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Atrium Health Navicent provides you with access to comprehensive Dental coverage, including routine care such as annual exams and cleanings to more extensive services such as dentures and braces.  

Did you know that good oral health is part of your overall well-being? Dental issues can actually lead to more serious health problems, including heart attacks and strokes. Take care of your teeth and gums.   

You have two Dental plan options, the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan. Both plans provide you with comprehensive coverage, including orthodontia, at the provider of your choice.  

However, the percentage of coinsurance you pay, as well as the coverage available for benefits, varies by plan.   

MetLife is the Dental plan carrier. MetLife offers a network of dentists who provide discounts for many services, which can reduce your out-of-pocket costs. You may use any dentist you choose and still receive plan benefits. To learn more about MetLife’s dental benefits, go online to

Features Basic Plan  Standard Plan
Annual Deductible $50 per person $50 per person
Annual Maximum Benefit (for preventive, basic, and major care)   $1,500 per person $2,000 per person
Orthodontia Lifetime Benefit Maximum $1,000 per person $1,000 per person


Plan Benefits Basic Plan Pays Standard Plan Plan
Preventive Care (exams, X-rays, cleanings) 75% 100%
Basic Care (fillings, periodontal services, endodontic service)  75% after deductible 80% after deductible
Major Care (crowns, bridges, dentures) 50% after deductible 50% after deductible
Orthodontia 50% after deductible (children only)  50% after deductible (adults and children)