For Greater Charlotte Region Teammates | Navicent Teammates, visit this page.

Teammates, use the resources on this page to complete benefits enrollment changes due to qualifying life events, such as marriage, adoption, or birth. 

To enroll in benefits as a new hire, when promoted to a new position, or for onboarding purposes, start on the Teammate Benefits Enrollment page. 

New Process Alert through December 31, 2021

Update a Life Insurance Plan Beneficiary 
To add or update a beneficiary for life insurance plans, call the Benefits Service Center 704-631-1500, Option 1.  

Make a One-Time HSA Contribution 
To make a one-time contribution to your HSA, start in CORE Connect.  

  1. Click the Benefits tile  
  2. Click the Make Changes button 
  3. On the Before You Enroll page, click the Continue button  
  4. Accept the contribution attestation statement 
  5. On the Atrium Health One-Time/Incentive Contribution Program screen, click the Edit button 
  6. Scroll down to the One Time/Incentive Contribution – HSA section 
  7. Click the checkbox to the left of Coverage – HSA Contribution  
  8. In the Coverage field, enter the one-time HSA contribution amount you wish to add to the current pay period
  9. Click the OK Button 
  10. At the top right of the screen, click the Continue button 
  11. On the next screen, in the top right, click the Submit button to submit your one-time HSA contribution 

Please note: A One-Time HSA Contribution election is for the pay period in which the election is made and does not carry forward to any subsequent pay period. 

To Enroll in Benefits, View or Make Changes

Start in CORE Connect. Refer to one of the topics listed below to complete your task: 


Call the Benefits Service Center
704-631-1500, Option 1  

I want to: In CORE Connect, start here:
Enroll in Benefits

For step-by-step enrollment instructions to enroll in benefits as a new hire, when promoted to a new position or for onboarding purposes, start on the Teammates Benefits Enrollment page.

For an external life event such as marriage, adoption, or birth, refer to the   Job Aid - Create a Life Event and Enroll In/Update Benefits.

During 2022 Open Enrollment, refer to the Job Aid – Enroll in My Benefits.

View Current Benefits  Job Aid – How to Review Current Enrollments
Print Benefits Confirmation Summary Benefits > Your Benefits > In the top right corner, click the Print Benefits Summary Confirmation button
Add/ Update Beneficiaries Job Aid- How to Add or Update Beneficiaries 
Add/Change HSA Contributions (biweekly) Job Aid – Enroll in or Change HSA/One-Time HSA Contribution
Add One-Time HSA Contribution Benefits > Make Changes > Atrium Health One-Time Incentive Contribution Program
Make Changes Due to Qualifying Life Event (QLE)  Use this job aid when you experience an external life event such as marriage, adoption, or birth. Do not use this job aid for internal non-life events such as enrolling for benefits as a new hire, when promoted to a new position, or for onboarding purposes. 

Job Aid - Create a Life Event and Enroll In/Update Benefits
View/Upload Document for Qualifying Life Event (QLE)  Job Aid - Create a Life Event and Enroll In/Update Benefits
Personal Information – Change or Correct Job Aid – Change or Correct Personal Information
Personal Documentation Change – Add Supporting Documentation  Job Aid – Add Supporting Documentation for Personal Documentation Change 
Add Dependent Social Security Number 

Start in CORE Connect 

  1. On the Me screen, click on Benefits 
  2. Click on Before You Enroll 
  3. To edit an existing dependent, click on the dependent’s name 
    • Scroll down to National Identifiers
    • Click the Drop-Down Arrow
    • Click on “Add” 
    • Complete the “Country” field
    • Complete the National ID Type as Social Security Number
    • Enter in the dependent’s 9-digit Social Security Number 
  4. Click Submit  

Extension of Certain Time Frames for Employee Benefits Plans, Participants, and Beneficiaries Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak

During these challenging times of the COVID-19 National Emergency, the IRS has relaxed rules around timeframes for submitting certain benefit elections and changes. The timeframes are extended beginning March 1, 2020 until sixty (60) days after the announced end of the National Emergency.

Examples of extended timeframes include submitting benefit changes due to a Qualifying Life Event and electing COBRA continuation coverage.

Announcement from: Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, 26 CFR Part 54
Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration, 29 CFR Parts 2560 and 2590