Financial Well-Being

This year Atrium Health established Financial Well-Being as one of our three core dimensions of health and well-being, expanding financial education opportunities available to all teammates, including on-demand webinars available anytime, anywhere and one-on-one consultations.

Why does a focus on financial well-being matter?

Financial Health impacts all areas of your health – including your physical and personal health. All teammates are encouraged to by participate in a webinar, class or one-on-one consultation.

Planning your retirement is an important part of your financial well-being. Become familiar with your career stage and Atrium Health’s retirement savings plans. Access the Atrium Health Teammate Retirement website for a retirement plans tutorial, guidelines to save based on your career stage, FAQs and more.

Making small changes to your day can add to your savings. Practice financial well-being with small daily changes using the LiveWELL Money Wise Challenge.


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Your Retirement
Find information on saving and your Atrium Health Retirement Plans.

Resources that support your physical, financial and personal health?

Achieve Your Financial Well-Being Incentive

Complete at least one of the following to earn $250 for Teammate-only coverage and $500 for Family coverage:

Financial Education Opportunities

Find the right financial education class for you. View the list of financial education opportunities.

Financial Well-Being On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars are available at your convenience, any time, from any device.

This Bank of America Market Volatility webinar will help you stay focused on your financial goals and strategy and help you keep a long-term perspective while coping with a turbulent market.

This Empower Retirement Stay the Course: Market Volatility webinar reminds you to focus on the long term and keep your goals in mind.

The Building a Better Budget Webinar will help you learn about all the benefits of taking charge of your money with a budget

The Live Like You Planned It retirement webinar will help you become familiar with some aspects of the retirement planning process.

The Empower Retirement Target Date Funds webinar will help you become familiar with one of the investment options available in your plan

The Steps to Financial Health webinar reviews the basic steps you can take to prepare for retirement.

The Investing on Your Terms webinar will review how to think about your future, common investing concerns, investing styles and your investment options.
The Financial Fundamentals webinar helps you lay the groundwork for financial health.
The Planning for the Unexpected webinar gives you tips on how to save an prepare for emergency expenses.
The Financial Tips for Your 50s & 60s webinar takes a look at financial tips you’ll need to get ready to live in retirement.

One-on-One Consultations

Note: Select April 2020 classes have been postponed.  Topics will be rescheduled for later in the year.

July 15 | 9 am - 4 pm By Phone Register Here
30-minute (by phone only), one-on-one consultation hosted by Bank of America

Webinars – Scheduled 

Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

Join Empower Retirement for an interactive educational Webex series where you can interact with Empower Retirement educators. These virtual sessions may include employees from multiple employers; therefore, they will not focus on details specific to the Atrium Health plan.

Register with both Empower Retirement and LiveWELL. Please ensure you select the same date and time when you register


CarolinaCARE One-on-One Rx Medication Management

One-on-One Rx is a service designed to provide free medication reviews for members of a LiveWELL Health Plan. One-on-One Rx is a team of Atrium Health pharmacy professionals who are experts in the LiveWELL Pharmacy Plan and CarolinaCARE Pharmacy. Our pharmacists strive to maintain and enhance therapeutic outcomes while saving our teammates money on their prescriptions.

Services include:

  • Individualized assessment of medication regimens
  • Education and counseling on medications
  • Collaboration with the patient and communication with the provider for recommendations on therapeutic and/or cost-effective alternatives
  • Resource referral to financial assistance for medications, if applicable

How to Schedule Your Appointment

You can schedule your One-on-One Rx appointment online. Appointments are available by phone, Virtual Visit (an online chat using your smartphone, tablet, or computer) or in person at the Airport Center, Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with select evening and weekend availability. Schedule an Appointment.

Advance Directives Webinar

The Advance Directives Webinar is available at your convenience, any time, from any device.

Advance Directives tell your doctors and your loved ones what you want them to do if something happens to you and you are unable to speak for yourself. The goal of this webinar is to help you understand the importance of Advance Directives (a legal form, which can include a healthcare power of attorney and living will), to find resources needed and identify next steps to establishing your own Advance Directive

  • Learn how Advance Directives, like Healthcare Power of Attorney or Living Will, can help you stay in control of your medical care
  • Have the opportunity to make an Advance Directive
  • Learn what to do with your completed Advance Directives