postmarked by the early deadline to qualify for the Early Bird Drawings.


Early Bird Prize Drawings for Completing Core Four

When you complete the Core Four Incentives by March 15, 2019 or June 7, 2019, you will be entered to win one of ten Atrium Health jackets.

Participation in the Early Bird Prize Drawings will not impact earning the $50 Bonus for completing the Core Four Incentives.