Our doors are open 24/7/365. Because of the nature of health care, Atrium Health combines all of our paid time off hours into one category that includes holidays, vacation and personal time.

Paid Time Off

Take time away from work to rest, relieve stress, and take care of personal and family responsibilities. Teammates benefit from time off and time away from the workplace.

  • Paid Time Off Policies
  • PTO Accrual Rates
  • Atrium Health Holidays
  • PTO Cash-In
  • PTO Donation
  • Paid Time Off to participate in Atrium Health volunteer opportunities
  • Paid Time Off for preventive care
  • Bereavement Leave

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Leave of Absence

Do you need to take time off from work for medical, family, military and/or personal reasons? As part of a comprehensive benefits package, Atrium Health offers various Leave Programs.

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Preparing to expand your family is an exciting event. Atrium Health is dedicated to providing you the resources and support you need through this time.

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