Financial Health

Financial Health impacts all areas of your Health – including your physical and personal health. Take care of your financial health by participating in a webinar, class or one-on-one consultation.

See how to earn your reward below, plus:

Log in to Your Total Health Portal


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Earn Your $100 Financial Health Incentive

Earning your Financial Health Incentive is a two-step process:

  1. Attend a financial health webinar, class or individual consultation event
    • When you complete the webinar, class or consultation, you will receive a 2019 Financial Health Redemption code
  2. Within one week of completing the financial health webinar, class or consultation, visit the Total Health Portal
  3. From the Total Health Portal dashboard, find the Financial Health tile
  4. Click Redeem Your Participation Code, and enter the code as directed.

Note: Within 24 hours of entering your participation code on the Total Health Portal, your Financial Health Reward should appear as green and Achieved on your Rewards page.


Financial Health Incentive Events

Financial Health webinars are available 24/7 at your convenience. After you watch one webinar, log in to the Total Health Portal. Redeem your reward code to earn your $100 Financial Health Incentive.

2019 On-Site Classes

A range of topics is offered at many of our Atrium Health locations. Here is how to register:

Log in to the Total Health Portal

Use your Atrium Health Username and Password to sign in to the Total Health Portal. On your Dashboard, find the Financial Health box. Click the “In person class registration” link. You can search current class offerings by topic or location. To sign up for a class, click the Register button. Select a day and time, then click Submit to complete your registration.

2019 In-Personal Consultations

Get individual assistance from a banking partner or your own financial advisor or banker.

If you have questions about stock market trends, how to invest your retirement dollars or would like help evaluating your investments and personal finances, you may take advantage of FREE individual consultation opportunities with one of our banking partners who are certified to give financial advice. Our banking partners include Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo.

Alternatively, you may consult a personal financial advisor of your choice and earn the $100 Financial Health and Virtual Tools Incentive.

We are making it more convenient to meet individually with a banker or financial advisor:

  1. Individual drop-in opportunities are available. Attend a session that is relevant to you at a location that is convenient for you.
    • After completing the consultation, you will receive a redemption code from the financial advisor. The redemption code will be provided by the banker conducting your consultation.
    • Sign in to the LiveWELL Total Health Portal within one week to submit your redemption code.
  2. OR, make an appointment to meet with a banker/financial advisor of your choice.

Attend a Tech Bar at a facility near you. While there, visit the Your Health, MyAtriumHealth, Virtual Visit or Your Retirement booths and ask to receive a redemption code that satisfies your LiveWELL Financial Health Incentive.

After receiving your redemption code, sign in to your Total Health Portal within one week to submit the redemption code.


Alternatives to the Financial Health Incentive

If you are meeting with your own personal financial advisor/banker, who is not a banking partner, please ask him/her to sign the Financial Health Alternative Form.

You, the teammate, can fax the completed form to the number on the form or scan the form and email the form to LiveWELL.

After submitting the Financial Health Alternative Form, sign in to the Total Health Portal.

Note: Allow two weeks after emailing/faxing your Financial Health Alternative Form for your Financial Health Reward to appear as green and Achieved on your Rewards page.


Deadlines and Payout Dates

Core Four Incentives | Deposited in 2020

Reward Deadline Payout
Health Survey Complete the Health Survey on your Total Health Portal. Required to earn Health Coaching reward $100 November 5 January 2020
Health Coaching
After your complete the Health Survey, schedule your appointment in the Total Health Portal $100 November 5  January 2020
Financial Health Complete Financial Health Education $100 November 5 January 2020
Know Your Numbers
Transfer normal labs completed in 2017 or 2018 for the 2019 reward $100 October 4** January 2020
Complete the Core Four and Receive an Additional $50 Bonus

**Labs need to be drawn by October 4, then take action with one of the Know Your Numbers options so this Incentive is shown as achieved in Total Health Portal by November 5, 2019.

If you plan to mail your Know Your Numbers form, please ensure it is postmarked by the early deadline to qualify for the Early Bird Drawings.


Early Bird Prize Drawings for Completing Core Four

When you complete the Core Four Incentives by March 15, 2019 or June 7, 2019, you will be entered to win one of ten Atrium Health jackets.

Participation in the Early Bird Prize Drawings will not impact earning the $50 Bonus for completing the Core Four Incentives.


*You may participate in more than one class, webinar or video, however, you will only receive the $100 LiveWELL Financial Health reward for participating in one activity. Please remember to enter your redemption code (where applicable) within one week of participating.