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Every day, you commit yourself to caring for the health of our patients and their families — and through that commitment you strengthen the communities we serve. We want you to feel the same pride for your own financial well-being as you have for the quality care you deliver and the support you provide to others. 

403(b) Retirement Plan 

AIG Retirement Services

When you contribute to the 403(b) retirement savings plan, you decide how much to contribute and choose the investment options that fit your goals for your retirement. Depending on the investments you select, you may see your savings grow substantially over time. The Atrium Health Navicent retirement savings plan is valuable for many reasons: 
Access & Manage Your Account

You can manage your Atrium Health Navicent retirement account online 24/7.

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CONTRIBUTIONS: You can contribute a percentage of your pay, up to an annual IRS maximum. If you are at least age 50 by December 31, you are eligible to contribute an additional amount in catch-up contributions. Your contributions are based on your total pay.  

MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS: Atrium Health Navicent teammates working 20 or more scheduled hours per week receive a matching contribution of $1.00 for $1.00 up to the first 3%, and then $0.25 for every dollar up to the next 4%.  

TAX SAVINGS: Your pre-tax contributions reduce your taxable income, saving you federal and state income taxes. Atrium Health Navicent’s matching contributions and all your investment earnings are also tax-deferred, meaning that you pay taxes only when you withdraw the money from your account, instead of when you put it in. 

FLEXIBILITY: You decide how much to save and how to invest your account. You have control of your retirement savings as you move through your career. 

ROTH OPTION: You can participate in the Roth 403(b) option. With the Roth option, your contributions are after-tax dollars, meaning that you pay taxes on the contributions now, allowing you to avoid taxes on your investment income down the road.  

NEW HIRES:  New hires are automatically enrolled and set up to contribute 3% pre-tax. Eligible new hires and rehires will begin to receive the matching contributions on the first of the month following 90 days of employment. 

VESTING: You are always 100% vested in your own contributions. You are 100% vested in Atrium Health Navicent’s contributions after completing three years of service in which you work at least 1,000 hours in each calendar year. 

Health Savings Account (HSA) 

Includes contributions from both teammates and Atrium Health Navicent. Funds from the HSA are used to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. This includes prescription medications, vision and dental expenses, office visits, deductibles and co-insurance. HSA contributions and earnings are not taxed when the dollars are deposited or when the teammate takes them out for healthcare-related expenses. Teammates have investment options, similar to the 403(b) plan, once the account balance reaches $1,000. 


Atrium Health Navicent will help you fund your retirement by contributing dollars to your 403(b) and HSA accounts.

Teammate:  403(b) Retirement Plan HSA 
Pretax contributions  Yes ($19,500 max in 2021) $3,650 Teammate Only | $7,300 Family 
(Includes teammate and Atrium Health Navicent contribution)
After-tax contributions Yes - Roth ($19,500 max in 2021) Yes
Catch-Up $6,500 (at age 50 for 2021)  $1,000 (at age 55 for 2022)
Earnings Pretax contributions taxed at distribution

Roth contributions not taxed at distribution 

Not taxed if used for qualified health expenses


Atrium Health Navicent: 403(b) Retirement Plan HSA 
Matching  100% on first 3%;
5% on each of the next 4%;
Total 4% match on 7% contribution 
$675 Teammate Only
$1,350 Family
Vesting Immediate 100% vested in teammate’s contributions;
Vested in matching contributions after 3 years where teammate worked 1,000 hours in each of those 3 years
Immediate 100%