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Prior to Enrollment

Before you enroll, complete these tasks:

  1. Check that spouse/dependent information is complete and accurate. Use the Add or Update Dependent Contact Information job aid to help you complete this task. 

  2. Update answers to questions regarding smoker/tobacco usage, working spouse coverage, and enrollment in governmental plans, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare. 

  3. Check that beneficiary information is complete and accurate. Use the How to Add or Update Beneficiaries Job Aid to help you complete this task.  

Review the 2022 Atrium Health Navicent Benefits Guide. 

Please note: The COVID-19 Incentive changed the employer contributions on the Choice Plan from $600 for individual plans to $675 and from $1,200 for all family tier plans to $1,350. These changes should be considered when making the determination between the Choice Plan and Basic Plan. For more information on the COVID-19 Incentive, visit the COVID-19 Incentive FAQs available on PeopleConnect.

  • Consider how much to save in your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 
  • Consider voluntary benefits you may want to purchase. 
    • Did you know that you can increase your supplemental life insurance by one level at Open Enrollment with no medical exams? 

Ready to Enroll?


Complete 2022 Benefits Enrollment in CORE Connect.  

For step-by-step instructions, review the Job Aid – Enroll in My Benefits to complete your enrollment.   

View, Print or Save a Copy of your Benefits Confirmation Summary  

In CORE Connect

  • Click the Benefits tile. 
  • Then click the Your Benefits tile.  
  • On the Select a Benefit screen:  
    • Ensure the See Benefits as of Date or Event drop-down menu has Open Enrollment selected.  
    • In the top right corner of the page, click the View Benefits Summary button.  
    • A PDF file opens. Review the information in the PDF for accuracy.  
    • Save a copy of the PDF to your computer or print a copy for your reference later.  

After You Enroll

  • Download the Bank of America HSA mobile app. If you have any questions about your account(s), call Bank of America at 866-731-4206. 
  • Visit the Navicent Retirement page for instructions to access your Navicent Retirement account with AIG Retirement Services. Log in to AIG to review your retirement plan contribution rate, investment elections and beneficiaries on the AIG Retirement Services site. 
  • In January, review your payslip in CORE Connect to ensure your 2022 benefit elections are reflected correctly. Visit the PeopleConnect Payslips page for instructions on how to view your payslips in CORE Connect.