2020 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment begins Tuesday, October 22 and ends Tuesday, November 5.

Use this 2020 Compensation and Benefits Guide to learn more about the benefits available to you.

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Questions About Open Enrollment

For help logging in from home, review the Go Remote information available on the Atrium Health Connect page.

For additional information, contact Atrium Heath Benefits at 704-631-0263.

How to Enroll

Be sure to have the Social Security Numbers and birth days for any eligible dependent(s) you plan to enroll. Review eligibility requirements here.

Follow these instructions to complete your Atrium Health Benefits Enrollment:

  1. Sign in to YourHRLink, using your Atrium Health User ID and Password. Note: If you experience problems with your Password, contact Support Services at 704-446-6161
  2. Once in YourHRLink, in the My Open Enrollment section, click Start Open Enrollment.

Click My Enrollment to begin your Benefits Enrollment:

  1. Click Edit next to each benefit option to make your elections. Follow the prompts on each page until you have reviewed and made all selections for your benefits enrollment
  2. After you have made your enrollment selections for you and your dependents, return to the Enrollment Summary. Review the summary to confirm your choices.
  3. If the summary is correct, click the Submit button.
  4. Review the Submit Benefit Elections page, and click the Submit button.
  5. Review Confirmation page and print or save for your records.
  6. Then, follow the prompts for your Additional Benefits selection.
  7. To finalize your benefits enrollment, click the final Submit button.

NOTE: You can access the Additional Benefits enrollment site throughout the open enrollment period by accessing the Additional Benefits Enrollment. Use your Atrium Health User ID and Password to log in.

View Your Benefit Elections

The day after you complete the Enrollment Process, you may view your Benefit elections within YourHRLink.

  1. Go to the Employee tab > My Benefits (or My Executive/Physician Info) > My Benefits Summary and view your benefit elections for Medical, HSA, Dental, Vision, FSA and Short-Term Disability Buy-Up
  2. Change the Date field to the effective date of your benefits (01/01/2020)

Once the open enrollment period closes, your benefit choices are final and you will not be able to make changes unless you experience a qualifying life event.


What's New in 2020

The LiveWELL Health Plans

The Health Savings Plan: An improved version of the 2019 LiveWELL Health Plan.

Key improvements:

  • Family premiums will be lowered between $34 and $51 per bi-weekly pay period ($844 to $1,326 annually)
  • Deductibles will be lowered for individuals from $1,850 to $1,400 and for families from $3,700 to $2,800

The Co-Pay Plan: Offers predictability with higher premiums and lower out-of-pocket expense.

Key features:

  • Co-pays for primary care, specialty care and medications with no deductibles
  • No deductibles (with the exception of inpatient and outpatient services)
  • Earned LiveWELL Incentives go pretax into LiveWELL Incentive Account
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) provides pretax dollars for healthcare expenses

For more information on your 2020 LiveWELL Health Plans, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Find the Right Health Plan for You

Health Plan Decision Support Tool

One of the tools that will be available to help teammates with their decision on the right health plan for them is the Health Plan Decision Support Tool. The tool will guide the teammate through a series of questions and based on the answers they give that are specific to them and their families, the tool will show a side by side comparison of the expenses under both LiveWELL Health Plans. The teammate can then make their health plan choice.

Value Network

New in 2020, the Atrium Health Value Network offers a teammate discount for healthcare services.

Managing your healthcare expenses means you know where to find the most cost-effective healthcare and prescription medications. Lower your healthcare costs by choosing the Atrium Health Value or Preferred networks. Please review the information below to learn more about the networks for the LiveWELL Health Plans and where to access prescription medication.

New, Expanded Benefits for All Parents

Atrium Health cares about the health and well-being of all teammates and their growing families. Effective January 1, 2020, we are expanding the benefits for parents welcoming a new child to their home.

In addition to our existing maternity benefit, Atrium Health is introducing four weeks of paid time off for non-birth parents and financial assistance, in the amount of $3,500, to families who are expanding through adoption.

This means, beginning January 1, 2020, parental benefits will include:

  • For all teammate parents:
    • New in 2020! Four weeks paid parental leave for all parents
    • New in 2020! Financial assistance for adoption in the amount of $3,500
  • For teammates who give birth:
    • A combined total of six weeks paid leave for birth mothers (combining paid parental leave and additional time for recovery)

Please see the Parental Benefits Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Vision Benefits

Through our partnership with CEC, Atrium Health provides an enhanced vision benefit for 2020:

  • All covered members receive an increase in eyewear allowance from $200 to $250 – includes frames, lenses and contact lenses – without an office charge (non-prescription sunglasses are included)
  • Because children’s vision can change quickly, for children on the plan up to age 13 the benefit includes a second eye exam with a $0 copay and/or a second $250 allowance for the purchase of eyeglasses if the child’s prescription changed 0.5 diopter or greater

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