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Atrium Health Navicent provides access to two Vision care options: 

  • Basic Plan requires you to pay more when you seek services, but also has lower premiums.
  • Standard Plan has higher premiums and also a higher level of benefits.  

UnitedHealthcare Vision is the vision care provider. With either plan, you have the freedom to use the services of any qualified eye care professional, in or out of the provider network.  
The benefit program allows children up to the age of 13 with UnitedHealthcare Vision coverage a second annual eye exam and new pair of glasses if their prescription changes 0.5 diopter or greater (contacts not included). Children’s eyesight can change quickly, and this enhancement provides important coverage for UHC plan participants.  
However, just as with Medical coverage, your costs are generally lower when you use in-network providers. To find a participating provider or get answers to questions, visit or call 1-800-638-3120.  

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Features Basic Plan Standard Plan
Copays for In-Network Services
Exams (2 per year) $10 $0
Materials $15 $0
Benefit Frequency  
Comprehensive exams Twice every calendar year Twice every calendar year
Spectacle lenses  Once every calendar year  Once every calendar year
 Once every two calendar years  Once every calendar year
Contact lenses in lieu of eyeglasses
Once every calendar year    Once every calendar year
Frame Benefit
Private practice provider $130 retail frame allowance $150 retail frame allowance 
$150 retail frame allowance $130 retail frame allowance  $150 retail frame allowance 
Contact Lens Benefits
Elective contact lenses
The fitting/evaluation fees, contact lenses, and up to two follow-up visits are covered in full (after copay). If you choose disposable contacts, up to four boxes (Basic Plan) or six boxes (Standard Plan) are included when obtained from an in-network provider.  

A $125 allowance (Basic Plan) or a $150 allowance (Standard Plan) is applied toward the fitting/evaluation fees and purchase of contact lenses outside the covered selection  

(materials copay does not apply). Toric, gas permeable, and bifocal contact lenses are examples of contact lenses that are outside of our covered contacts. 
Retinal screening photography
Diabetic patients can get retinal screening photos covered in full once a year.  



Vision Basic Plan Standard Plan

Full/Part-Time Full/Part-Time

Teammate Only

$2.72 $4.53
EE + Spouse $4.62 $7.62
EE + Child(ren) $5.17 $7.80
Family $8.03 $12.84