Time Away From Work

Our doors are open 24/7/365. Because of the nature of health care, Atrium Health combines all of our paid time off hours into one category that includes holidays, vacation and personal time.

Parental Leave

Atrium Health cares about the health and well-being of all teammates and their growing families. Effective January 1, 2020, we are expanding the benefits for parents who are welcoming a new child to their home.

Eligibility: A teammate with 30 standard hours or more per week

Enrollment: Contact HR Leave Administration at or 704-631-1500

Benefit Highlights:

  • Paid leave to care for and bond with the teammate’s child, up to age 18, who is a newly added member of the teammate’s family through birth, adoption or legal placement
    • For all teammate parents:
      • New in 2020! Four weeks of paid leave for all parents
      • New in 2020! Financial assistance for adoption in the amount of $3,500
    • For teammates who give birth:
      • A combined total of six weeks paid leave for birth mothers (combining paid parental leave and additional time for recovery)       
  • Compensation at 100% of the teammate’s base pay for the length of the approved parental leave
  • Up to 30 days transitional child care while new parents transition back to work
  • Dependent Back-Up Care
  • Breast pump reimbursement

*Teammates enrolled in the Dependent Care FSA and who utilize the Transitional Child Care, may not exceed the IRS limit or services may be taxable. Teammates are encouraged to consult with their tax advisor to determine how these benefits might impact their specific tax responsibilities.

Learn more about Parental Leave.


Paid Time Off

Atrium Health encourages teammates to take time off and away from the workplace to rest, relieve stress, and take care of personal and family responsibilities. Teammates accrue PTO based on their standard hours and years of service. Please see the full Paid Time Off page for accrual rates.

  • Eligibility:
    • Full-time teammates
    • Part-time teammates scheduled to work at least 40 hours per pay period
    • Teammates in a Weekender position scheduled to work at least 48 hours per pay period
    • Half Track bedside RNs and LPNs scheduled to work at least 32 hours a pay period
    • Not available for monthly paid teammates

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Leave of Absence

Atrium Health offers various leave programs for teammates who need to take time away from work for medical, family, military, and/or personal reasons.

  • Types of leave include: Medical, Family Care, Military, Workers’ Compensation, Personal and Educational.
  • Eligibility: Eligibility is determined based on the type of leave a teammate is requesting.
  • Benefit Details:
    • Medical Leave: Approved time off from work for a teammate due to a serious health condition that prevents such teammate from performing their job duties. All teammates (weekender, part-time and full-time teammates) who have completed at least 90 days of continuous services and are not eligible for FMLA may be eligible for the Atrium Health Medical Leave benefit
    • Parental Leave: An absence for birth and non-birth parents to care for a child newly added to their home through birth, adoption or legal placement
    • Family Care Leave: An absence to care for a qualifying family member
    • Military Leave: An absence needed by a teammate who is inducted or enlists into the US Armed Forces, National Guard or a reserve unit
    • Personal Leave: An absence for extraordinary personal reasons that PTO or other leaves will not allow
    • Educational Leave: Job-related course leading to a degree in an area of specialty that will prove beneficial to Atrium Health

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