The CEC Vision Plan is an important component of your benefits program because it makes routine vision care affordable and convenient. Teammates in a position classified at 16 or more standard hours per week are eligible for this benefit.

Bi-Weekly Teammate Premiums

Coverage Full-Time* Part-Time**
Teammate Only $5.75 $5.75
Teammate + One Dependent $10.97 $10.97
Teammate + Family $16.43 $16.43

Deducted 26 times per calendar year (Note: Monthly teammates multiply premium by 26 and divide by 12.)

*Full-time premiums apply to teammates with standard hours of 30 or more per week (60 or more per pay period.)

**Part-time premiums apply to teammates with standard hours of 16-29 per week (32-59 per pay period.) 

In-Network Vision Benefits

The CEC Vision Plan includes comprehensive coverage for you and your family. Some key parts of the plan include:

  • An annual eye exam 
  • Up to $250 for eyewear – frames, lenses and contact lenses – without an office charge (non-prescription sunglasses are included)
  • 20% discount on glasses (frames and/or lenses) and 10% discount on contact lenses for any amount over the $250 allowance 
  • A contact lens fitting or evaluation annually 
  • 1,700 in-network doctors and retail opticals across the Carolinas 
  • Up to 70% savings on your vision care 
  • No claims to file 
  • No ID cards are issued or required at your visit

Remember, your CEC Member ID Number is your 6-digit employee ID number plus the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. 

Limited Out-Of-Network Vision Benefits

Use of out-of-network providers limits your benefit coverage and can be accessed only once per plan year. For more information or for an out-of-network claim form, contact CEC at 888-254-4290 or

Children's Vision Benefits

Children up to the age of 13 who are enrolled in the CEC vision plan will be eligible for:

  • An additional eye exam each plan year
  • A new pair of glasses each plan year if their prescription changes by 0.5 diopter or greater (contacts not included) 

The second eye exam is covered in full with no copay. The second pair of glasses is covered up to the $250 eyewear allowance. 

Children’s eyesight can change quickly. This enhanced benefit ensures that children get the eye care they need.