Every day, you commit yourself to caring for the health of our patients and their families — and through that commitment you strengthen the communities we serve. We want you to feel the same pride for your own financial well-being as you have for the quality care you deliver and the support you provide to others.

Access and Manage Your Account

Our partnership with  Empower Retirement Plan Services has been designed to make retirement planning more convenient for you by streamlining your retirement plan benefits, with a dedicated phone number, website and committed retirement team at your service.

You can manage your Atrium Health Retirement accounts online 24/7.

Manage Your Retirement Accounts

First-time Users:

  • Log on to register your account. Select the I do not have a PIN  tab
  • Follow the prompts to enter your personal information and create a Username and Password.

Current Users: If you have a retirement plan account through another employer for which Empower is the service provider, please call Empower Retirement at 866-247-0970 to obtain a Username and Password.


Three Ways to Save

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

Allows teammates to save and invest a portion of their paycheck on a pretax or Roth after-tax basis. Federal and state income taxes on pretax savings, as well as investment earnings, are deferred until the dollars are withdrawn at retirement. Atrium Health also makes contributions to the 401(k) plan.

Learn more about the 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Funds from the HSA are used to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. This includes prescription medications, vision and dental expenses, office visits, deductibles and co-insurance. HSA contributions and earnings are not taxed when the dollars are deposited or when the teammate takes them out for healthcare-related expenses.

Learn more about the Health Savings Account (HSA).



Watch this seven minute video for help understanding your three retirement plan options.

ADVANTAGE Retirement Plan

Works similarly to the 401(k) plan in that savings and earnings grow tax-free until dollars are withdrawn at retirement. The ADVANTAGE plan should be utilized as an additional pretax retirement plan to supplement the 401(k) plan.

Learn more about the ADVANTAGE Retirement Plan.


Steps to Retirement

Career Stages

Each teammate's life experience is unique. Based on situations that commonly occur throughout one’s career – we have identified five Career Stages. Consider these guidelines, which offer things to think about, things to do and things to learn at each stage of your career.

Learn more about the Career Stages.

Seven Steps to Retirement

The process of preparing for retirement is not as complex as it may seem. Consider these seven steps of retirement. Get started early with your planning, and you will have the opportunity to prepare at your own pace.

Learn more about the Seven Steps to Retirement.

Your Retirement Timeline

Thinking about retirement? We recommend starting the process six months before your retirement date. Understand the benefits you will be eligible for, depending on your age and timeline to retirement, as well as the forms you'll need to complete and the materials you'll receive along the way.

Learn more about Your Retirement Timeline.